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Noisebridge meeting 2018-12-04


Meeting Notes are at ; help us take notes!

Moderator: Victoria Note takers: Kelly & Daniel


Joshua (he/him) working on a conversation coordinator with twilio.

Kelly (she/her) works a lot on hardware security, 3d printing, and ...

Dustin (he/him) laser cutter, makes machines

Jared (he/him) works on Python class

Daniel (he/him) taking notes, time traveler

Joseph (he) interested in BlockChain and raspberry pi

Anthony (he/they) working on an app, discovered Unity

Trent (he) fabrication

R (they/them) playing with freecad and openscad

Anton (he/they) makes generative art

Alex () hacking time, hacking life

Ruth ( she/her) laser cutting, sewing

Jarrod (he/him)

Matt (he/ him ) likes pizza, hardware/software

Victoria (they/she) hack on Noisebridge and brain chemistry with drugs

Karen (she/they) visual art, music

Kyle (he/them) mechanical engineer, from LA, looking for a hacker space

David (he/him) minister, works on cooperative food, poetry

Theo (they/them) makes stuff, working on a chemical printer

What is Noisebridge[edit]

Jared : Noisbridge is a nonprofit hackerspace that provides infrastructure to work on projects. The code of noisebridge is be excellent to eachother. Entirely funded through donactions. Do-ocratic anarchist space. Don't need to ask permission. Don't burn it down. Please use the space, modify it, and be good to eachother.


Ruth: elevator is broken. I'd like to get a group together to help fix it after the meeting. If we get stuck, others are around to help us get out!

Jarrod: We've been working on NGLAC (arcade machine). It's far from functional right now, but everything does sort of work on it now. There's a page We have a wiki page/manual. Description of how to turn it on, turn on the streaming, minor troublshooting tips, how to navigate/load games, how to turn things off. A bit cumbersome. If willing/interested in doing livestreaming, it works. Description on the wiki on how to load games - please only load games we have in the space. Happy to show people after the meeting how to use it. Usually work on it on Fridays. Stream things to Noisebride twitch channel

David: Vegan cheese in the refridgerator. If you are a vegan, particularly a militant vegan, hi. We are getting 60lbs a week donated to the church. If you want vegan cheese, please ask me and I can bring you a case. Take the vegan cheese.

Karen: I'm a visual artist and showing my stuff in a coffee shop in the east bay. There's an opening on next Friday night. Kilovolt Coffee Shop - 5:30 to 9 PM Near west oakland bart. Also First Fridays is going on too. Oakland First Friday - lots of artists/gallery displays. Email:

Dustin: Wondering about process about card process for getting into/granting access to the space.

joshua: Want to get in touch with people about his programming project and twilio.

Jared: Teaching the python class. Going alright. Criticism that class isn't interacting with the space much. Contact if you would like to teach a class, or have other ideas about how to better integrate with the space.

Karen: Where is the template for the Riseup Pad?

Financial Report[edit]

Nicole: last week we had $189,000 project. Some belongs to TOR project and some to an other thing...

Fundraising Update[edit]

Ruth: Demographic survey of Noisebridge. Want to apply for grants in 2019 and want baseline vs. local community demographics. More demographic surveys as we're going on, to see if we're moving the way we like. Another thing, we're applying to grants. A technical assistance grant for accounting and other stuff. and one from world's fair in Dubai. Lilly from Scanduzi Krebs is helping us out Victoria: We want 150 new donors. Trying to raise $15,000. Kicking off next year's plan of raising $4m to buy a building. Started yesterday, so we have $0 currently. 10 for 10 idea: get 10 friends to donate to noisebridge. Quantity is more important than quality. Last week some people signed up. Who here has ten friends? Go to them and say " hey have you heard about noisebride? Let me tell you about it." or just skip to the end and say "I want some money" Other thing we have available: sending out thank-you letters to individual donors/contributors. "Hey, thank you for donating to Noisebridge." (we don't actually send the emails.) We will ask people to help send these thank-you emails. We do have a fundraising meeting, every Tuesday, immediately before this meeting at 7 PM. Scrum/taskforce before that at 6:30 PM. We have work to do to find a forever home for this baby. Come join us.

Theo: do we have a way to accept crypto or foreign currency

Victoria:: We do have a way to take Bitcoin. We do take paypal for foreign currency. Payment processor for is Stripe, which should take just about any currency.

Matt: We do take bitcoin directly at

R: we also take cash donations

Vistoria: email going out tomorrow morning to kick off this campaign. Noisebridge is not on fire, but we're doing a fire-drill, just in case. If the fire does actually come next year.

New Members /New Philanthropists[edit]

R: The binder should hold empty member/philanthropist application forms. To ask to become a member/philanthropist. Forms should have all of the info needed to get started.

Victoria: Why would someone want to be a philanthropist.

Get 24 hour access to the space.

Ruth: Pay $80/month.

Matt: People like you, and you do cool stuff, if you're not a troll. Ideally you care about the space and want to see it maintained. Sweeping, cleaning,cleaning bathroom, purchasing consumables.

30 day access[edit]

Ruth: 30-day access is RFID access to the space, but philanothropist/member can grant you 30 day access. If you let someone in, you are responsible for giving them a tour and explaining Noisebridge.

R: Only lasts 30 days, unless renewed. Only works during day-time, but can let people in at night-time. 10 AM to 11 PM, but it has varied.

Victoria: Code is on Github. But written in Go. One application for philanthropist, David Perlman, sponsored by Ruth & Victoria.

Ruth: he helped us get the printer here. Replaced the blade on the bandsaw. other cool things.

Victoria: any objections to david becoming a philathropist Congratulations. David is a philanthropist. Karen Kohzt also has an application. Any objections? No. welcome Karen.

Victoria: Membership Applications. Does anyone want to describe what Membership means?

R: One definition, special relationship with the space where you really want it to continue. step up in responsibility to the space from philanthropy. Philathropy means you let people in and make sure they're cool. Membership is also about getting the rent paid, keeping the space open. So members get a special power called blocking, which lets you end a "C" concensus proposal, which is the process on how we decide things at noisebridge. And they get to endorse membership on applications. Can request membership list and can ask the secretary if someone is a member or not. Formally raise concerns about participants of Noisebridge. Can revoke any philanthropist. Can grant/renew RFID. Get to elect to board.

Ruth: When we have consensus items, anyone can provide feedback and be invovled in discussion, but only members can block.

R: You don't have to be a member to propose a consensus item.

Victoria: Have 3 people who have applied for Membership. Ryan Sterlich. Ratikate (Katherine) is out of town until Jan/Feb - tabled. Kelly (privleged). Kelly's sponsors: Ruth & Victoria. Now we launch an inquisition. Anyone can ask questions, but responses are off the record. Afterward, we will debate and decide.

Kelly is a Member! She brought beer! Congratulations!

Ryan will apparently not be here for a while, so tabling his membership application for now.


no consensus items.


Victoria: I want to talk about certain heavy things. Any other discussion items time-boxed to 10 minutes?

Theo: Observed that filter in the laser cutter is pretty clogged. Who to contact about it to help taking a look at it? I can put in the labor, but I don't want to break anything. Anyone who can facilitate or put me in contact with someone who knows how to clean the filter, let me know.

Ruth: I'm not personally familiar with the filter.

R: I have cleaned out 3 of the filters, but there are more filters that I've never cleaned out, but I know roughly the process, and they are outside the laser cutter, so less likely to damage the cutter.

Theo: I have filtration experience. with biological/cleanroom situations. will coordinate a meeting with R to work on it.

Jarrod: Brief description of what I know: 3 pain points. Remove the bed, and the metal slats. The outlet on the bottom gets clogged. Up at the ceiling, things can get clogged, makes all the noise. Small ? to unscrew to remove the plastic tube connected to a grating that is usually covered with stuff. Brush it? finally, outside of the bathroom is the duct outlet. If you stick your head out the window you'll see two outlets, large is hot air. Small is laser cutter. Take a broom or stick with towel, and stick it in and brush it out. Wear glasses.

Theo: Any references on how to take it apart, so I don't take apart the wrong part of it?

Jarrod: No screws, just clips. Get someone to help you lift out the bed gently. One at the top is just a hex head screw on a metal ring.

Ruth: We should document this process.

Victoria: Other things we want to talk about before we get to the heavy stuff?

Going into heavy stuff.

Surprise Membership Binder Redux[edit]

Victoria: now that Ryan is here let's review his member application.

Ryan is a member! Congratulations!

End of Meeting[edit]