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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2019-07-30

Note-taker: fixme Moderators: nthmost

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary


TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Fundraising Update
  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New members:
  • New philanthropists:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:


Nth: "hello noisebridge"

  • grumbles as folks play Tux Kart*

Mary: The time now is 21:03

Nth: does anyone want to describe NB in less than 2 mins? Tim: *grumbles out some words* Nth: let's timebox this ?: leela, describe NB l: a place where you make shit nth: alright? we have 60 seconds left, what else is NB? lems: the place is run by consensus and not voting


  • ian: He/Him: stuff

Daniel he/him: psycology major Austin: he/him: first time here, likes to do math. math major cory: build and teach robotics leelo?: I'm leelo and I tag along with my dad James: doing a meeting show at his warehouse and it's free freddy: he/him. music nerd Lemons: laser trainer, teaches lasers here David: laser trainer, does some CNC stuff, machining, portotyping stuff. Jay: I'm jay Tim: locked into a battle with leelo, does genetic engeering. Riley: I'm riley, enjoy hanging around at nb, and messing with OSS Jack: does stuff. Steve: Cypherpunk. 3 yrs in SF. few weeks gonna do a class at NB to protect yourself from all foreign threats and domestic Daniel: Naiomi: super sleep deprived, gonna make meeting fast and it's going to be fun.

Short announcements and events

Cory: Human made is now open. who here remebers tech shop? It died and we had a wake here at NB. Made someone cry because it was so afesome. Human made is a non-profit, has the same tools, transparent. has a membership, $250/mo. expensive, but you get access to CNC, mills, routers, lathes, all that shit. Freddy: SQL class tomorrow. Slides on meetup, at 7pm. Nth: The elevator is officially out of service. The government says it's out of service in their database. Continuing to collect more information from the government. Tim: As soon as bar bot is up, Super Tux Kart turny. Tim offers one free-for-donation drink from the bar bot if you win. Steve: On Aug 23, from 6-9pm going to do a surveliene class using Tor, VPN's, ..., on Aug 23rd, this saturday at 6--9pm. Nth: Communitative Restoration workshop today at 7pm. Great way to create responsibility agreements between people. It's a communications protocol to avoid conflict. This thursday at 7pm. It's on the Discuss calendar ( Will not be on ---


(What does that mean? How does the Anti-Harassment Policy fit into this? Are we SURE we know what being Excellent is? This is an important and fundamental conversation at Noisebridge, so let's give it like 120 seconds.)

leelo: no definiton of excellence, it's just excellent. tim: you don't have to be nice, you just have to be excellence Andy: step up, and step back. Realize how to be useful to people in the space. Help rearrange things. Be do-ocratic Steve: in order to be excellent, you have to not be unexcellent. don't be a jerk. Nth: anti-harassment policy for anyone who needs guidelines on how to be excellent.


(What does that mean? How do you get a door key? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)

Riley: you can step up and try to do something that needs help around here. If anyone is working on a project you can jump on and try to assist them with it.

 ?: what are ways to donate, like laptops. they're like old thinkpad's x220. has a samsung(i5)
 tim: if they work, bring them in. 
 cory: there is a concept called reverse theft (things donated that we have to throw away). 


(What does that mean? What do we expect from Philanthropists? How do you become one? etc)

Tim: money Riley: someone who donates, but supposidly gets access to the door. Tim: Riley does not have access, does not have 24/7 Lemons: See me after the meeting, you'll get access. Tim: There is 24/7 door access, but there is guest access. Tim: Unless you have some permissions on Mary, you can't get access to grant 24. Nth: is anyone in the Philanthropist binder? Tim: is anyone in the binder here today? Nth: *lays down the law at Tim* Tim: dammnnnnn

Nth: so nobody is in the binder? Tim: no one is here to advocate for themselves in the binder?

Membership Binder

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become a Member? etc)

Nth: difference between membership or a philanthropist?

  • silence, avoiding the question, etc*

Nth: members have the ability to block a consensus item. does not meen consensus stops. *tells story of the bike shed paint, (see wiki)*. The only way to stop a consensus is if it is dropped. Nth: When do we use formal consensue? Tim: for big-ticket things Tim: e.g. Moving, breaking walls.... Nth: no, no. Nth: Anything on membership? Nth: Members also pay a donation amount per month? Nth: What's next, consensus items?

Financial Report

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Fundraising Update

How's it all going

  • waiting on an SMS*


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

Nth: I block. Tim: *cheers*

Proposals from last week

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

  • skipped*

Proposals for next week

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

  • skipped*


Tim: was the last item that we didn't move to Guerro? Nth: Yes. The lawyering team sent us a statement (Alice). 668 Guerro is too high of a risk according to them in terms of length of time, permiting issues, and we might not be able to get out of them if we move. Their advice was not to move to the new location. Think of lawyer advice as advice, and not commands? Cory: reasons for not going there? Nth: Said terms of lease not agreeable, can renegotiate. The time's up in 3 yrs anyway at that property: landlord looking to sell, or demolish building. Does not give us much of a savings budget if we move to Guerro. Cory: there's been a discussion of revenue other than membership. Nth: Yes. I believe that NB can hit any target that's necessary for us, Cory: the thing that attracts me to this location. is that we can move in, establish ourselves. we don't have to present any dream or vision. Nth: not strong about 668 Guerro, folks of NB have been driven away from lawyers advice. lawyers are going to advise us to go for things that are low risk. cory: if memory serves me correctly, we have use sf maid heavily in the past Cory: org. that is a non-profit, helps with vocational training, how to deal with the city, etc.... Nth: ok. alright. Cory: I don't know who I can help introduce SF maid as a potential resource. Nth: ok, we can chat about it later. if it doesn't involve legal decision making. James: Have we talked to Tyler about this? Nth: If he was here, I would be asking him to relay James: as far as I can remember, he has been given an extreme about of responsibily about this. James: he is doing his best to get us in here, and he thinks it's dead. he is in a holding pattern with the landlord trying to renegotiate terms. people keep giving him multiple advice. I think he is confused. Tyler told me that the convo between landlord and lease was not actually true. There is no reason they might not renew our lease. They said that they were totally open to that. Steve: as long as we increase our rent? James: None of this has been negotiated.

  • talks around the table about organizational structure*

Nth: what's the next stuff James: negotiate new terms with LL Cory: Guerro? Nth: Backup plan. Lemons: no reason to turn down guerro. we need a plan B. we need to park this battle somewhere. idk. maybe there? no reason to shut it down. Cory: resources? Lemons: another round of talks for this meeting to figure out risk. Lawyers are giving us sound legal advice around how org. operate at a legal capacity. not saying we need to do that. we have a different risk profile. to us, the biggest risk is that we can't sign a lease. cory: biggest risk is not doing anything lemons: signing a lease here kicks the can down the road, but in any event, we need to take a risk no matter what. Nth: does anyone want to sign up for any more discussion points?

Nth: anybody else?

Nth: the fact that the second floor tenits moved out... we should use that to our advantage

Steve: as a meta point. is there an upcoming meeting related to this? Nth: NO, let's call one. Riley: where's official information that has information from our perspective landlords? Steve: ... Riley: We've been going off heresay Nth: we need some kind of memory bank. riley: Our information is unreliable, e.g. this person sent me a text message Nth: communications are going through emails

Ruth: Currently it's Me, tyler, and ??


Ruth: People have been interested in 2nd floor of building, but becaus ethey have agents, you have to give the agents a lot of money. nobody has confirmed they want the second floor yet

nth: how can we create mor etransparensy around LL conversation? nth: I don't know / privvy on the inforation

ruth: don't want negotations to be public, but want t obe open enough that epople in the community have access.

nth: when wat the email sent to brian?

ruth: he said that he would get back on monday... nth: ok. nth: is therre someway that we can post some of this stuff on the discuss? not details details...

steve: post things where you have to have an account on discourse, not completly open, but everyone here can see it.

nth: that makes sense

ruth: don't think the landlord has an account.

tim: how can we know LL isn't on it?

cory: how about putting a note under slack

James: no reason we can't do both (slack, discuss)

. . .

cory: if I were going to bring one person with all the knowledge in their head, who should I bring?

ruth: either me or Tyler

James: we can turn on complete slack integration. ruth: tyler said: hey brian, I wanted to ge the ball rolling on extending our lease here. remove elevator responsibility. rent will remain fixed. happy to discuss any of the disclosed terms. this place has become a home for us. happy to talk with you more on monday.

steve: who is bian?

ruth: the property manager.

nth: entire time here, we deal with brian.

cory: could you (to ruth) go with?

cory: and the other person is tyler? I can't put the name to the face.

riley: the really tall guy?

cory: oh yeah.

  • discussion about NB made (?) *
  • discussion of 86 list *
 high level:
   - we have slowed down the ban rate at noisebridge (additons to the 86 list).
   - our ban rate seems to be the lowest ever in our 10yr history.
   - who moderates the 86 list?
   - what do we want on the 86 list specifically?
     nth: the justice system in the default world has categories for people as well.
   - should we remove people from the 86 list?
     * permissions, who can do this, little-c to add, little-c to remove?

nth: the more people in the 86 list, the less effective it is. if you know the 86 list is people you're not supposed to be let in.

  • discussion about the length of the list *
  • discussions & stories about kicking people out *
  • the 86 list is confusing *
  • mention of somone biting someone else's thumb *

Jack: can we have a story time for these?

. . .

Cory: We need an 86 1/2 page Steve: We used to have an 85 list. Gossip page. Rumors about someone. James: that's why people didn't want to use that page anymore. Riley: it was too petty. Tim: We already have #spaceguardians channel. Riley: 86 is kind-of an extreme measure. Unless we have a temporary ban list. Nth: no official process. Riley: it's a door acessory essentially cory: present channel for people to suggest that they want to come back. if they want to come back, then we worry about it. it seems like the majoridy of those people don't come back. tim: I agree with cory. cory: we will figure out what it takes. tim: anyone willing to put in the effort to get someone who went through an 86 to come back? steve: to ask it in the abstract... there is like... the guy who got banned over Christmas that I don't agree with. there are people who are here that want that person back. cory: can we have an email address? tim: gonna set up G-suite (points to nth), if you have time in the future. james: why do we need G suite? nth: we don't, can use a low-tech solution that's better. nth: superQ has the DNS server that is using. I have the domain name, but... James: transfer to Gandi. nth: nope. James: transfer to treasurer? nth: I need a ceronomy for getting the domain from some apple bottom guy.

  • CHEERS *
  • tim continues to humor nth. gives nth a silver necklace, and nth is embracing all the attention. everyone is shuffling around the space gathering random cosplay items. there currently looking for a weeb sord.... *
  • charlie delivers sword *
  • TIM IS KNIGHTING nth with the cosplay sword... weeb sord, sorry *
  • TIM KNIGHTS nth *
  • cheers *
  • nth shows off a flamingo gift to the hackitorium, and exits *

nth: That's all I wanted, not necessarily a thank you, but a ritual. that's all I wanted.

nth: anything else for the meeting?

cory: I forgot where we were.

nth: great. thanks everybody.

cory: what the hell is that?

tim: it's the weeb blade.

nth: weed?

tim: NO w-e-e-b blade.

  • hackitorium breaks down into different discussions *
  • cory tells a story about crackheads trying to assemble metal using a blow torch *
  • victoria once had to take a torch from a crackhead that was melting something for an hour *

James: can we hear the legend of how you got that domain?

  • story ensues *

Discussion Item 1

Discussion Item 2

End of Meeting

- - -

DO NOT DELETE BELOW (pls no hack)



These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: July 16, 2019

Note-taker: [User: put your "name" here]

Moderators: Tyler


Meeting Summary

  • Fundraising Update: Discussion of needing a Government Liaison board officer.
  • Announcements: The space is all different now! SQL class! HumanMade opening Saturday. Roast Burning Man this Saturday!
  • Finances:
  • New members:
  • New philanthropists: Riley
  • Consensus Items: None
  • Discussion Items:


  • tyler- he him= software, autobartender , woodworking,
  • ryan- he him= taking notes, does gamebridge stuff, VR, pretty cool dude overall
  • tim- he him= knows about ryan on wiki nb: user --> /wiki/tim, biohacking, he/him
  • freddy- he him= software, ai, machine learning getting into soldering
  • taeer- any pronoun= recently into network engineering, hacking on the internet
  • asia- working on robots, learning electronics
  • john- he I guess= working on a can sateliite, gather info remotely in atmosphere. Look into death star kickstarter (suggestion by tyler)
  • monty- gender non conforming= bit flipper extroidinare. OK.
  • gustavo- electronic music , electronics, woodoorking
  • terisa- she / her= organize a drawing group, experimental / sort of drawing
  • oliver - any pronoun= Artist
  • Alberto -he him= work in electronic music,
  • Mark - he Videogame stuff, anything related to vgames, interested and involved. Looking for artist to teach digital art class
  • Emily - she /her= first time here and my conputer hates the notepad server!

Melody - could change name to Medoly, respond to miao (meow?) James - he / him record lael, noise experimental music, monthly music series, hopefully relocate in august to NB


Short announcements and events

60-second description per item in bulletpoint. James - Music event - Aug 14th was the date at the peacock lounge, but sched conflict means noisebridge is needed as alternate venue Aug14. About 50 people will attend,6pm loadin and soundcheck, 8pm start, music ends by 11pm.. Also, tmrw july17 peacock lounge (lower haight), come see voicehandler, Sun Ra Arkestra sideproject Jupiter Blue (Underground show at peackock, 5 bucks, 8pm, tomorrow 07-17-19) Oliver - This saturday 7/20/19 -- "And friends" event @ NB, Live music, Photographers, artists -- Need to post on meetup -- need organization and involment from people

Terisa - 7/25/19 @ 6-9pm drawing class -- need to post to discuss, will need to post on meetup too

Tyler - Sunday 7/21/19 @ DNA lounge @5pm-12am (in SF) for bar bot competition, NB will win, we're engineering an awesome bar bot There should be 10 or so contestants, entry fee: $20 w/ drink tokens. No one is stopping you from clicking the button, regardless of tokens.

Freddie- SQL class starts tommorow 7-8:30


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

What is being Excellent? Tim- Our one rule, like Bill in Bill & Ted said, is to: 'be excellent to each other'... ! (and party on dude) (not nice, but excellent) Tyler- be courtous to others, treat it like your own house, dont be mean to people, take care of the space.

tylerWhat's Doacracy: if you want something done, DO IT! (best general guidline for Nbridge) tylerSmall scale type things do not need general consensus (e.g. clean dishes, fix things up, etc) tylerIf it's going to affect other ppl in the space, others may not see it fit. Other things may require what we refer as consensus. tylerSmall c consensus (doing something relatively small, e.g. painting something another color, no long term impact in significant way) Talk to people around the space and get buy in Very recent example is that we moved a bunch of stuff (like sewing area, audio area, vr area, 3d priting area) Decided to talk to people around at NB and get small c consensus around this item.

Big C Consensus, we'll talk about this later


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

Congradulations! Tyler- Even you Tim, who are just playing tux kart Ryan- Come in and hack in the space, follow our rules,

Anyone can get a daytime access to NB (either clipper card or key fob access token), need to get access from existing member You're responsible for opening the door (need to be aware of 86 ban list) BUT, it is excellent to take repsonsibility for opening the door


A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

A philantropist gets a 24 hr access token. It also means more effort and more work in the space. Commit and help noisebridge to maintain and preserve the space. (trash, lights, cleaning, recurring donation, open/close the space, give tours etc) - People might ask you to become a philantropist (if you're active enough in the space, and people think you're excellent) To apply: - Fill out a form, get a sponsor (needs to be a NB member) - Then at the meeting we'll call out names, if you are present we will , see if anyone is opposed, and if not you'll become one

TODAY in the binder:

   5 applications
   No one present in the room is a phil. applicant

Membership Binder

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

Membership "Next level of trust" No more privileges, it just means that the community has recognized you as an important figure at the space. Ideally, you should know who the other members are, understand the culture of the space, seek it out. It is possible to apply for memebership and get denied. You can do wahterver you do in the space w/o being a member. You can also be pushed to become a member from another existing memeber ,who thinks you're excellent

For big C Consensus items, you'd write (as a member yourself) a proposal and bring it up to other members. You, as a memebr have the power to veto another memebt's proposal. Memebrship gets you permission to block Consensus proposal.

If multiple people think you're a memebr and you're not, you should probably apply as a member.

Question: do you need to become a philantropist to become a member? No, but it is almost always that way. How to become a member:

   TIM: need two other memebers to vouch for you. Application should be multiple months before actual decision.
   Apply first, then during the course of the next 4 weeks someone could block you during that time , but at the end of those four weeks, an actual Connsues on your membership will be discussed, w/o you in the room. They'll decide if you're excellent, if no veto (no block from existing memeber), you're officially a 'member in waiting', and if no one blocks you durring the Oh _____ Period you become a member. 

Financial Report

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Finances are pretty solid. We have 165k in the bank. Our peak was 195k, we're down a bit. We didn't make a lot of money the first half of the year our average deposits are 9k, just slightly over our operating costs utilities are going up. electricity was $700 (keep lights off when you dont use them!!) Are people running bitcoin servers? -- I don't think so. Cash collections are pretty good, ~50 a day. $470 for the last week A couple of crypto donations recently Props to kinnard who has been galvanizing the crypto community to NB

(discussion of bitcoin ensued)

Fundraising Update

How's it all going

We're taking a few avenues, more reasonable small tasks Tuesday @7pm fundrasing meeting (before this meeting)

  • government relations
 - Who should be doing this?
 - hard to get people to take you seriously if you don't have an "official role"
 - president?
 - designated board role? [James here, had to run before the meeting ended but wanted to add this: Be careful about creating or stepping into roles/nomenclature that government requires/expects. Very real legal liabilities come along with those roles. Typically board members (whatever the title) need an insurance policy to shield personal assets should a government entity decide that taxes are owed, fines warranted, medical costs if a personis injured on site, etc. Also there may be criminal liablity if a board member fails to perform due diligence, oversight role. If unavoidable, it could be worth the funds to hire legal counsel to form an LLC, buy insurance, etc.]
 - noisebridge needs an email system, so designated people can send email on behalf of NB
 - (if you are running any noisebridge servers under your personal email, transfer it to noisebridge)
 - or we could just spoof emails?
  • things being on sale at noisebridge
 - no good spot where it doesn't get confused for other things
 - ryan has new items (books from the talk that happened on saturday about burning man; signed!)
 - precut laser cutter stuff
   - make it the demo item for laser cutter trainings
 - t-shirts
 - circuit hacking monday kits
 - (talk to ryan, tyler, or tim about vending machine)
 - we have a web store!
 - if you want to create art for noisebridge, we will sell it!
   - you will not get money.
   - you can get credit though!


Anyone who's not ryan, tyler, tim, anything for discussion?

(discussion of saturday event) how will it run - can be moved off line - signs for stuff that are off-limit - don't shit in the woodshop & don't harrass people - set up earlier than 5pm - move stuff back!

What will rent be like this year? State of the lease? We will definitely be staying here for the immediate future We are negotiating a 4 year lease

End of Meeting