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(notes for 6 April 2016 meeting)
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These are the notes from the [https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Category:Meeting_Notes The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge].  
These are the notes from the [https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Category:Meeting_Notes The Nth Meeting of Noisebridge].  
Date: 2016 04 05  Note-taker: R Miloh Alexander; Moderators: Kyle .
Date: 2016 04 05  Note-taker: R Miloh Alexander; Moderators: Kyle .

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These are the notes from the The Nth Meeting of Noisebridge. Date: 2016 04 05 Note-taker: R Miloh Alexander; Moderators: Kyle .

Meeting Summary[edit]


John -- John hates banannas
Andreas -- working on drone boats
Kennrick -- Kennrick really likes bannanas
Kyle -- Kyle helps maintiant the sewing area
Roger -- Roger started downloadfreetacos.com
Lee -- building up a computer music workstation not a recording studio, a musical instrument back in the SW corner of Noisebrindge
Miloh -- Miloh is still working on the Flaschen Taschen and taking these Notes
Patrick -- Patrick is hacking a thing


Sewing and Textile Area Announcment - We are looking to upgrade the sewing machine setup at Noisebridge with a new Walking foot for $1100, we have a $550 matching grant from company XXXX and we are seeking funding for the new machine that Kyle sourced. donate.noisebridge.net/projects/sewing --> go there to donate and lets get this machine funded by FRIDAY the 15th of April 2016

Andreas -- Andreas ordered a new hotend and parts for the Flashforge at Noisebridge!!!

Lee -- Lee announces the computer music workstation is Suprisingly Functional, considering that Lee built it out of trash. He would like to provide workshops in Sunvox, PD aka puredata, and SuperCollider!! Especially focused around building SW synths. Scheduling TBD

Flaschen Taschen -- Miloh says the Flaschen Taschen reached a big milestone -- The Kleine F~T is finished and the big F~T is 7 tall. Come and check it out, donate to the fundraising (we still need $250 to reimburse Scotty in China and another $250-$400 to cover costs that Jarrod and Henner put in for the project). We also need programmers to work on a web client for the Flaschen Taschen. Some folks already are working on new clients for games or to provide a web accessible frontend. Kennrick already wrote a game of life program.


Noisebridge has $40k in the Bank. Rent for April and Noisetor's $4.8k debt.

New members:[edit]

No one up for new membership

New philanthropists[edit]

Kennrick is present and approved for Consensus. Lee notes the similarity between Debian Developer upload sponsorship and noisebridge's philanthropy

Consensus Items[edit]

none known at this time.

Discussion Items[edit]

Lee proposes setting up a free NoiseVM service for new infrastructure and sandboxing at openhosting.com

Satellite gear in the space is donated by John Perry Barlow -- we need to identify the gear and absorb it into the space 0.9m dish, 0.6m dish, terrestrial mw dish, and LNA blocks, cabling, and mounting hw. signal analyzer at remote location