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Mitch - we stay alive by being cool. I travel around the world doing

Cory - I've been around tech places and have taught classes and teach kids and love STEAM

Shane - 2nd time here, I'm an engineer and I made a cnc machine once

Chris - biochem no computers *eyes glaze over*

patrick - playz with toys and count NB bucks

Morris - xchange student from sweeden. it is my first time here

Trent - python & web dev & does consulting with you and your company and teaches python and learning a lot of C

Darryl - I teach laser cutting. I do some robotics and AI

Jarrod - I'm a designer and make things

John - I have a beard and do taxes

Alex - gamebridge whatup on tuesdays and we want to make a VR game thing at makerfare

Quintessa - I don't come here but once a week and want to make a recording studio. I brought a bunch of foam. WHERE IS LEE

Juan - I 3D print and security and in between projects

Jeremey - software getting more #AI and got doored by a car

Steve - theoretical physics and AI and C++. Eat the computers

BLake - yours truly

Jervon - accountant [CPA] by day data by night, intrested in organizing data [Financial Analysis and Data Manipiulation]

Ryan - Been coming round for two years every tuesday and been taking the gamebridge class w Alex and workin on a rubric for the laser cutting class

Tim - 1st time here. I'm from pheonix a hackerspace there. Turns math IRL

Chickenfoot- webdeveloper wants to make games skynet

Osmon - been in SF fer two weeks I cofounded a makerspace in Istanbul getting to know the lovely place

Short announcements and events[edit]

Alex - We're buliding a securable cart as a VR kiosk or other interactive art. Purfect for makerfaire. Talk to us in the back!

Trent - we have a welder

Ryan - I'm looking to get computer hardware to build the VR kiosk and more complex stuff

Cory - I am starting a company. Like Noisebridge on wheels. A movable fablab. If you're interested come talk to me. Mobile makerspaces, centrally organized non-profit to vet the fleet of magic mobile fablabs.

Alex - I have a Uhaul truck too. and we can both do stuff.

Mitch - lets talk about this more late

Chris - we have a ember DLP printer in the back. But running it is complex. Talk to me if you wanna get talk I'll have classes.

Darryl - This sunday is the 3rd meeting of the SF robots maker club 1pm

Trent - Intermediate Python class starts a new rotation in 13 days.

Jarrod - our app for makerfaire was accepted. We have a 10'x20' space which is big lets fill it with toatally awesome radically stuff from noisebridge. Please contact me. maker faire is may 18-21

Mitch - Dorkbot will be here Wednesday March 1st. Dorkbot is cool and social and will be a fun gathering with 3 presentations. The intersection of art and tech. Peeps doing interesting things with art and technology. Also robot arms. And we need volunteers. Volunteers plz comeby 5:30 and 6:30 wednesday march 1st

Safe Space[edit]

Darryl - NB tries to be inclusive and welcoming to people. Esp marginalized people. It means you must take other people into consideration and you must be excellent and respect them.

Blake - Don't harass people. And do be excellent.


Patrick - show up and do cool stuff.

Mitch - ring the doorbell and someone will let you in. You can eventually get access from a member and maybe one day become a member.


Mitch - Keep Space Safe and Cool and 24/7 opening

Membership Binder - Fill out form for Links, and at least one member vouch for you.

James is up for Philanthropist

Trent - James been around for long time, had bad interactions with James though they worked through them, but he thinks James has been great lately.

Mitch- Once James, has made monthly arrangements, he will Need to talk with john to get added to the monthy payment

Membership Binder [edit]

Being a member of Noisebridge is not like being a member of a gym or your local chess club. Anyone can come to Noisebridge to hack and learn: you don't need to be a member for that. At Noisebridge, membership is something different: it means taking responsibility and committing to help to maintain, improve, and govern Noisebridge. As a member of Noisebridge, you don't just come here to hack and learn, you actively work to improve what you see around you, help to deal with problems, and make this community and space better than it is today.

Jarrod - Membership gives you consenship, keep noisebrige intresting and funtioning , and sort through the diffuclut sitution at noisbrige. members become members through consensus at meetings, it allows you access to voting on big changes at noisebridge

To become member have to send application to binder and requires 2 members and members will decide if you are a goood with. You have to wait 4 meetings before final consensus to allow them to be a member

Membership gives you a bunch of reposiblilty but

Mila and Lessie in binder, possile membership at next meeting

Jarrod - Membership is not a membership Lite posision, hacker but not responible for noisebrige as members are responsibles. Also,

Mitch - You do not need to be a member, to do anything at noisebridge, and the only thing it let you get invovle in consenuship process.

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank:about 85,787.45 in bank
  • Any other details by those participating in handling our financials

about 8000 in equiptment fund (matching up to 2500).

Funds maybe use for books,and maybe be an discussion on around makeing the equipment fund match

Trent organize the library, and "no strach press" stated to mitch that they will give any books we want to noisebridge

Noise Tour - is fund to run noisbridge exe. node and let people .

Mitch - Want to raise money to buy building, and not be at the demand of SF rent prices

Noisebridge Group how to make $1M to noisebridge


Patrict - how do you run anarchist hacker space, consensus is oppoist of majority run, therer are two formsand little C - getting someone opiion before you destroy a wall [common courticy] - floating feedback to see if people is ok with it. ex. Library created

Big C consensus - Has something that has an effect on everyone in the community - Has to be accpected by everyone. If you have objects, you have have to presents counterprosal to what the other person what to happen. Also, it ok, if nothing happen.

Introduction of philanthopy was a Big C consensus,

how it works at first meeting you have your proposal, and the next 2 weeks there is a debate on your proposal. and the thrid week is the member vote yes or no. But if does not passed does not mean, it killed forever but it just did not fit noisebridge at this point and time. And you need everyone to agree.

Big C consenus, Last June was the last Big C consensus item.

Concept of Block, nonuseful tool, thermal nuclar option of consensus, "You as a Member will Walk away from Noisebridge, if something passed"; should only be use as the ultimate pressure. Only members can block

Littel C consensus is just Do-Ocaracy and be excellent to each other. Any member, can block someone for membership.

Proposals from last week [edit]

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)


Proposals for next week [edit]



Corey- Wants Noisebridge being fiscal sponsor of nonprofit. Passion to educate, and has been teichal pro, sitting on open soucer project and operationg with your peers. Shop like Techshop, Inv similar to noisebridge. You see the tool, and you help out to brige up the tide to help the boat. Makerspaces teaching others what they know, over the last 8 years Stem - Curisority Hack/Hacker Scout - want to brige this foward, but their are centralize location but can not go to specific location that needed. But their is a lot of great moblie hacker spaces, but he want people to be engage as creators, as art in school. But there is vaccum on how to be creative in ideals. He wants to creat non-profit and streem cravain. School can go to place who have a serice provider, and services providers has access to school through vetting. But he want to be an vanguard, want at curitsity Hack that went belly up. Were going to be their fiscal sponsor, and noisebridge great match. Alex was saying, by going to schools with a project, but led people to noisebridge on Sun. and Sat. Has concerns about running a hackerspace, and want to benfit for hacker expertises. Grant Repriciant. Want to learn how to run a nonprofit and how to stewart other non profits to push more hackerspace.

Fiscal Sponsor - "Fiscal Legal and Financial Libility" - Noisebridge have to understand, how will it work if people are hired. Corey - Stated that he would use his company to hire people, which will be spreate from the grant.

Mitch- Working on it for a consensus items, stated that Corey should update wiki page.

Shop class has help more, than college experience due to hands on experience, to learn. Reminders of Book mobile.

Darrel - We need to Ban "Ben Bealsey", due to him sexually assulting a victim in our coummunity.

Mitch - Wan is organizing pallet for energy drinks, but if enough people pleage to buy energy drinks noisebridge will buy drinks

March 18, 2017 - Totally newbie website - sorters and electornics, look up on wiki and need volunteers

- End