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Moderator: Jarrod

Note Taker: Noah

introductions Jarrod - mostly works on woodworking and makerfaire project matt - new in the bay are, heard about noisebridge at an AI conference, excited ot be here Joyti - I'm a person Jacob - been coming for 3-4 months, gonna apply to be a member soon! Darrel - works on AI & functional programming stuff, teaches laser cutter Frank - studying methods in data communications Ryan - been coming for a couple of years, working on gamebridge, gonna teach some classes Noah - hosts Stupid hackathon, donated axidraw Diego - musician, works at gray area, learn ableton blaze - been coming for 3 months, donated occulos, wants to send a humanoid robot into space lizzy - works on computer security, electronics, and more! varun - first time here! Marco - working on a web application to help beginners learn web arcitecture, wants to work on a code education program Jonah - web dev affinity for collaborative community spaces Aaron - software engineer who enjoys functional programming Nicole - works on webdev and hosts a coding event on tuesdays Alex - ! keita - working on iOS apps, organizes sunday morning iOS events

Short announcements and events: Darrel:

  • Next wednesday at 7:30(?) Paul Sass - organizer of Bay CHI - is going to be giving a workshop about behavioral economics and polite robots.


  • Organizing code eductation co-working group, looking for a space, maybe noisebridge? Curious what day would be a good time for it. First event will be on May 9 from 6-9pm


  • Thurs-Sat Gray Area festival, come! Lots of music and talks! Only $5!


  • Stupid Hackathon May 13-14. Come early and help clean! Come during it and help people experience Noisebridge for the first time! But come!


  • Makerfaire!!! Is 19-20-21, the photo booth is a project! Gamebridge university has a VR game as well. If you want to help with Makerfaire, send a message saying so!


  • Tomorrow Yonas's future of programming meetup is happening (7:30am?) Come and chat about magic haskeller!


  • Vice interview happening on thurs/fri, giving us a donation and will make sure to get consent before showing anyone's faces. mcscope can provide more info if needed.

Consensus: It's a thing It is important that everyone in attendance understands at least: Blocking with verbalized principled objections. Why we use consensus over other approaches to decision making. How consensus isn't a legislative process Why consensus isn't applicable to some things like conflict resolution, resolution of time sinks, and the like.

Concensus whenever there are important issues two types large C- when ever there are any big issues the go through two weeks of deliberation tell people agree, or they can block it. Do-ocracy do what you want to do- blocking is a big deal, one block will halt that item instantly (only do it if you think it will ruin the space (IE lets set the building on fire)).

Noisebridge as a safe space: You should feel safe here, if someone is making you uncomfortable you should feel able to ask them to leave. Read the noisebridge wiki to learn how to act around people and tools

Participation: How to participate - there's a slack! If someone has been coming around for a while, someone will offer you slack access. We use slack unoficially to organize things in the space. It's not required but it's a nice way to keep up with what's going on. Access: the door is RFID, any member can give 30-day daytime access. If you need more access, become a member or talk to a philanthropist.

Philanthropist: If you make a continued contribution to NB (monitarily) and take on more responsibility you can get more privileges. With great power comes great responsibility, you should know how to close up the space at night, and deal with space management. There's a binder to apply! Unlike members they're not central in voting and consensus.

2 open applications: Nicole - sponsored by 2 people. No objections! Kevin - not here.

Membership: Takes on a larger role for organizing things and large C consensus things. Can activate other people's RFIDs and sponsor people. More of a process.

No financial report on slack this week

consensus items: no pending no new

Discussion items: Demitrius - Started a meet-up called SF innovators club, to help and support each other achieve goals. Had first meet-up a month and a half ago. Wants to do next meet-up here. In 2 weeks an Tuesday 6pm in Turin room. on meetup at sf innovator's club Marco - J mentioned wednesday might be the best time. May 10 6-9pm? Ryan - His high school is going to be gutted, it might have some things like lockers and screens - would people be interested in trying to get some of it donated? (people say 'yes, more lockers')