Meeting Notes 2017 09 19

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  • Date: 2017 09 19
  • Note-taker: Elias Lawson-Fox;
  • Moderators: J.
  • We talked about the elevator
  • We discussed accessibility issues at the space


Finances: New members: none New philanthropists: none Consensus Items: Zach may propose to allocate $400 a year for elevator repairs Discussion Items: Accessibility and the elevator


  • Henner
  • Jen
  • Adam
  • Daniel
  • Rob
  • Elias
  • James
  • Tal
  • Zach
  • J

Short announcements and events

  • We just celebrated out 10 year anniversary

There were no new members or philanthropists

Financial Report[edit]

Financial Report - September 19, 2017 Noisebridge has $84,761.46 in the bank. _Breakdown:_ $45,343.19 in the general fund, which is just over nine months of regular expenses. $28,220.29 for Noisetor $6,336.72 in the equipment fund $2,597.95 in the Thomas J. Shutt Memorial Foundation $1,412.96 in the broadcast fund $475.35 in the laser maintenance fund $375 from Friends of the Public Library to reimburse Circuit Hacking Mondays for kits Notes: This running total takes into account Noisetor’s donations since September 16th and their 5% contribution to the general fund for fiscal sponsorship. Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of Any other details by those participating in handling our financials

Consensus Proposals[edit]

  • Zach: Allocating a small portion of nb funds for parts for the elevator, $400 per year. This would give people working to improve the space to not have a financial burden placed on them.



Zach: A bunch of people have been working on the elevator. I worked with Henner and a bunch of other people, and I updated the wiki. I'm still looking for help doing additional repairs. Wiki has ideas for additional improvements. Henner: There is one gate on the street side that is missing some segments. The button downstairs needs to be fixed. Zach: I have been comming here on wed, and circuit hacking mondays. Incase anybody wants to help.

Accessibility to the space[edit]

  • Zach: There is some work to be done. I updated the accessibility page on the wiki. It would be really great if nb had more things available for people with disabilities to come into the space. We don't have tactile or audio aids for people coming into the space. We also don't have bars in the bathroom, which are required by ada. I think it's very achievable for the space.
  • Zach: We should also have a meeting/event to educate others around disability, and little things that can be done to improve weelchair accassability in the space. There are some spaces that aren't ever going to be accessable, but some spaces could be easily improved.
  • J: I def think there should be something around it. We should start a nice simple page
  • Henner: I think we should have an event of some sort, were we discuss things that can be improved. And talk about the needs or disabled people. Then we can do-icraticly work to solve these problems. Guided by the people who need these changes. Even people who just come here for a week, this is a project that they could help work on at the space, and they can just do it.
  • J: If anybody wants to put up an event, you can talk to us on slack and we'll set things in the NB meetup calander (excelence towards others required).
  • Zach: Noisebridge is one of the most accessible spaces I know in sf.