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Moderator: Jarod Note-Taker: r and hopefully others

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These are the notes from the The we don't really know anymore Meeting of Noisebridge. Date: 2019-04-09 (starting 20:25) Tour tomorrow for the basement of 2401 mission; meets 11am on location; 10:45 at Noisebridge New philanthropist: Tyler! Events: ????

IMPORTANT: currently available chocolate flavors (ask if you want some):

   - dark chocalate mint
   - dark chocalate (60% cacao)
   - sea salt soiree

What is noisebridge? nolsky - I first started coming to noisebridge 3 years ago, fell off the face of the earth and am now back. Noisebridge is an awesome spaceship where we hack things and it's cool. jarrod - "be excellent to each other" is the one rule of noisebridge r - Noisebridge is a space for doing cool stuff / "technical creative" projects.

Introductions (name, pronouns, about): jarrod - he/they - mostly work in the woodshop tyler - he/him - mostly do js web dev, also work in woodshop and random crafty things matt - he - worked on blockchain development and education shant - he - interested in all things creative and new concepts and having a good time nolan/nolsky - he/him they - doing the google ctf challenge from last year, if anyone wants to play along andrew - he - app developer, fiddling with woodworking, refreshing my unity right now joseph - masculine pronouns - interested in anarchism for 9 years or so, been here for 6 months; blockchain/raspberry pi riley - he/him they - interested in leftism, FOSS, see how we can improve privacy jeremy - he/him - hack on random shit robert - he/him dude - coming off and on for a while; trying to stuff python voices inside plush kitty toys r - they/them - getting a gyroscope to work; reliably charlie - the people - associate frantically with creative types and hold strong opinions; that's all I know

Announcements: tyler - talked to real estate agent today, tour tomorrow for 2401 mission basement space at 11 am meeting at the space (meeting 15 minutes before here), was supposed to be 11 am today charlie - upcoming hackathon: 27th april in palo alto, "Garage Stories", XR hackathon; 17th april (wednesday) - dorkbot SF; friday the 19th - urbit sf nolan - there's a fundraising gala, we need funds, funds are good jarod - 19:00 to 00:00 on April 27th matt - programming bitcoins study group 1535 mission street saturday 11am charlie - Trish Mckenzie's ML thing is happening in May on Wednesdays at Queerious Labs; neuroscience thing ( /

Becoming involved: jeremy - this is a doocratic space jarrod - if you've been coming around long enough you can get a daytime fob; there's also membership and philanthropy charlie - donate -> get 24 hour access tyler - responsibilites too jeremy - empowered to let people in, but responsible for those people

Philanthropy: jarrod - Lady Red sponsored Tyler tyler - I've been coming here for close to a month and been coming pretty regularly since I found out about it; come and work and here about ridiculuous projects and build stuff; I like Noisebridge r/jarrod - just give us your debit/credit card number, exp. data, and pin and we'll get everything setup: instant 24 hour access!

Membership: jarrod - Members have all the same access as philanthropists. jeremy - Membership is extra responsibility; have veto power in large C Consensus; can also give 30 day passes and make new philanthropists r - trustedphilanthopist+ can grant daytime tokens; philanthropists can just renew

Consensus tyler - everyone decides on a subject matter and members have the ability to anonymously veto that process if it's not in the best interest of Noisebridge jeremy - blocking is for when a thing is so bad that you felt you may leave over it. The idea of someone walking away from Noisebridge is SUPPOSED to be abhorent and there is a mutual respect/trust particularly among those with the responsibility of membership. The idea is that we're supposed to be here to make things better and keep the community together. r - little consensus -> two weeks, other things; not the membership process jarrod - little c consensus is not a formal thing, a doocratic action that is large; we chatted about it with stakeholders before doing it; most things are done doocratically or talking with people you trust first jeremy - the bigger the impact, the more consensus; the harder it is to undo, the more people who should be asked

Financial Report jarrod - Do we have a report? [khoros] - no

Discussion Items:

Social stuff: ryley - matrix is a free and open source video chat, text, etc. thing that may be a substitute for discuss; for three people it is fully encrypted and peer to peer (privacy oriented relative to other things) jarrod - the current systems we use we're just doocratic things and people gravitated towards them tyler - we also have a rocketchat that was recently setup; FOSS slack; (

Real estate: tyler - I am trying to get a list of places; 5 months to go; today we didn't get to tour but will tour tomorrow the basement under laundre; 12,000 sqft. no elevator, needs hvac and electric work; rent free for a certain amount of time; rent free for $300k of work on it; rent starts at $10k/month, potentially lower ryley - can we ask about rats and bedbugs? jarrod - looking for people to come with? tyler - yes! 11am there, here at 10:30-10:45; have 12? people at other space, lost people, it was great. charlie - are there other things in the mix? tyler - new space on discuss; "New space meta" is pinned on discuss and has info on a bunch of spaces. r - other basement has elevator; not going to that floor right now but closer

Gala: robert - gala on the 27th; most important thing we need is people to bring other people: if you're going to a meetup in the tech world, announce where you build your fluffy bunnies (Noisebridge) to get them to the gala; we need something actable that they can get them to tyler - james made a poster ( jarrod - easy web address? robert - one we can change

Finances: tyler will reach out to Nicole

Events: matt - been a couple months; idea is for people to get together, get people interested; we're getting pushed to charge for events; some Noisebridgers have suggested Noisebridge; we do it every two Saturdays r - what time matt - 10-3 r - check meetup and wiki ( ) charlie - interested in similar thing, how do you officially do it? mark - see matt - food? jarrod - just clean up r - saturday 10-3 in the hackitorium looks free

matt - hosting an event on the gala weekend, shouldn't interfere r - more people is more better!

shant - is songbridge still going on? matt - that kind of got shifted over to audio church sundays? I'll edit the wiki to clarify. charlie - needs a note (corresponding to orphaning of this event in Category:Events page)

jarrod - we used to go through and purge the events list on the first meeting every month

Noisebridge History: charlie - curious about Noisebridge history since I notice a lack of it in terms of it being known; occasionally find hurtful things on sites; there's a continual transition of leadership; may be informative to develop a representative history jarrod - fireside chat, see youtube video

full history:

jarrod - thank you for coming to the meeting tonight!