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Cool! who's enever been before? (hands)
Alright cool. meetings can be boring but we're gonna try to not. Well first. let's go over the meeting  rules.
Rules: be excellent.
Roles: moderator? facilitator? note-taker?
Would someone like to explain what noisebridge is?
"Free, donation-based hackerspace" - Keita
So right after we introduce noisebridge we introduce ourselves.
* Keita - has been coming here ~10 times. ios development. Likes ios apps. Friend (name ? ) introduced them.
* Miet? - second or third time coming here. Came last week for different meeting. Has electrical engineering background. Software engineer. Does circuit design and  code, so here to practice + interview and things. Went to hackerdojo in santa clara for the past seven or eight months. Just moved here, wanted to check out noisebridge. Heard that noisebridge was the hacker dojo of sf.
* Jacob - couple months. Introduced to noisebridge 2 years ago by patrick. Didn't come much. Burnt out. Comes here. Works, laser cuts, leds.
* Charlie - coming for not exactly sure. Maybe about a year? Anyway. Usually works on electronics. Various projects. Working on nixie tube character display with donated tubes. Also does computer stuff. Likes to sort donations because I don't know. Ask if you want to find something.
* Sean (?)  - got to sf from shanghai. Met Mitch there. Likes electronics. Motor controllers and levitation.
* Lizzie - Electronics/security/audio. Rack mount synths. High WPM for note taking. Built a guitar amp. Hook it up to the guitar.
* Victoria Fierce - coming to noisebridge for too long. Housing organizer and also does electronics and machining and things. Has a asmall art project on the table. Thing with the lights. It's yeah. it's a bus scheduler! Facilitates.
* Ross - have lived in sf for four weeks. Signed up for a meetup for the next two weeks every night. Works at cooper (?) design consulting. Digital marketing, twitter apis, has been to noisebridge four times. Mechanical and electrical engineering.
* Popcorn Chris - does biochem. Sets up a biochem workspace. Coming here for 6months or something now. Uh yeah.
* Alex - Open science summit 2012. Popping in and out. AUtomating, oss, programming languages, what else am I supposed to say.
* Popcorn Rafael - regularly coming to noisebridge since just before christmas. Made christmas gifts with lasers. Hadn't really come here often but knew about it. Now here regularly. Recently unemployed, now a new job, but still going to try to come. Works on ahcking old thinkpads and building stuff that doesn't always work.
* Nate - works on software engineering. Involved with gamebridge and unity. Works on unity and VR stuff. Focused on VR. Can tell people more about that, or about java.
* Jacob - moved to palo alto five weeks ago. been to noisebridge twice before. Trying to get into the privacy scene. Tryiung to create a way to accept payments via prepaid credit cards. Venmo without linking actual bank.
* Jay - first time here. Interested in a lot of things. Self-driving is one. if anyone wants to build a small self-driving car will help. Specializing in neural networks and computer vision. Would be hapen to help on electronics side and model (?) side. Another project - equities trading w/ reinforcement learning. It's free and open! Use it.
Has a startup in indonesia. 13 people. Building ios and web apps.
* Ben - Went to the meetup yuesterday. Went to circuit hackin. Got a tour. Likes people teaching each other. Here for another meetup for making games. Also want to contributes. Works at an optometry office. Can we grind lenses here??
* Jeremey - fixes hats. likes ai. Rabbit holed into haskel.. Now learning datalog and prolog. Talk to me.
Did we miss anybody?
Noisebridge has introduced itself to us and we have introduced ourselves to noisebridge so we're good. We're going to touch on things briefly.
Participation - "anyone can participate".
Safe space - " Noisebridge is considered a safe space because we want people to hack, especially people who don't have other venues to hack"
Victoria - glad it's a sentence.
Membership binder. You can be a member of the noisebridge if you want.
What's a member? What do you think? Chill out and work on things here. Charlie - being a member is different than just coming here ot hack. It's more for people who want to demonstrate commitment on a concrete level. You can apply to be a member and can block consensus if a big decision happens.  We'll talk about consensus later. Anyway yeah.
PBS membership! You get a badge.
Victoria - it's more like sierra club.
You get mail about board electrions. Sierra club is full of shit.
Membership binder - what's a philantropist? You're a sustaining member of PBS and get to watch all the shows at noisebridge. You get to do everything just like anyone but you can also close down the space if you're the last person. and you pay money. And you get 24/7 access.
Reader submission - lizzie wants to be a philantropist. So does chris venter and patrick minault. All accepted??
You can't block shit if you're a philantropist. and it can be revoked.  If lizzie shits in the woodshop she can stop being a philantropist.
No one objects! am philantropist. Rights and philantropist.  Needs money.
Membership applications are in this binder. There's a long wiki page about membership. You get two members. We talk about it four weeks. We ask you personal questions. We gossip. We reveal whether or not we've consensed.
Consensus - anyone can block other members. Rationale is that person blocking may not want to explain.
Financial reports -  ????
Explanation of Consensus - lizzie said this so didn't type it.
Victoria - blocking is more like "if this proposal happens, I will walk away from noisebridge". Block is a "slow down", not a "no".
But 99% of things are just things people do. You don't need consensus for everything. Doocracy!
Rafeal - Big C - trying to modify the physical space, or move noisebridge, or something. Little c is like "I decide we have too many oscilloscopes. let's move some."
Discussion items-
Jacob - wants to get a group for a few conferences in the summer: Defcon, a few others. Has a 2016 van. Wants to go.
Jeremy - just being a jackass. Possessed?
Jacob has a van. Wants to network with people who want to go. Exchange contact info. July 27th! Las Vegas! Defcon is the world's biggest "family oriented hacking event". Not hacking bad. Head of NSA goes. Security conference. 12h drive. There's a documentary. You can get whatever kind of experience you want. 4-day event. dontworrybehappyplease@aol.com .
Friend Ivan wants to talk about etching boards with acid and lasers.
Keita - doing a meetup about ios development. Weekend-gathering-style-meetup. We all design or discuss an ios topic. Met Ruth. Wants a key so he can do Sunday meetups.
Rosse - interviews people about corporate work environments. If someone works in a large office. Contact me@rossegates.com
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* Reprise of the [[Hackernationale]]. [This is anarchy - we do what the wiki says!]
* Reprise of the [[Hackernationale]]. [This is anarchy - we do what the wiki says!]
* [[PGP|PGP Key Signing]] could happen now (if it doesn't happen '''before''' any given Meeting).  Ask others around the space or check the [[PGP|list]] to see who wants in on the action.
* [[PGP|PGP Key Signing]] could happen now (if it doesn't happen '''before''' any given Meeting).  Ask others around the space or check the [[PGP|list]] to see who wants in on the action.
[[Category:Meeting Notes]]
[[Category:Meeting Notes]]

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