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Noisebridge meeting 2018-10-23

Meeting Notes are at; help us take notes!

Moderator: Signal

Note taker(s): @Nthmost @ratikate


WTF is Noisebridge?

Victoria -- based on my exxtremely limited 2.5 hour experience w NB, NB is an infrastructure provider for technical projects, operates on excellence, be excellent to each other if that's not clear we have a code of conduct to explain the finer details. People can come here for free where most of the tools work most of the time, it changed her life.

Naomi -- To add: It ain't just about CODE OF CONDUCT! Social strife arises when we try to limit the concept of "excellence" to what can be written down as a set of rules. "Excellence is an ongoing conversation."


  • Signal: goes by Lemons artist formerlly known as signal joined by victoria and nthmost today.
  • Eric -- I am I dunno. I just needed somewhere warm to go. Comedian, musician, anarchist organizer, circus. Friends w/ Naomi
  • Naomi -- any pronouns, NOT friends w Eric, working on a lot of fundraising stuff rn.
  • James -- Sci Fi writer, technical manuals that no one reads and has any pronouns that work as a pronoun.
  • Claire -- goes from maker space to makerspace for about a month at a time, from Sac.
  • Ryan -- been coming here for a couple years, runs a VR cart and currently trying to help out w FUN raising and Aaron Schwatz hakcathon
  • Merlin -- he/him - do music and occasionally fix my bike
  • Trey -- responds to anything, unstaffed consultant fresh outta college, wants to fuck up electronics
  • Katherine -- helping w/ fundraising and other stuff. You can use she/her.
  • Henner -- he/him - software day job, hardware software by night.
  • Zach -- from MtView auditory displays, visualizing things like circus.
  • Alchemist -- has "respectful start up job" decided to come here and have a beer and forgot about meeting night.
  • Nicole -- doing FUNdRAISING which is very exciting
  • Matt -- (he/him) - also doing fundraising, hack on electronics and software and anything that's broken
  • Matt Also -- he/him - thinking i should come here more often
  • Victoria -- been coming to NB since 6:30 PM can make a damn good stir fry, also does minutes and FUNdraising.

Announcements and events[edit]

Ryan -- November 9, 10, 11, Aaron Schwatz Hackathon. On the 9th its at the DNA Lounge from 8pm to 2am. We will be travelling w a few of our most notable projects from the space so please join us NB people get in FREE! If you don't know who Aaron Schwartz is He is a person who the government went after and then imprisoned based on the work he did. Signal -- To commemorate and remember Aaron Schwartz as a person that fought for the freedom of openess in the web. Victoria -- DECEMBER 15 is the NB Gala, it will be a huge fundraiser for us and still in the early works of planning stages. THE BEST, BIGGEST RENT PARTY WE HAVE EVER HAD! We will have performances, music and ART! If you're part of a GOOD burning man camp I want to talk to you! WE WILL NEED HELP! (If you are on slack join us in #gala-wg -- James "maybe it's the GalaGA" -- the room: great, you can be in charge of naming things! Claire -- I am going from maker space to maker space to share how I believe a plan that can happen, the Venus Fly Traps are free in the corner, Open source is the future of EDUCATION and perhaps the fix. I will be at Noisebridge for the next month, please come and talk to me! Trent -- we have a new art gallery if you'd like to add your art and sell it in the space please do so, it is located above the sparkle forge and a percentage will be going to NB. Ratikate -- We have a Halloween Bash on FRIDAY the 26th, bring money. thanks. Nthmost -- 2 of our friends are getting constantly harrassed for being women, and I think some of you can help, plz see discussion.

  • James: Nanowrimo starts next month! You could write about Noisebridge!

Victoria -- Nino Parker lives in the tent encampment and people are evicting him and his encampment and we need to get as many people as possible please show up at 8AM in the morning, please show up if you can. Lake Merrit E 12th street & 1st Avenue, you can take BART to get there. PLEASE SHOW UP AND HELP! Bring a camera to document it and help save this person.


  • Henner: people can visit the space at any time, but if they don't have RFID door access they have to ask for permission every time which gets annoying for everyone. If you hang out here often you should ask around to see if you can get an RFID tag. There are different days and hours attached to different access levels... you don't have to have official status as Philanthropist or
  • Any Member can grant you a token.

Signal: to get on Slack ask a Slack Admin! There are several here at the meeting.


(no applications at the moment)

Henner: becoming a Philanthropist (or Member) signifies a desire to be at Noisebridge when it's not daytime, so we also accord you a level of responsibility for keeping the safe space, letting people in appropriately, introducing people to Noisebridge, etc. Just 1 Member to sponsor Philanthropist status.

Ryan: Payment on Philanthropy is sliding scale. We ask $80, starving hacker rate at $40. But if you're Excellent and don't have money, we can negotiate something with the Treasurer, including $0 if that's necessary. Just remember, Donations keep us flush with toilet paper and electricity.

Membership Binder [edit]

We have two applicants with 2 sponsors each! Yay!

Matt / Rando: Members get all the same benefits and obligcations as Philanthropist but also responsiblity of participation in Consensus (Members can "block" Consensus). Members are seen as ambassadors to the outside world. Be good stewards of the culture of the space. Members get to grant 30-day tokens.

  • Signal: Kate, why are you applying?
  • Kate: I am being forced to apply by Victoria. [laughs] (1st week)
  • Signal: Matthew Arcidy
  • Matt: I'm applying because [excellent babble]. (1st week)

Financial Report[edit]

Nicole: we have $190k in the bank. We don't know about the NoiseTor stuff.

Victoria: We have money but we need more.


Ryan -- NB when certain things can't be finished do-ocratically through your own efforts or it's a project that you're worried may involve using osmething that might disturb others like volume or size, you go through one of 2 processes -- small-c consensus where you ask around and find out if it's ok to do that thing, usually people are ok with it or will ask if you can wait for something else to happen first. But if there's something involving NB as a whole requiring us to change something fundamental about what it means to be NB, we go through a process called large-C Consensus, a multi-week process where in the first week you propose something, bring it up at a GEneral Meeting (LIKE WE ARE DOING RIGHT NOW -n) get a bit of feedback on it, and if there's not much change to it and you've discussed it with Noisebridge (including talking outside of NB with "general Noisebridgers"), then the second week, Members present could block or consense on the proposal. A block holds a lot of power. Only Members of the space can raise blocks; to raise a block means someone would walk away from the community if this consensus proposal went through...

N: Urk, lemme jump in here, because that particular concept has been used in a very pathological fashion this past year in order to transactionally accept Consensus in the face of a block as a way of just getting rid of people who are blocking. Blocking should be considered a LAST RESORT. Part of a good Consensus is making sure individuals are conscientious about which opinions they bring to the table as total dealbreakers. E.g. if the Membership thinks Red is a good color of the Bike-shed, throwing a formal Block on this proposal because you would prefer it Green would be considered a Dick Move.

This is WHY the concept of Membership entails the encoding of Trust. We need to be able to Trust people to be Excellent with this particular social power -- and to Trust that when people use their blocks, it is a well-intentioned expression of concern for the integrity of Noisebridge as a whole.

Proposals from last week [edit]

Ratikate -- R asked me to mention these consensus items, please see below.

Oh SHIT period! There shall hence forth be an "oh shit period" that occurs the two weeks after a being has become a Noisebridge member. During this so called "oh shit period", any member may express that they wished to block or wish to block this member from continuing to be a member. Upon the public declaration (e.g. mailing list, general slack channel, etc.) of this "oh shit" by a member, the member in the "oh shit period" will no longer be a member. If they were a philanthropist or other role previously, they may retain that role at the "oh shit"ing member's discretion.

Philanthropists can grant 30-day daytime access: 30-day daytime access to the space through the RFID access control system can be activated by Philanthropists (but the right for a philanthropist to give daytime access is granted by a member).

== Proposals for next week

Ratikate -- Philanthropists can grant 30-day daytime access: 30-day daytime access to the space through the RFID access control system can be activated by Philanthropists (but the right for a philanthropist to give daytime access is granted by a member).

It is here by concenssed!


Discussion Items[edit]

Gala and Art Gallery Discussion[edit]

Trent - print out the art cards (see and you can sell yr art

Can we help some women who are getting incessantly harassed (outside of NB)?[edit]

Eric -- A person went on a Proud Boys show and its turned out to be ugly, both of these folks are legitimately worried and keep in mind this is the same group that started the "proud boys movement" Signal -- Noisebridge is pretty active in TOR so anyone who is interested in staying anon that is something that NB could help with. Rando -- One thing I have considered but never done, I've thought about going after the people that are around the people who are enabling them. Nthmost -- Can you describe what is happening? Eric -- She did this show, run by nazis, She is a v intelligent comic and she thought it was an opportunity where my words would help someone be less of a shit bag, but during the show it rapidly turned into abuse and she left in the middle of the show. This caused the host to start bullying her and rile up all his listeners to do so. [redacted] thought she would be able to get over it quickly by responding cleverly to the assholes and now its turned into "lets rape her with a railroad spike!" James -- I have heard about people that going after nazis and telling their mom about it has helped. Ryan -- have they gone to NPR? Eric -- They have a special on Netflix so she has a voice, but the people who are doing this are so heinous that we'd like to figure out a way to help. Ryan -- What I meant was to go to a public media application where they have trained professionals who will track them down and bring it to the attention of NPR. Like doing a deep dive on them. Alchemist -- is the idea to wreck the hate group or restore the person's life to normal as quick as possible. Nthmost -- I encouraged Eric to bring this issue to the group, because I think Noisebridge has an opportunity to be a force for Good in a way we haven't been before. Not that we should become vigilantes (we shouldn't) but that we can potentially form a message network with a wider community of allied organizations. Ryan -- one tool that is available is secure drop which is a direct anon hotline to a number of journal outlets, so if several of us write about this and secure drop it, from the media side its an open list of things w a rank choice of submissions. Eric -- I think rather than spamming news outlets it would be a good think to find someone who wants to be an investigative journalist to find these people and track them down to expose them.[edit]

James -- someone give me an ip address to assign noisebridge e-mails to for whoever wants to have 'em. Matt -- this sounds completely do-ocratical to me. Alchemist -- Is this someone we want to maintain for ten plus years or naw? James -- i moved this conversation into #rack (Slack)

QR Codes[edit]

Ryan -- wanted to mention I am going to get a dynamic QR code so that NB can keep all the QR codes working and up to date w our website. Including but not limited to w our business cards that I would like to produce. Internationally esp in Asia they are the default method for people to use.

End of Meeting[edit]

IT'S OVER!!!!!!1111one