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     - must be recommended by 2 established members
     - must be recommended by 2 established members
     - you become a member by three weeks of non-blocking consensus.
     - your application is read out at the meeting for 4 weeks, then the application is consensed on
== Consensus ==
== Consensus ==

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Noisebridge meeting 2018-07-03

Meeting Notes are at https://pad.riseup.net/p/nbmeeting; help us take notes!

Moderator: rebecca

Note taker(s): Alex (he'll try anyway), Patrick (Helper), Vaziri (Backup Helper)

Give us money!



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We have 80 patrons pledging $1488.84, keep donating!

Introductions (name, pronouns, deets)[edit]

Beka - laser cutter, FP, type theory, AI

Eunice - interested in meeting makers

Becca - into glitter, sparkly things and follows alex around

Alex - typical nerd

Patrick - game development Unity

Nathan - hardware, motors, electricity, machining

Vaziri - deep learning, robotics, starting a robotics meetup: www.meetup.com/feedback

Nick - maker

Cain - music hacking

Jeremy - software, cardboard

Sky - xe, xyr animation, music, physical awesomeness

Lilith -artist performer (definitely belongs here)

Joseph - robotics

Micah - neuro hacking, oculus, VR

James B. - sci-fi author, technical writer


How to get into Noisebridge:

   - We ring the doorbell. Hopefully someone is there.
   - After extended trust building, it is possible to get an RFID (for a donation)
   - Philanthropy
   - Become a member

Part of being excellent is following the Safe Space policy.

safe space[edit]

Short Version: We want everyone to feel as welcome as possible. NO ISMs!!!! Exercise kindness, compassion, empathy, etc. at all times.

No harrassment: No unwarranted conversations. Don't knowling make people uncomfortable. Don't force conversations. This also includes monopolozing time.

If you are asked to leave, leave. This is a do-ocracy. You can come back, but you must reflect on your interactions and adjust accordingly.

There is a safe space help page: pegasus.noisebridge.net/safespace

Question: what if you're asked to leave for a not good reason? e.g. Not wanting to have a certain conversation.

Answer: You should leave, but the person who asked would be seen as behaving in an un-excellent manner.


Nathan: this weekend, hackathon burning man headquarters. Project: dancing robot that interacts with people. Topics: robotics, deep learning

Vaziri: July 12th @ the shop robotics meetup. Bring robots. Everyone interested in robotics are encouraged to come. No rules except that you must enjoy robots. www.meetup.com/feedback

Micah: Friday @ 6pm sequel to last friday's hackathon. connecting brainduino to Web VR.

Jeremy: if you have any projects you want to share with the world via social media, talk to me. (might use noisebytes (sp?)). In particular, I want to get NoiseBridge feauted in MAPP (https://www.mappsf.com/). May potentially lead to video kiosky thing to show off projects.


Sky: Philanthropy means being responsible for the space as a whole. Opening/closing the space. Encourage each other to be excellent. Help with things like trash and friendship and everywhere inbetween. Keep the space excellent and be excellent in the space.

The mechanism for becoming a philanthropist is by being recommended by a philanthropist for being excellent. The same goes for losing philanthropist title by being unexcellent.


   - 24hr access
   - may be accompanied by a friend any time.
   - encouraged to donate $80/month

Sky is now a philanthropist!!!!!!!!!


Membership is similar to philanthropy:

   - 24hr access
   - recommended $80 donation
   - lead by example. Be excellent and encourage others to do the same.
   - members can grant/renew access tokens.
   - members can participate in blocking consensus items
   - must be recommended by 2 established members
   - your application is read out at the meeting for 4 weeks, then the application is consensed on


Two types "c" and "C". The first type is when you need to get the consensus of the people around you in the space. The harder it is to undo (irreparable harm) the more people you should talk to. No ISM posters. If you hang a chair, do it well. Its not as strict as the "C" type. It is for small modification/improvements.

"C" is for big ticket items that concern all members of the community. For this, it is brought up at meetings for two weeks. If it remains unblocked, it passes as Noisebridge law. ex. what are we? where do we belong?

If you want to make a consensus item, talk to people first. Give it the smell test before taking it to a meeting.

There's no voting at Noisebridge.


discussion items will be prioritized. be considerate.


   - eunice:  what's the best way to familiarize myself with tools, machines, etc? who are the experts, etc.?
      - posting on slack is one possible solution. see if anyone is interested.
      - seek guidance when you can. in-person or in slack channels for specific interests.
      - noisebridge promotes the D-I-Y in all of us. Youtube. Google. Outside resources.
      - No classes for particular machines except the laser cutter (and possibly industrial sewing machines).
      - barrier for equipment use (less the 100w lasercutter and industrial sewing machines): if you can use it without harming yourself or the machine, go for it.
   - vaziri: advice on how to start a meetup in a successful way. corporate sponsorship?
       - meetups at noisebridge have to be free and inclusive.
       - sponsorships are fine, but meeting must be free.
       - events page on wiki
       - posting on slack
   - cain: tried using glue guns. Having a hard time finding the glue
       - if things are missing or out of stock: usually go and pick some up. if you use something up, please buy more.

~fin (how finding nemo should have ended)~