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(meeting notes for may 7th 2019, some duplication at the top due to multiple notetakers.)
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These are the notes from the The Meeting or Un-Meeeting at Noisebridge. Date: May 7th,2019

Note-taker(s): Matt, Tom, r co-Moderator(s): Charlie, Tim



   tim: he/him,gen eng, runs this shit
   Matt: js, maps.
   ryan: takes care of VR stuff, makerfaire
   tomas: startuping
   jon: cofounder
   grant: newbie, scripting,
   connard: blockchain teacher
   dave: from berkeley, other stuff
   mark: (he/him) first timer looking for projects
   r (they/them): ...
   tom: off and on since 2013, taking notes
   asia: working on cool stuff, always happy to help
   charlie/charles (pref not chuck): I am the moderator from the past
   manny : built manny's, came here 2010 on date,  
   max: new but loves it
   tyler: web dev, wood, projects all over
   corie: code and stuff, learning stuff.
   steven: from sc, looking to give back
   jarrod: woodworks, knows where stuff are.
   zab: electrician, coding, lots of cool stuff


Tim, co-moderator Matt Mckenna, likes javascript, maps, and riding bicycles Ryan, in charge of maker faire this year, will make announcements later Thomas, Joel, Grant, Dave, from Berkekley, has an event to announce Mark, first time here, looking for a project to join Pass Asia (spelled like the continent) Charles, co-moderator Manny ______, built a space on Valencia, Tyler, web development, Corie Steven, from South Carolina, found NB about a month ago, wants to give back Jerrod, woodworks, knows where stuff are Zab, electrician, writer


>>ANNOUNCEMENTS-1: charlie: looking for notes from 4/16 from meeting tyler: checking out 2 potential spaces on Thursday, seeking people to come and give an opinion. Would love to hear other opinions on these! tyler: LOI's to landlords. Our front page of noisebridge


>>ANNOUNCEMENTS-2: Charles: question: who was the note take on April 16, 2019? Notes not present. Ryan stated he has copies of some meeting/un-meeting notes, will look for April 16 meeting notes.

Tyler: #1: has narrowed down new RE candidates to two good choices. Wants as many NBers as possible to do the tour. May be tax advantage to be non-profit tenant.

  1. 2: too many NB web pages state we can't afford to pay high rent, RE agents object, we need to change/expunge these statements. Less negative, more positive.

Discussion on subject of who has access to change NB pages, etc. super q is a person who can update this but is in Berlin. general: there is no one in SF who regularly attends NB who has access to the critical infrastructure here, that needs to change.

Ryan: has many volunteers for Maker's Faire. Making progress, still much to do.

Charlie: elevator not fixed anytime soon. The repairman was here, left. Then a State inspector arrived, failed the elevator/us, probably wrote us up. We need to have a professional firm inspect and fix the elevator at considerable expense. Need glass in the window, ++. The building was constructed in 1922, the elevator is probably almost 100 years old.

Manny: it's important for Noisebridge to find a new place. He invites us to visit Manny's: the focus is civil rights, justice. MANNY'S 3092 16th Street, San Francisco, CA, at Valencia. Tomorrow, an event about "How IPOs affect San Francisco, the real estate market, etc." Listed other recent and future events. Restaurant, book store, kitchen training has graduated six people, not about profit. NB community is welcome. Facebook Manny's. http://www.welcometomannys.com/ Governor's chief of staff will make presentation soon.

Dave: bay area action to free julian assange, events going on, @BayAssange, https://bayaction2freeassange.org/

Ryan: NB has a threadless shop online, with lots of cool stuff, hasn't made a ton of money yet.

Tyler: selene a, a gala performer wants to come back! maybe june 1st for event with recommended donations.

Jarrod: East bay bike lights party. Take BART over, leave at 7PM, start riding at 8PM. Bring your bike. Tomorrow Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

Zab: wants to have an open-mike event as a fundraiser, needs help organizing. NB has FiveMinutesOfFame on Thursdays, open mike, but needs publicity, marketing, else disappointing. Hand out flyers, etc.

Matt: Maker Faire coming up: Move the Flaschen Taschen. Dates of the Faire: Friday-Sunday, May 17, 18 and 19. We will load the truck late on Wednesday May 15, then drive the items to the Maker's Faire and set up on Thursday May 16.



Names read out, none of the people were present.

NOTE: Weekly Tuesday meeting notes are important, but are not legally required. The NB board meets once a year in a formal setting.



NB is a Do-ocracy.

Not majority rule.

Example of treating others with excellence: Warn those who are here at NB when-you-are planning to be hammering noisily.

Be excellent to one another.

TWO WEEK PROCESS: When we have something that fundamentally changes what it means to be Noisebridge like buying a building, or other major business decisions, then consensus is a two-week process: 1) notify many of what is to be considered, 2) it must be brought up at a meeting, 3) posted in line in all the right places, 4) put into the binder, 5) discussed at a 2nd meeting, 6) decide whether to vote in favor, 7) any one person can block it, but they must explain why they blocked: why the change will make the person feel uncomfortable being a member of NB.

r.: Some people believe this: If there is a large majority in favor, and only one person blocking, block may be ignored.

Consensus is about no one strongly disagrees, though they may not be in favor.

Should be thorough, everyone involved should state their reasoning.

If properly posted online, can assume it has been seen by many.

Perhaps few will attend the meeting but it may be because they agree with the item.

Presently there are three designations: there is 1) "Philanthropist" and also 2) "Trusted Philanthropist", who has more powers, and then also 3) "Member". There have been various types of membership in the past.



Ryan: Maker Fair. Tuesday and Fridays there will be Maker Faire meetings.

Melody: can't sign up for an account on discuss, and neither could Charlie

Charlie: has seen infrastructure stuff on discuss, wants to help, doesn't know where to start. ryan: one of the most active that comes to the space, agrees we need a better inventory w/ contact info for admins.

Tyler: would like to have an active admin/rep on the Github Repo. r.: we can make a list of people. We have various Github admins/people who have attended. There are a number of owners: Victoria, Super q, Trent, _______, John Shutt, Patrick (doesn't want to be involved with NB), Nicole. The wiki, email list, etc. Super q main person who makes revisions. He visits San Francisco once or twice a year.

Has anyone read the discuss page on rack?

Ryan: anyone have time to update wiki with all the different systems we have accounts with and systems in place, not names, but number of active people who maintain. Matt M: need one person to be responsible. It's called the "infrastructure Github repository" at github.

Ryan: MAKER FAIR AND OTIS ELEVATOR: The Maker Fair takes place in a week and two days: May 17, 18, 19, set up on Thursday May 16. NB will put stuff on the truck on Wednesday May 15, NEED THE ELEVATOR: 1-Flaschen Taschen, 2-Ordibooth, 3-N-Glack, 4-VR Setup. r: we are responsible for first $10,000 of elevator repairs, then we split any further amount. Otis guy has been here 2-3 times so far. We are probably paying him. Don't know if Otis has submitted bills. Someone will talk to Nicole. There was conversation about cutting the Ordibooth into smaller pieces, putting those through the windows, down to a truck on the ground [or perhaps sliding them down planks on the stairs]. It would then be welded back into one piece at the Maker Faire.

Tyler: we have more money than we thought. "Rogue Like" event, we earned $11,000, paid sponsors $10,000, we netted $1,000, but we never paid the $10,000. Sponsors are chill. r: I believe they have taken some money if you look at the finance-wg channel.

Ryan: looking thru all volunteers, it looks like Thursday May 16, we have 6 to help set up. We need one more person each day Friday, Sat, Sunday. We have enough to help pack the truck on Wednesday, the 15th. Two projects absolutely require the elevator: Ordibooth and N-Glack. We have wired internet/ethernet at San Mateo Fair Grounds/Maker Fair. Probably won't be able to bring N-Glack. It's unlikely the elevator will be parts-sourced, installed, repaired and inspected and back in service in the next 8 days. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO SUPPORT AND WORK ON THE MAKER FAIR. PLEASE VOLUNTEER.

maker faire volunteering https://forms.gle/hX5NYRi6hiucF96Y9

Meeting adjourned.