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Noisebridge meeting 2018-10-30

Meeting Notes are at https://pad.riseup.net/p/nbmeeting-10-30; help us take notes!

Moderator: Matt (@mpmckenna)

Note taker(s): Suyash Joshi, Rebecca Valentine, Katherine

Introductions (Name, Pronouns, Deets)[edit]

Matt (he/him): I like to do map stuff and some very basic electronic things and web development

Henner (he/him): I'm currently working on a tactile display for my blind friend, usually I just write software, hack hardware

Katherine (she/her): Helping w/ fundraising and stuff

Victoria (they/them, she/her): protocyborg from an alternate future, here to do fundraising for noisebridge

Beka (she/her): learning to use systemd to start shit at startup

Suyash (he/him): hacker and magician right now working on an event at stanford music, design and tech, nov 12

Zach (he/him): I do audio stuff, audio displays, etc.

James (he/him): sci fi author, technical writer.

Steve (he/him): Theoretical physicist, developer, datascientist

Frank: (he/him): finding out more things about blockchain tech and crypto, interested in decentralized technologies.

Ryan :

Mark :

Gabriel :

WTF is Noisebridge?

Victoria: Noisebridge is whatever you imagine it to be

Ryan (he/him): I take care of the VR area in the back of the space, currently helping w/ Aaron Swartz Day

Announcements and events[edit]

Katherine: Noisebridge Gala! Dec 15, here at Noisebridge

Frank: Aaron Swartz Day, 9pm, Nov 9, at DNA Lounge!

Katherine: We now have a functional Buffer, so if you need to do media campaigns, hmu!

Suyash: Stanford's Computational Music dept's Laptop Orchestra will be doing a performance, w/ Prof Gewang keynoting. Nov 12 in Stanford. meetup.com/sfcreative

We will soon have a Woodshop Safety Training Class at Noisebridge.

Oakland is getting a new soccer team!


Henner: Safespace means you should feel safe going to Noisebridge; safe to not be harassed, safe to ask questions without being judged, safe to be yourself, and we need to make sure everyone is welcome. It's kind of an extension of Be Excellent to Each Other but w/ a bit more specificity.

Frank: During tours I tell people about the flyers posted on the walls, fridge, etc. which has the anti-harassment policy, and other related things.

Henner: It's not just about not being an asshole yourself, but about actively trying to address this when you see it happen, and try to facilitate other people's safety as well. Be active in making sure that we actually do have a safespace.

Beka: we have posters/signs that mention the safe space help page so if you need assistance w anything, you can request assistance via the space guardians channel and hopefully someone will magically show up and help you!

Steve: Safespace means we're supposed to be free from harassment. You should do your best to be aware about triggers, etc. so be conscious of what you're saying. But that doesn't mean this means we're free of conflict, argumentation, etc. being an asshole isn’t against the safe space policy, but hate speech is. Conflict is how we grow, but on the other hand try to be cool.


Steve: Anyone can participate! If you've been coming around a bit, one of the first things you can do is get a 30-day access token for the RFID system that gets you in 10am to 11pm. You can also get on the slack channel. Beyond that, there's Philanthropist (see later) and Member (see later). But we have locks on the door, so how do other people get into NB? We let them in! Who? We all do! You too! But if you let someone in, you have to take responsibility for them. You're not obligated too but its cool to.

Henner: When you let someone in and they havent been to NB before, make sure they get a tour. Lots of people don't really understand what hackerspaces are and might have all sorts of misconceptions, so it's important to show them what we are and *arent* about. You can also use that time to gauge if you want to let them stay or show them the exit. Make sure to help people feel welcome, if you let them in!

Matt: Please read the 86 list and be aware, if You accidentally let someone in who is on the 86 list you probably won’t get kicked out for that but just don’t do it.

Beka: if you don’t want your 30 day token to expire, you can add your details to earl and it will fix your 30 day token.


Matt: philanthropy is a person who has been involved for a while, it is not dependent on giving Noisebridge money. You may fill out an application in the membership binder and ask one member to sponsor you. If you’d like more information check out the wiki or we can talk further.

Gabriel : He wants to become a philantrophist, we have to census. He is excited to be involved with Noisebridge and wants to get token. He also wants to financially contribute more regularly. He was really impressed with the welcome tour that Rebecca gave him and tried to model that now. That was one of his example of Excellence at Noisebridge. He likes to build physical things at Noisebridge and learn about new things such as Woodshop projects etc. No one objected, so Gabriel became a Philanthropist today!

Membership Binder [edit]

Matt: we have a person who has applied for membership! This is Katherine! Congratulations Katherine! I have to ask if everyone is cool with it.

Steve: I’m cool w it if Victoria forced you to do it.

Matt: katherine would you introduce yourself and answer questions?

katherine: hi, I am here to answer questions.

Victoria: would you like to answer questions?

Katherine: I’m good thanks!

Financial Report [edit]

Nicole: $180,000 but some of that is noisetor....

matt: where can we audit this?

nicole: I’ll get back to you!


Put consensus in Slack and on the Wiki

Proposals from last week [edit]

== Proposals for next week

James - Noisebridge.info Email Addresses for NBers[edit]

Text: "Have disroot.org run the mail server and so forth, and administer it, so that NBers can have email addresses at noisebridge.info"

Matt: How much? James: Potential minimum, nothing. Don't know the actual cost tho. they're a non-profit, so it'd be nice to benefit them somehow?

Victoria: Why consensus instead of do-ocracy? James: I don't want to be The Owner, I'd rather NB be The Owner. Beka: Who at NB proper will manage this?? James: The.. org? Victoria: Probably once it becomes Critical, it really matters to have org-level stuff.


Suyash: Regarding 'being excellent to each other', if we can all take more initiative about opening the door when bell rings, that would be very nice.

Suyash: Gala[edit]

Suyash: I just wanted to propose that I would be happy to do a 30min magic show for the gala to help raise funds. It'd involve technology, iPads, Alexa. Is there an agenda or main organizers?

Victoria: Me! Yeah so we're looking for performers for the daylong event, rampingup in energy later on. We'll be silently and non-silently auctioning art and other things! hmu on Slack (@tdfischer or in #gala-wg) if you want to get involved in one or more of these ways. I especially need an artwork wrangler who can find the artists who made it, and make sure they're ok w/ it being auctioned. There's also this dude who wants to bring a piano in, and other artists might also need to bring in big things, so we need help there. Also we need people to help w/ social media promotion etc.

Suyash: How do we invite celebrities/etc.???

Steve: We generally think it's fine and whatever but there's also noisebridge principles to be considered?

Matt: Esp. that the donators can't put conditions on its use. It's a donation, not a loan or whatever.

James: It can often matter who it comes from for the integrity and reputation of noisebridge

Victoria: We should talk more tomorrow; definitely not a SCRUM tomorrow!

Ryan: I have some business card designs along w/ relevant info that will go on there, so NBers can give out cards w/ contact into etc. Also makes it easier to make requests from companies, etc. for food donations who happily donate but need people asking to look like they're Official (ie business cards). If you'd like to reach out to brewers, distillers, caterers, etc. please do, hmu for business cards.

Ryan: QR Codes[edit]

Ryan: I'm planning on getting a $5 a month accout for making dynamic QR codes so that we can reuse the codes, etc. hopefully eventually a $20 a month account that gives us more features.

Beka: Can we just use NBurl.net?

Ryan: If we can do it without a paid subscript, that'd be awesome!

Suyash: We could also maybe use NFC tags?

Ryan: Yeah, we could indeed. Tho QR codes have a lot of data storage capacity that can be really useful.

Gabriel: Why not just use URLs? QR codes wear out and become unreadable, and lots of people dont know what to do w/ them anyway.

Victoria: You've touched on something completely true. QR codes do kinda suck. It's a fun thing to do but often not useful. We used to use nburl.net a bunch, but you can just do noisebridge.net/ now.

Beka: We could just use wiki redirects to fake dynamic QR codes

Ryan: We get a lot of people from Asia tho and QR codes are VERY common there and no one uses URLs.

Ryan: Aaron Swartz Day[edit]

Lisa: The hackathon is 9-11th Nov at the Internet Archive. Speakers all day long the first 2 days. Party Friday night: Music and visuals. You can go free!!!!

NB table -- with lots of our stuff and Volunteers.

To volunteer, show up at the archive lunch this or next friday for some minimal training, etc!

== Matt: How was the halloween party? how'd the permit go?

== Matt: When is the fundraising-wg meetings. There's a slack channel if you want to get involved there.

We have fund raising working group at Noisebridge. If you want to get involved, check Slack.

We are working with a group to fund raise for us. Right now the thing we need most assistance with is Gala.

== Steve

== Matt: Wiki editablity. Can anyone add a page? edit a page? I gave up because of bad experiences.

End of Meeting[edit]