Meeting Notes 2015 08 25

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  • Dan
  • Moby
  • Markus
  • Jon - does coding things
  • Jade
  • Joyti
  • Leandra
  • Bill
  • Trent
  • Mark
  • Nick
  • r. miloh

These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Hassan; Moderators: Kevin.

Short announcements and events

  • The Library group wants to organize all of the books that we have. Looking at different organizational ideas.

Membership Binder

No current action.


No new ones.

Financial Report

  • Noisetor has a little over 10K
  • Noisebridge funds are N/A, unreported

Consensus and Discussion

  • Basic intro to consensus, no items up for consensus decisions or discussion this week.

Proposals from last week

  • No current consensus items.

Proposals for next week

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Discussion Items

Miloh: I Just few back from CCC Camp in Germany and my thumbs sure are tired. Report back bullet points:

  • Camp had an extremely impressive infrastructure. It rivaled or beat infrastructure at many permanent US hackerspaces, hands down.
  • Review the infrastructure talk
  • Respect for the shower pattern
  • Good Clean hacker Fun.
    Mr Domino
  • Fahrplan filled with tons of well [recorded talks to watch for learning or inspiration for projects
  • Greener camp in four years? Start sketching out contributions now
  • Even though toorcampsite is out of date, look for Toorcamp June 2016 in Washington State. More accessible for a wider cross section. Bug the organizers with I hear dabout this cool hacker camp you are holding, where do I sign up?
  • What's all this SDR stuff, anyway?
    With the rad1o camp badge, thousands of SDRs (software defined radios) were unleashed on unassuming & completely ego-free global hackers. Somehow this dovetails well with saving wifi. What happens next, is really up to us.
  • After 1 brilliant puff, German PopKorn Kanone shut down under threat of expulsion from camp!
    Not to worry, USA puffing cannon lives on, and will be outfitted for tc2016!
  • Noisebridgers wore Hotpants


NeuroDan regales the meeting with the complete Hacker Internationale: never gonna give you up or let you down <3