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Noisebridge Unmeeting 2018-07-31

Meeting Notes are at; help us take notes!

Moderator: steffanie Note taker(s): rebecca

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Introductions (name, pronouns, deets)


Jeremy Larry Frank Claire Dawn Vlad Garrison James Ken Jack Helena Cel Jared James B. Kerrick

Discussion Topics

   Annual cleaning with up-to-date details on the wiki ^^^^^^^
   Noisebridge will be closed this weekend for some serious cleaning
   Everyone can volunteer to help with cleaning
   *every* single personal project will be removed during the deep cleaning
   please, Get the word out!
   Someone will know what can stay and what can't
   Please, come help clean -- Saturday and Sunday
   Lockers will not be cleaned out
   one interpretation that was posted on wiki:
   your stuff must have been labelled within the last month
   another interpreation:
   every personal project needs to be out of the space for the weekend
   anything on the project shelves with a tag older than 4th of July 2018 *will* be thrown out
   also, anything without a tag will be thrown out
   People are volunteering to show up at 10am or noon, we will contact Lady Red at the end of the meeting to exchange info
   There will be U-Haul truck
   The truck will arrive at 8am on Sunday, ready to remove unwanted stuff
   Things you can bring if you want:

  • Code Tenderloin (Dawn)
   Vlad presents
   Helps homeless people with job readiness, javascript basics, in cooperation with Hack Reactor
   Has been going for 2 years
   80% job placement
   6 week program (?)
   The program itself has been "homeless"
   Is there a way to use the space here for one of the tenderloin programs
   One of the programs runs M-Th, 6pm-9pm, for example
   Program size usually starts 12-15, usually shrinks down to 4-6 by the end
   1 lecturer lectures for an hour, 1 or 2 TAs
   3 programs, typically last 6 weeks
   javascript intro
   JRT - job readiness training
   Hack Reactor prep
   The ask is for one of the busiest times of the schedule (6-9pm, weeknights)
   suggestion: try out the space for a day, to get the feel of the place

  • Key Signing Party (Cel)
   Haven't happened for a while
   works best if there are more people in the strong set
   strong set: connected group of people who are connected by vouching for each other
    Talk to Cel if you're interested, especially if you're already in the strong set

   Neil from the GnuPG Project gave an advanced introduction to PGP at Noisebridge.  Here is a link to his 45 minute talk as a video!

  • Philanthropist - applicant Cain
   Noise Bridge Philanthropist
   More responsibility
   Some level of monthly contribution
  He's helped and contributed multiple ways
  • Recap on current Consensus Items (Lady Red)
   review of how consensus works at Noisebridge

  • Philanthropist - applicant Claire
  Part of Cypberpunks write code


Noisebridge shall establish a Discretionary Fund in order to reimburse people for small purchases that help the space. Guidelines for the discretionary fund

   Spend it like it's your own money (as judiciously as you would spend your own money)
   On things that the space needs to be clean, organized, smoothly operating, safe, etc

Examples of things that would be appropriate for the discretionary fund:

   toilet paper,
   new bulb for projector,
   low-cost useful tools,
   reasonable consumables

Examples of things that may not be appropriate:

   Brand new pieces of machinery that cost several hundred dollars
   Items to support an individual person project

Since this inherently involves judgement calls, there should be a discretionary fund working group that shall use little-c consensus to decide if a given expense should be reimbursed.

The discretionary fund shall start with a value of 1000$ immedately, and shall recieve an additional 500$ on the first of each month from the general fund.

discussion on consensus item for the discretionary fund

   committee by slack channel?
   consensus can be unimplemented in worse case
   monthly amount can be determined
   can include an auto-expiry clause in the initial consensus item