Meeting Notes 2016 05 24

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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Date: 24 May 2016 Note-taker: Lee Azzarello; Moderators: Scotty.

Meeting Summary

  • Announcements: Cryptoclass from Stanford. Study group. Congrats on Maker Faire! Flaschen Taschen movie night@
  • Finances: Nope.
  • New members: Nope.
  • New philanthropists: Nope.
  • Consensus Items: Nope.
  • Discussion Items:


Ryan: Into games and stuff.

Jason: First time here.

Amy: Getting into Maya. Back this semester. Likes making video games. CCSF.

Amelia: First time here.

Bill: Looking to refurbish computers.

Dave: Teacher at SFSU and CC. Wearable computers and games. Filmmaker and writer. Four years.

Frank: Engineering physics. Powers of E! Hack that into existance.

James: From New Zeland working with online consensus decision makeing tools.

Bevrely: Came here for the CHM and did the javascript class last year.

Chris: Game science and tinkering with vintage hardware. The space is rad!

Scotty: six years olde timer. Into electronics in general. Working on infrastructure. Getting acrobins.

Lee: GNAR. Noisebridge Audio Research group.

Andre: looking to host a study group.

Short announcements and events

Maker Faire was this past weekend and it went pretty well! [ AUDIBLE CLAPPING ]

Cryptoclass. Needs a time and place to schedule it. The Stanford Dan Boneh cryptoclass where you break WEP.

Microwave week is at the moscone center. Highly recommended by Ryan and it's really interesting.

Flaschen Taschen movie night will screen Star Wars IV A New Hope on the screen. June 2nd or something like that.

Membership Binder

new members? No new membership applications.


new philanthropists...nope.

Financial Report

  • Funds in bank: No idea bc patrick is not here. donate now!
  • Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of
  • Any other details by those participating in handling our financials

Consensus and Discussion

Huzzah! consensus and Consensus. Different things. Two week process.

Discussion Items

Introductory cryptography course as part of the Stanford undergrad curriculum. Leaning towards the implementation and math behind crypto primitives. Hashes, stream ciphers, block ciphers, WEP, etc, etc. S-boxes, all that fun stuff. Looking to have a weekly class led by

Can we build our own cryptography software from this class.

Fun things to do after

  • Reprise of the Hackernationale. [This is anarchy - we do what the wiki says!]
  • PGP Key Signing could happen now (if it doesn't happen before any given Meeting). Ask others around the space or check the list to see who wants in on the action.