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Topics for discussion

  • explain what noisebridge is - lots of new people here
  • patrick philantropist thing
  • Michael - usf? or something
  • ryan - we have a 360 degree camera! what do wre want it for (GOTO LINE 120-ish)
  • j wants to talk about developing a steam program (GOTO LINE 136-ish)
  • mitch - controlling robots with brains (GOTO LINE 190-ish)
  • alu - vr / ar developer from LA - 3d scanning noisebridge piratebox p2p sharing (GOTO LINE 228-ish)
  • quinn - has led lights for sale (GOTO LINE 216-ish)
  • lizzie - mill bits
  • ryan - noisebridge being a fiscal sponsor for publishing certain media?

What is noisebridge?

j - Noisebridge is a nonprofit 5013c educational org to so you can go ahead and create you can teach you can learen you can build many cool things as long as you follow our one and only rule that is to be excellent to one another.l you don't need to pay dues, you don't need to pay fees to come to noisebridge. but we like donations. but you can come here for free.

mitch -everyone is always welcome here. it's always free. bring your friends. everything here happens because we're bad at it but we do it anyway. doocracy!

lizzie - anti-harassment policy eytc

Patrick philantropist thing

patrick has been coming. wants to be a philantropist.

ryan - philantropy is responsibility over noisebridg.e you need to know how to protect the space and close it if you're the last. and be willing to give tours? you dont need to be here every week or anything just come and go wen you feel like. as long as there's nothing wrong with your money you can be a philantropist.

"I actually forgot we should go around and introduce everyone"

  • jeremy has been hjere since june. software, ai haskell.
  • adrian - new here! first time! never been here but mentioned before to jeremy that he made friends and tried to start a noisebridge once. a few years later he organized a series of big robot scholarships. He can help with that stuff. Does embedded systems and lives in the city.
  • lxpk - started a robots group. wanted an adrian. there wasn't an adrian :( but there's a poster. all can be adrian's. lxpk teaches gamebridge / mixed reality / vr / etc. Making a noisebridge.
  • michael - undergrad at usf. wants to enlist members for on-campus media project. "on the docket". new here. interested in immersing himself. "when did you say gamebridge is starting?"
  • adam builds stuff. hardware electronics physics. if you do that cool.
  • matt - doesn't do do. breaks a lot of stuff. broke drill bit. wants donations for drill bits.
  • ryan - the noisebridge person for quite a while. am here mainly on tues for gamebr and meetings. comes here more often for other little projects. and is trying to work on a couple little noisebridge projects. yeah. will talk more about this later.
  • scott - formal background is intersection of education and technology. helps companies prototype physical devices. curious about everything. likes lasers and other peoples projects.
  • nicole - programming, teaching, trying to laser.
  • cwlx - venture capitalist. looking for the cool new thing. interesting ideas. talk to cwlx.
  • patrick - programmer datascientist tensorflow thing machine learning neuroscience. not clothing. but neuroscience. no clones. maybe sleep-deprived. neuroscience. kind of hacking.
  • lizzie - electronics, security, get distracted easily with projects
  • jeff - marine engineer. really tiny robotos.
  • quintessa -likes music a lot. artistic. nice. main projects are music and dorkroom. likes reducing reverb and cutting foam. sells lights.
  • rafael - electrical engineer. old thinkpads. bothering people and learning. helping foamcutting
  • chris - producer / composer / visual programming languages / processing. in the right place. "we just started to discover the huge processing people. there's like seven of them" - jeremy
  • steve - theoretical physics. software. creative coding, processing, etc. more interesting in statistical mechanics and deep learning.
  • also steve - broadcast engineer. reneewed interest in nerding. game design. looking to do that here.
  • mitch - today was really fun I met one of the people who started burning man long ago and hung with him all day in his little teeny office on ??? tower in oakland. started cacaphony society, which when he visited sf as an adult he came out of montgomery bart. a bunch of weirdos were handing out flyers saying "yuo may already be a member of the cacaphony society". teaching new friends arduino. project-based education vs fucking tests. talks. cofounder of noisebridge in 2007. focusing on getting giant brain robots working before their first performance before april 7.
  • j "that's hard to follow up. I'm just j. Passionate about education and took over mitch's circuit hacking classes. I've been teaching that and teaching outside of noisebridge. talking to schools of all kinds about why education is exciting? I want noisebridge to be even cooler."
  • Greg - has been coming ehre for a long time.

jeremy "if anyone wants to add anything to the agenda add it now."

alexpeak - "like I was saying everyone wants robots. if I can help restart roboti groups I'm down."

"Let's go back to philantropy"

does anyone want to sponsor patrick? alex peake - "you're a data scientist? I'll sponsor you. Kind of a joke but I moved in with zephyr because he said he's a data scientist". mitch - not cool steve - "I'll give you the keys to my living room" mitch - does anyone have any objections? lxpk - do you understand closing up? p - explain that alex - [words about closing the space] ryan - make sure all three doors are closed. jeremy - turn off hot things. make sure windows are closed. mitch - "I definitely you need to have know the responsibilities before becoming a philantropist and then you can become a philantropist next tuesday" jeremy - "anything else?"


Michael - usf (

Doing an on-campus media project audio slideshow. Would like to do recorded interviews with members of Noisebridge - basically discussing a topic of the sort of quote unquote diy ethic. wanted to talk to members / philantropist to talk about your experience of the palce, the value it has, and what you guys are working on. lasers, unity, etc etc, clones? good start.

talk to michael if you want to be interviewed!!!\

alex "where does it go?" michael - "write-up and interview on student-run newspaper of usf"

email michael!!

          /\ /|
         |||| |
          \ | \
      _ _ /  @ @
    /    \   =>X<= soy me hacko conejo me gusta computadoras si
  /|      |   /
  \|     /__| |
    \_____\ \__\

anything else? - jeremy - questions

(\__/) This is Bunny. Copy and (='.'=) paste Bunny to help him (")_(") gain world domination

mitch - "two people came in"

tayopa (sp?) - very silly things - a little bit of datra analysis for a video game (long story) and also optimizing ???. elf (sp?) - likes making brain models? interested in third-generation ???

ryan - 3d camera

ryan has a 3d camera? or noisebridge did. a camera called the aura. a very high-end 360 degree livestreaming video camera. delay is about 11s but that's it's still very very good we've tested it a couple times and I was interested in figuring out what everyone wants to use it for. Anyone who knows how to use it can just borrow it if everyone here trusts them to use it. If there's any noisebridge meetings that we might want to record in 360 or stuff like that, but consent on video especially if live. Alex - some people on noisebridg eodnt want to be videod because elite. we can make a little light umbrella to hide people. we can control the 360 bit a little bit.

ryan - what ideas do other people have? mitch - 3d modelling things for 3d printing or VR and if there are any projects or areas of noisebridge for virtual tours. alex - I just met someone who has a tango phone who was capturing model of the space. going to combine it with 360 camera. if you want to capture something and share it with the world we'll put it in the virtual reality exhibit that we're making.

patrick - when is maker faire?

alex - early may. two hundred thousand people making!!! in san mateo fairgrounds. ryan - maker faire is 1/10 of sf.

jeremey - cut it short. talk to ryan.

j steam power

j is j again. has been teaching at noisebridge. is passionate about it. the next step is that we are developing a STEAM program

Science technology engineering art math ^ STEAM

If anyone is interested in the actual development and scientific research (because along with developing the program we want to go ahead and have studies about the effectiveness of the program. not only to ourselves but to everyone! we want to prove hackerspaces are good. if you have info or know anyone interested in academic research, bookkeeping, accounting, or writing grant applications, please come to j.

Scott - going to an egineering school. sees people with funding. shirts that control data? who owns that data. what data? sensors, right? they create data? but I guess it is data. but who owns that? I guess we own it. who has access to that? who can modify it? "I don't know". people at funded startups. Real conversation. People developing this technology had not thought of this. You make different decisions when you've exercised or eaten or had sex. we also need to advocate for "SHIP".

(\__/) Este es Bunny. Copiar y (='.'=) Pegar a Bunny para ayudarlo (")_(") Ganar dominación mundial

Scott says: "#STEAM is an explosive disaster w/o a vessel to contain it & give direction - a SHIP. Story-telling History Interpersonal Skills Philosophy" We DO need the power of STEAM! We just need to make sure we're thoughtful about how that power is harnessed & the direction in which it takes humanity

j loves it. we want it to really be involved and nice as possible, but open to everyone. not only can noisebridge benefit from it but other hackerspaces have a guideline too. We're going for a grant from the NSF. Up to 225k! If we do get it it will be very good for noisebridge but the fact that we'll be able to do things like 3rd-party bookkeeping and accounting that will alleviate a lot of the background work to run the space. If you've never done accounting it's a real pain. So I'm looking at ways to help.

mary - something about annihilation?

jeremy - there's an education slack channel!!!!

j - if you know anything about grants or getting funding please join #fiscal-sponsorship.

mitch - robot brains

"demo!" - jeremy. "did anyone come in that didn't say hi"

francis (?) -- just hanging out frank -- freecad? joe likes to eat food

"go ahead mitch"

mitch - has been playing with tech since childhood. born a geek. technology as scott brought up is really powerful. if you play with it without knowing consequences you'll make the world worse. no way around it. one of the things I love about noisebridge and hackerspaces is that they attract people who think about these ramifications. This isn't the case in the larger technology culture. Many people use their skills in dangerous ways. Mitch has been playing with notions of consciousness, physical psychology, brainwaves for decades now. And is really fascinated. Friend Kal (?) has been making big robots and small robots. He has an exhibit in this 1940s suitcase. you open it and it looks like a horror movie. has a hand that comes out of a grave and starts scraping. met him at robotics conference in vienna austria that only has robots that make cocktails. Mitch and kal (?) are collaborating on a project with giant robots. Mitch is working on the brainwave interface. Friend Masahiro in Berlin made the electronics. It's a good EEG for only $250. As good quality as medical data but only $250. Mitch uses that to control the five motors of the robots (robot arms) which go 16' tall. They have beetle pincers rather than hands. Two people, one for each arm, try to get the robots to kiss. But these things can kill you!!! At first mitch designed the hardware and went to recompile the code to put new code on. he was sitting just like that and as soo n as the code uploaded, all 5 motors went on full speed. Robots want to kiss but almost killed mitch.


The first time Kal tried to control it he got a little bit nervous.


"Bad, bad panda".

[Some longer video]

First performance at the lab. 3 blocks away, on 16th. April 7, 8th, 9th. Ticket price is $8. if you want to come but can't afford that Mitch can put you on guest list.

"Have youy considered a big red button to stop?" "That would be cheating. But I did it anyway".

3d scanning noisebridge

[quick demo] skip me and come back next

?? - second time here. from japan. will get tour after meeting. (\__/) Este es Bunny. Copiar y (='.'=) Pegar a Bunny para ayudarlo (")_(") Ganar dominación mundial

quinn - leds

"So i have these RGB leds. Bought them on amazon. RGB but want RGBW Too long to return them but perfectly fine. I paid $15.98 per set. There are three sets. $17 per or best offer?"

mitch - are the individually addressable? nope. whole strip makes one color?

quinn - they're not like that. but maybe controllable per color.

talk to her if you're interested in getting them. or helping with the dorkroom. going to cut foam. Also women here get on the slack channel!!! and show her what you're doing. Not enough and sometimes depressing. Empower thyself!

VR --- Aru - anonymous piratebox p2p sharing thing. new image for the pi zero. created a virtual peer-to-peer island. the project is on hackaday. if you search for avalon or metaverse you can find documentation there. wants to 3d scan noisebridge for vr.

ryan - did you get consent?

a - no people in it.

lock for a/v box

lots of keys in a locked box. might open it. also mischief can pick it.

mill bits

mills bits break! but if we have mill bits we cna make pcbs. please donate.

ryan - if you have questions about mill bits or harbor freight ask ryan.

[vr demo interlude]

noisebridge fiscal sponsorship

ryan is writing some articles for fun. doesn't want to be restricted to the whims of any of the big publishers he knows. would rather go through publishing within a mini-nonprofit-style publisher for journalism. it doesn't really need much money but a bit of background stability and oversight. so that if we send them out for republishment then we still have journalistic control. whereas if you're just a journalist media companies can change a lot. but as an educational institution noisebridge could tell them not to do that.

"are there other people who want to write articles or do reviews?" reviewing other peoplese' contents with analytical and educational mindset.

let's just stop it there, if anything interests you. if you're new find us and we'll give you a tour! great meeting! enjoy! hack! robots!