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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge.

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  • Date: 2020-07-07
  • Note-taker: Ryan, Naomi
  • Pre-Meeting Moderator: ????
  • Moderators: Ryan

Meeting Summary


  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New philanthropists:
  • New members:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:



Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

(What does that mean? How does the Anti-Harassment Policy fit into this? Are we SURE we know what being Excellent is? This is an important and fundamental conversation at Noisebridge, so let's give it like 120 seconds.)

Excellence is when you can elicit a response from others that says that what you are doing is excellent.

Be Excellent Like The Chicken: Be aware of your surroundings, keep the space clean, be relaxed, don't bother others. (during covid, please keep your distance). Do not peck at others as that is unexcellent, and call out if you see others pecking people.

You must have small-c concensus on things that might make people uncomfortable (images, music, events, discussions). You can ask for help if you ever feel uncomfortable. Noisebridge is here for its community, and it is important to help others if they are feeling uncomfortable.

Everyone is expected to be excellent, doocracy

If you see something that needs doing, just do it, unless you think it might be considered unexcellent, in which case go through small c concensus.

Harrassment covers intentional unexcellence. But also be aware of unintentional unexcellence, and allow for other people to be taught about what they might have done wrong.

It is excellent to be aware, and assist in keeping the space accessible.


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

(What does that mean? How do you get a door key? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)

Rikke- You want a class, then teach one, we do things through doocracy. You can participate as long as you follow the one rule.

Anyone should be able to participate in noisebridge to the extent they want, and it is unexcellent to limit people through actions that specifically exclude some groups.

You can participate online or in person. Slack Discuss forum on discourse software Wiki github discord

remote access to computers might happen soon

Philanthropist definition

A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Philanthropists? How do you become one? etc)

Dan-- Philanthropist is someone who is known to the community and is considered excellent and if a Member endorses them they can apply to be a philanthropist that can allow them to get extra hours acess. but they need to know how to open and close the space, give tours, and should donate monthhly to the sace(cash is recommended,(40-80 dollars)).

Membership Definition

Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become a Member? etc)

Membership is Noisebridge's long-term trust network. We call on members to hold down the core of what noisebridge is about.

One thing specific to Members is that they can block perspective concensus items. You must be sponsored by two members to sponsor a perspective member. Application is a 4 week process (2 week application, two week oh crap period where they can retroactivly be blocked from becoming a member). We expect that members know how to do consensus respectfully and honorably.

Participant - 2 weeks to membership + 2 week of shit weeks seems to not be in Consensus Item History and the Membership page still says there's 4 weeks to become a member


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

Small c concensus is checking in with others about doing somenthing in the space that does not need to be brought up to the whole community. It is through this discussion that many things are done annd if discussion cant give an adiquite answer it can be brought up for big C concensus.

Rikke- Big C Concensus is the process by which we come to aggremment, the process is about discussng and coming to a gemeral concesus that an item is a good idea. These are mainly thhings that can not be easily done by doocracy, they are brought as proposals to a tuesday meeting. It will be discussed and if no problems it will continue to the next week, and at that meeting it will be discussed again, and if there are not an issues, it will be brought up for concensus that week. If there are any problems with the wording or someone blocks it that is the start of a discussion to inporve that item or see if it can be done outside of big C concensus

Guilds Definition

Guilds are how groups at noisebridge organize.

(What is a guild? How do you join one? etc)

LXPK- Groups Collaborating to improve resources, institutinal knowledge, events, and the community of noisebridge. They help mantain systems that fall under their perview. Each guild gives updates at meetings. You can join any guild by taking to a mantainer.

Rikke - There is also something called a working group. What is the difference between those and guilds?

Naomi - we didn't have a concept of continuity before guilds. There's no reason a working group can't spawn a guild, or a guild spawns a working group.

  LXPK - I get the distinction conceptually, but I don't get having different names for *almost* the same thing. There is a difference, but it might be confusing. It seems you can abstract a working guild: group of people doing a thing.

Rikke - Working group should be a cross functional, collaborative group

  LXPK - Being a guild member isn't a member of high standing like a cap-M member
  Naomi - You can explain a Guild in a lightweight concept, but Rikki is correct, but Guilds feel like a lot of responsibility
 Rikke - (missed)
 LXPK - Almost all of infrastructural concepts are the same between the two concepts.
 Naomi - I'll make a topic on guild/org on if working group is a meaningful distinction
 Ryan - I have something to say, but I realize mark has hand up, so I'll say after the meeting.

pre meeting discussion

What is the interplay between safety, privacy, accessibility, anti harrassment.

How do we build privacy enabled livestream systems

Improving the ask to help system for if you feel uncomfortable or if you fell like something in the space is wrong.

Main Meeting



  • Tyler - he/him - money laundering, tax fraud, insider trading
  • Pyconaut- He/him- Doing VR, fixing my house.
  • X - hacking space between teh garage and ambulance
  • Naomi -- she/her -- aka nthmost. I am unrecognizable within any egregore.
  • Alex does game stuff w/ Ryan. Check out Noisebrige in VR!
  • Kevin -- he/him -- is happy to be here.
  • Rikke -- she/her -- hack science stuff for a living.
  • David -- he/him -- screenprinting and circuit hacking
  • Participant -- -- an occasional participant
  • Mark -- video game stuff and guild stuff!
  • Relay -- he/him -- FOSS stuff, interested in things.
  • CHICKENS (gertude, helga, normajean, billyjean)
  • Robert -- he/him / dude/robot -- run CHM, play w/ electronics, working on VR stuff.

Short announcements and events

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

  • Tyler finished our taxes w/ 8 days to spare!!! (Last time we filed an extension!)
  • Tyler: we just got our lease back from 272 Capp. As of this morning, Alice Townes at Perkins-Coie signed off, as well as David our building inspector. SIGN-Q?!?!?  ::chanting "10 more years!":: (...should we get more board members to sign it?)
  * Robot: come to circuit hacking monday! at 7pm all around the globe!!!
  * Ryan: Aaron Swartz Day Virtual Hackathon is going on... come help us build some LoRa modules.  We are also doing VR museum building.

  • We are forming a working group for ADA policy creation. Short-term commitment for the next 2-3 months, doing research and craft mission statement and policy. Figure out what we can do with the new space to make it welcoming for humans of all stripes and abilities. Find posts on Discuss about ADA, and/or email Rikke directly:

  • Locker clean-out day is set for 1 week from today. Try to come to NB to retrieve your damn junk! If you can't get here, tell someone and we'll do our best to gather it up into a box, or shove it into a corner so you can find it in the future. If you don't come get your stuff yourself, your lock will be grinded off and we'll put your stuff in a shoebox. No guarantees for long-term storage...

New Philanthropists


New Members

X is in his third week of application for Member status. (as we can not find the confirmation of the 2 week + 2 week process, we are doing the 4 + 2 week process)

-- [I'm happy to sponsor you, X! --Naomi]

-- LXPK sponsors X -- Kevin also sponsors! -- Ryan puts a cherry on top

X is performing as interim Secretary and would like to pursue Membership as part of that visibility and responsibility.

X can be reached for questions on slack and discuss

Financial Report

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

7/7/2020 Cash Balance 228,089.54 Crypto 71,296.95 Total 299,386.49 Crypto % 23.81%

June 2020 Total Income 36,186.51 Less Crypto -28,918.37 Income 7,268.14 Expenses 8,372.96 Net Income -1,104.82

This makes sense with our lack of cash donations for the month, which usually accounts for $1k - $2k per month. As well as losing several recurring payments during the last month.

Fundraising Update

How's it all going

Our moving costs are going to be $27k just to get into the building(first month's rent +security deposit), and we will be able to move in immediatly, but we can not start opperations until september first

Naomi-we should start getting the fundraising posse together so we can do Help Us Escape the Cylons fundraisers and stuff.

Alex: the fundraising pamphlet is out of date. I marked it as "old" on the wiki. Let's work on it.

We should have a Fundraising Guild meeting! Talk more on Slack in #fundraising

Our online store will soon have noisebridge facemasks We will soon have noisebridge tape

Robot- Lets learn how to sell noisebidge to the community

Naomi- There are a lot of roles that go into good fundraising. Videos, updates, articles, indiegogo, auctions

Auction off old noisebridge

GuildMaster's Report

What is the current state of structural organization at Noisebridge?

  • What guilds are active? (Read the active guilds from Guilds wiki page)
    • (For each guild mentioned, ask if guild rep is present for a brief status update)
  • Would you like to join or start a guild? Checkout our guidelines or contact MetaGuild for help.

Mark - Head De Facto of MetaGuild. Working on bureaucratizing everything! We talked about badges last Thursday. Continuing those talks. MetaGuild happens every 2 weeks on Thursday at 8pm.

Naomi - Philosophy Guild every Wednesday at 8pm. Search "philosophy guild" on Discuss to get connected up w/ us! Discussion centering on Metamodernism, Spiral Dynamics, making sense of what's going on around us through a Cultural Somatics lens.

Ryan - VR Guild has been slowly but surely working on the Noisebridge VR experience. We don't have regular working times set aside right now, but may in the near future. Alex- lets pick a time right NOW. How about 10 pm on thursdays? Ryan - Sounds good.

Alex - Documentation WG is still continuing work on the wiki. We seem to do things before and after each noisebridge meeting. Feel free to stick around if you wanna talk or contribute.

Alex has done a lot of work on our wiki, rescuing old informational pages and marking old shit deprecated. GOLD STAR, ALEX!


Proposals from last week

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

Last weeks items have be tabled to be reritten as a single item.

Proposals for next week

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Date First Discussed XX Month, Year Proposed By User Informal Title Summary Author of this Record User
proposed 07.07.20 Rikke

Consensus proposal:

   Draft an accessibility statement to be posted on the website and in the physical space, clearly stating our commitment to making and keeping Noisebridge accessible to people with disabilities.
   Based on the values laid out in the statement, draft an accessibility policy for Noisebridge that includes provisions to ensure continued video/audio attendance options, permanent access info signage on the website and in the physical space, design guidelines for the new space, physical installations and upgrades, etc.
   Commit to a timeline for completion that allows us to complete any physical upgrades to the new space before we open it up for activities other than moving. Suggested timeline: document drafts to be completed by mid-August 2020 and reviewed by end of August.
   Any items outlined in the policy that require further discussion and consensus (e.g. capital expenditures) should be brought up by mid-September so they can be consensed upon by end of September.

right here Thanks!

Ryan: So, Naomi, could you restate your question?

Naomi: It's clear that everyone wants a bunch of stuff to happen. No one wants acessibility to fall off the map. Don't want to lose accesibility as a moral in the long term. We may be putting too much in one consensus proposal rather than aprogression, action-oriented proposals don't need to be consensed as much as proposals on value (i.e. what we stand for). Draw a good value statement proposal, make it really decisive / clear. Define excellence w.r.t accessibility so people can us it as a basis for do-ocratic decisions.

Ryan: One thing me and Rikke discussed: please Rikke respond to this. This is boilerplate to get ball rolling. Not the answer to problems. We must work on creating the answers. Goal is to consense on a set of accessibility guidelines by September, by the time the new space is in effect. Put wind of the sails, so to speak.

Rikke: Happy to elaborate. Naomi is right, doing more than one thing. 1. want to define what it is, and 2. clear time for when we want it done by. As stated in Discuss, there is huge opportuntity with new space. Have values that inspire do-ocracy is important. That is how we summarize what we're trying to accomplish. Second item on policy we want in place is all about implementation. In discussion on privacy, we discussed solutions that kept privacy and easy to establish when we move into new space. We want two things done on clear timeline.

Naomi: My instinct is to react. How do we moderate?

Ryan: I can keep moderating, if you want to respond. I've already talked a lot, will let other people talk about it. Do we have any questions so far? Remember you can raise your hand in Zoom meeting. It's bottom of screen. Under Participant, you can click "raise hand"

Kevin: Will this require more consensus once the policy is written out (YES by Rikke). Why do you think consensus is needed to put the "wind in the sails" ?

Rikke: Interest s in eliciting commitment. Everyone was ready for an accessibility possibility and ability on act on policy. Wanted to elicit commitment to make it happen. It's about whether we agree on what we're doing and when we're doing it by.

Ryan: Next we have David.

David: I'm curious / concerned about timeline issue. If it's consensus we want to reach, hard to commit to timeline. Sooner is better, ideally, but I'm hesitant to commiting to a timeline. Second, good proposal, but don't want empty promises. Good to have a value discovery process. What if it doesn't do anything, though?

Relay: I think it'd be good for the proposal to list i.e. great to improve accessiblity to those who can't make it. Some other things could be more work, i.e. stairs. We could put together a list for the problems, and for each solutions, we could have contradictions (ex. privacy concerns about microphones , tyler had issues with procedure in enacting that proposal). We should align our priorities so final proposal meets all concerns.

Naomi: I'm concerned about the use of consensus to do this kind of thing. It could not only turn out an empty promise, it could also create consensus fatigue, so if you circle back to proposal, people won't be focused on individual consensus, and people are concerned about rehashing. We historically have never needed consensus to start of project. Get foreboding feeling on consensing about this, rather than drumming up support and then just doing it. Why would you need to litigate this plan? I don't think an implementation proposal (except for allocating money) has the desired effect of holding people's feet to fire. Best thing it can do is bring attention to what you want to do. But there could be negative consequences.

Rikke: There's something I don't understand - why is it an empty promise? Very confused about implication that people don't mean it when they say they want to do it. One more point - hope I don't misunderstand. To me, consensus means agreement. What I'm putting forward is what people will discuss and debate and agree upon as a community. It's also not fair to punt it on Zach and Alex. No false promises - we mean it, and we are reaching an agreement on how to accomplish.

Naomi: There is no mechanism to compel people on what to agree upon. Why need consensus proposal to take action.

Rikke: All consensus proposals specify actions to take.

Naomi: That's a slight misunderstanding on what consensus does.

Rikke: Let it lie

Alex (lxpk): We did discuss before. If it were enough for small-c, then it wouldn't still be an issue. The reality is that, for years at a time, disabled people can't use the space. People who champion this were ignored by people who couldn't get the magnitude of the issue. By elevating it to level of anti-harrassment policy, we hold people accountable. If we could we could small c everything. It also does allocate funds, for stairs n stuff. We have had a half-assed attempt to live stream events, but only for capital M members, and it only lasted a few months. This isn't maybe do this, do that. This is promoting accessibility from this point forward, permanently. We will be official maintainers of accessibility. I am disabled, and didn't even notice it.

Naomi: This proposal, all it says is "We will make a policy" . Why don't we just consense on policy.

Alex: I haven't seen the new proposal, but I agree with the original proposal. Small c we can implement it a lot of different ways, we don't need the details. We should have an acessibility guild, and should organize. We will discuss by ourselves, then bring to general meeting to prevent fatigue. We should put forward proposal as soon as possible

Rikke: Current proposal says that current items will be addressed in policy. These are not trivial problems to solve.

Alex: Details should be hashed outside of general meeting.

Ryan: This is similar to process that went into anti harrassment policy. It was two proposals; we must write policy, then we must consense policy. This is what we're trying to do here. If we say we're going to create policy, this will bring in people who felt left out before. There are people who wanted to be a part, but don't take Noisebridge efforts in this respect seriously. Putting this item forward would look good for people who want us to hold oursleves accountable. This is a statement of commitment to creating the policy. We can remove the deadline if that makes it easier for people. In current writing, if we went beyond timeline, it would be empty.

Rikke: Deadline and timeline is up for discussion. If we think timeline isn'trealistic, let us know.

Naomi: When the anti-harrassemnet policy was enacted, we first had a temporary policy, with a re-evaluation clause. The second time was when it was consensed again. So if we wanted to be like this, we would write first, then consense again.

Ryan: +1 to that idea.

Kevin: Wanted to try to say what Naomi said, but different way. I completely support an accessibility statement & an accessibility policy. But it's unclear what it means for me to consense on this. Does this mean I'm actively involved in the creation of this? I'll leave it at that, let others answer.

Naomi: something more positive... (later)

Robot: I was thinking, "What if I was gay, and no anti-harrassment policy wasn't there. What would it take to get my friends there?" Having any disability, it automatically precludes people from certain activities. With that not being possible, how do you take a community that acted one way and make them act a different way. We need something that says "As a community, these are the things we can do?" (clarity). If I'm gay, and someone calls me a slur, or more subtle things than that, there's soething in place that tells people how to act. With the disability of some people, they couldn't even be in the space to have a voice. Now they do, with online meetings. Just to put it into perspective.

David: Robert had mentioned on making this place accessible is not like cleaning trash on trash today. It's important to spell out what is excellent here. Consequences for not doing the things we say we're going to do. If Noisebridge can't provide access to second floor in 6/8 months/ 1 year, then we should leave. We could say something like that. We could put something in there to make sure we're serious.

Naomi: Something positive. Where I'm from, I want things to go faster. Making a consensus proposal to make more proposals will go slower. Each proper proposal needs to be considered carefully, no hastiness. I think it's important we forge ahead on this. We have all these heads nodding around the table, saying "We're doing this better". Community values are already there; just skip the step and move forward on the thing with the thing of huge value, and make the value statement. Put it in front of us next week, and in two weeks it'll be done

Alex: I agree with last statement, we'll meet as an accessibility group. We'll amend it as we get further along. The current proposals could just be implemented and passed if there are any follow ups. Let's meet as a group and do it.

Kevin: I don't think there's anyhting objectionable, other than it slows down the process. But if it builds agreement, and creates clear outline on creating possibility and statement, that's great.

Naomi: I'm happy to stand aside on this one in the interests of moving forward.

Rikke: Let's do it the other way around. I see the point. If anyone wants to email me to help the process, i'll drop it in the chat. Alex, let's take the meeting discussion offline, I can't do Thursdays. I'll withdraw the consensus proposal, we'll write the full policy & statement.

Ryan: If people are fine with this, I'll move to discussion item 2. Me and a couple people have done research on things like elevator installation and can give some small updates, but will move to discussion. Any more comments / statmeents.

Robot: I will be reaching out to Rikke, fundraising group will need some help to org, figure out what we're going to do.

Ryan: Elevator is a great funding target, we will discuss in Discussion item 2. Want to go to Discussion Item 1: moving.


Discussion Item 1 (moving)

Ryan: Could Tyler give quick update on moving process, and X? Bit of an update on my end.

Tyler: Main update is "I'm sitting with finger on sign button" . We're good to go , right?

Ryan: Don't we need 24 hour notice for confirmation of signature. We would announce a meeting 24 h ahead of time, big M members would consense to sign.

lxpk: That's if outside of regular meeting, can be done inside meeting in lieu of real process.

bfb: We already consensed.

Ryan: We consensed on having 24 hour period.

lxpk: We did this (yes on signing) some time ago

bfb: There was a more actionable meeting on May 26. So there's a consensus for signing already.

Ryan: So based on May 26 consensus item, Noisebridge will enter into lease agreemnt at 272 Capp street. Tyler can now sign lease and send it in.

Tyler: Would you like to share my screen?

Drum roll........................

Important legal proceedings.......

We did it! YAY!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!

10 more years!!!! Noisebridge 2077!

Ryan et al. - Let's share a toast. Zoom party after meeting? (!)

Ryan - Now that lease is signed, Tyler will deposit with first month's rent.

Tyler - It'll take about a week. They'll send out account, I'll send out payment to confirm, then full payment. Update insurance policy of $1 mil or greater. Then we'll have keys.

Alex - Sharing MP4 of us cheering in Slack #general

Ryan - We will move stuff to new space *this weekend* if we move fast. This is why we need to discuss move in situation more, because *now we're starting to move*. We've been doing mental gymnastics for a couple years.

Ryan - I would like to share a little of the moving information that, for people who signed up on form a couple months ago, I have a new form because most of the people who filled out the form was before COVID, and I'm not sure people feel comfortable moving during COVID. I discussed with number of NB'ers about different process and things we need to do during the move. I will post and discuss during the meeting. These will be edited until tomorrow, then sent out as a signup. I'll share it now:

- Plan is, all people who have access to the space will pack in and make sure everything is organized. Much of this has been done already.

- Need volunteers on 14 day rotation to work on the space. As some of the objects will be more delicate, those items will be photographed, and knowledgable users will instruct how to pack it.

- Please create discuss account, main source of updates. Each group should have at least 1 person to give weekly updates on moving situations. Bring your own food, limit amount you interact with the area, PPE must be worn at all times (gloves, face mask, face shield). Wash hands before and after. Engage in contact tracing if you feel sick to make sure you contaminated as little as possible.

- You are working in moving , an active task, when you are wearing a face mask, which limits breathing. Know your limits so you don't put others at risk. Train people to be aware of items that put people at risk. Check on slack and post what exactly you did so people can avoid touching what you moved and so it isn't moved twice.

- Each group should only work in specific area. Don't put family / friends at risk. Don't sign up if around immuno-compromised people.

- If one person shows 2+ COVID signs, group will be 14-day quarantine, all visitors of space will be prevented from coming for 7 days. Anyone with virus can't join in-person action team.

- Plan route to Noisebridge, carpool. We're putting people at risk, so carpooling ok. Maintain social bubbles, as interaction means more risk.

- Trust team with your lives. We might create yellow card/red card system for people who put other people at risk. yellow is quarantine, red card is ban.

- All items over 50 pounds or require more people should be done towards the end of the moving session.

These are some rough guidelines of what I think we should implement. Realize it will be hard to do. Want people's opinions on these kinds of items. This might be overplanning, but wanted to hear what people think.

Stack Tyler

Planetary Surveying (Report in detail to Terraforming what's on the surface of Planet 272 Capp.) Engineering (Make sure current systems are fully documented before teardown. Make a plan that keeps essential systems like WiFi up at 2169 Mission for as long as possible before the Final Jump.) Bureaucracy (Arrange construction permits. Document our communications with strange alien entities like the government, utilities, etc.) Terraforming Plan Team (Develop plans to make our new planet inhabitable by Noisebridgians. ADA Task Force and Bureaucracy need to be involved.) Resourcing (You are Tank in the Matrix: link groups with the info & materials they need.) Cruise Directors (Moral boosters and connectors: get participants connected to efforts, make sure ppl are recognized) Woodshop (pack up and clean the tools, clean the shelves, set up the new woodshop) Fabrication (pack metalshop, welding, ceramics, set up new fabrication areas) Electronics (packing electronics area, setting up new electronics shop) Sewing (test sewing machines, pack working ones, pack fabric, set up new sewing area) Library (pack books, decide which books we can get rid of, dust the shelves, set up the new library) Classrooms (deconstruct classrooms, set up new ones) 3D printers (pack up good printers, disassemble others, set up new 3D printing area) Gaming (pack consoles and games, build new gaming area) Music (pack up instruments, set up new area, do some soundproofing) Accessibility (ensure ADA compliance -- work with all groups, especially Terraforming) Terraforming Action Team (work with volunteers and/or pro contractors to build out the space) Big Stuff (move the laser cutter, the library shelves, CNC machines, Flaschentaschen...) Dejunkening (clear away old junk and take it to the dump. Many hands make light work!) Pilots (operate large transport vehicles) Mediators (resolve conflicts as needed between volunteers) AV stage (help us pack and move thhe AV area to the new space, and design a new stage area) RErack (help us build out our new network infrastructure) Bike shed (help define how to access the space via the door system) The Office (help us move the office supplies and 2D printers) Cleaning Crew (Maybe we can get our deposit back. LOL) Archive the Art! (Let's do what we can to save or archive the art on 2169's walls.) Other:

" Due to everything in the world changing since this was first created the original volunteer sign up form, and some discussions on how we should move during this time.

As of right now the plan is to have the all the packing be done by the current people who visit noisebridge to check on the space and take care of it, and possibly send 4 willing volunteers per day on a 14 day rotation, if the need arises.

As some objects will be hard for the current group of space watchers to pack up or move (due to the items being big or delicate), the plan is to have those items be photographed, and knowlegable users of said item will tell how to pack it

Please create a discuss account, as that will be the main place that will be getting updates.

Each group will have at least one main person that should try to give one or two updates a week.

bring your own food in and out, do not get stuff from Mi ranchita .right before going in,

PPE must be worn at all times, Gloves, Face shield

wash hands immediately when you get in, as well as before you leave

please do check-ins and light contact tracing if you ever feel sick

Please be safe and do not touch others and coordinate carefully if you need to work together to move anything

As a volunteer you must be risk tolerant?

Prioritize safety conscious people and people who know that they do not put others at risk.

There will be some training for volunteers so that they are aware of risks and are able to notice any problems in the space that could put people at risk

when you go in and leave, please check in on slack and discuss as well as what exactly you did, so that the next group can coordinate

rotation of groups should work on one area at a time.


If one person shows two or more symptoms from a group, everyone in that group should quarantine for at least 2 weeks and will not be allowed back in the space for a month. And any group that visited the space in the subsuquent 7 days will be asked to step down from rotation.

7 days is maximum viability of virus

Anyone who interacts with at risk individuals on a consistent basis outside of noisebridge they will not be allowed to join a in person action team.

Plan your route to noisebridge, carpool as a group

Please do social bubbles (only ever interact with the same people)

If you live with other noisebridgers, please join their group so as to not risk two groups.

each group has to be in constant communication with others in their group.

Trust your team with your lives (its what you are doing)

create a yellow card and red card system for if people make mistakes

yellow cards have an experation of a week

while red card will ban you from helping with the move

All items over 50 pounds, or requires more then two people to move shall not be moved tell after all the rest of noisebridge is moved

Robot: can any software help?

Ryan: Asana or trello could help, not sure how easy it it to make groups.

Robot: Actually have something asana or wheniwork or something open/free, but willing to chip in for paid system. Trying to coordinate X people, + volunteers, and ability to add new volunteers as old volunteers get tired, is important.

Naomi: Setting up lines of communication to rally special interest group is most important part of this. Scheduling & tracking is ok, but trying to make things happen reliably means getting as many people as possible hooked into the lines of communication. Mailing list, slack etc. Evertyhing treated as separate Kickstarter projects.

Ryan: Each group has its own channel in Discuss already, trying to move to slack.

Naomi: We need each project leader to treat this as their "captain" job.

Ryan: I'll go into moving and look into all the categories. See if there'll be people who will step up in leading certain groups. Should we do this now?

Naomi: One of things I'm good at is inspiring people to take action. If people don't want to volunteer for leading, I can try to find leaders.

Ryan: I remember you wanted to be a cruise director. I should be writing down. I'll grab list of current items that are relevant. Just one sec...

Naomi: We're gonna need fancy hats and medals.

Ryan: We'll be putting this stuff on our resumes.

LXPK: Whatever it is you do, please update Safety page, adding to Safety guild.

Tyler: Packing and moving process won't be too hard, might be overthinking. Unpacking is the main point here. Things are in packed state, things like the library; another day and it'll be entirely in boxes, then moved into new space. Don't need a whole library group for moving, but for building new bookshelves at new location and put books up. Same thing for hardware electronics and the like. Packing is not as hard as re-establishing the area.

Naomi: Yeah, we made this form in the pre-COVID era, where we thought we would have to parallelize the efforts. This is all different (4 people in the space at a time, spread out over a longer timeline).

Ryan: All these groups we want ot have in this new space. I would think it will be good to replace/augment moving with buildout. Sewing people plan out new sewing area, etc. Some people may not even be involved in physical movement. I wanted to see who is interested/committed to moving certain things.

Different groups are Planning, Terraforming

Engineering is pretty well documented, taking down NB current space in organized fshion

Beaurocracy: forming permits for the new space. Ex. electronics will be needed, circuit boards on first floor, elevators; vertical stairlifts (not elevators) are not expensive, only $10,000. Most I found were Chinese, so local person may be more expensive (although they could install it). ADA will be $25 grand to do almost all ADA work (my estimate).

Tyler: I'd put a higher amount.

Rikke: I'd be doubling that.

Ryan: Ok, we'll go with 50k. That's also a good target for a fundraiser.

Ryan - there's also a Terraforming team. We need to figure out how to lay out the new space. We can probably move everything in,but can't set much up until we have things like electrical redone, but in order to do that, we need a plan on how this space will be laid out. Now the three main actions to get done by end of July is:

- Pack up everything in current space (~ 1-2 week) - Move everything into new space (~2 weeks) - Different group will come up with design plans for new space (in parallel, ~3 weeks) - Reach out to general contractors for avialiability of ducting/HVAC and ADHA specialist input (also in parallel, ~3 weeks). We need to have an ADHA specialist

bfb: Should we reach out to Monkeybrains about internet.

Tyler: WE can throw ethernet cord through the window right now.

Ryan: It'd be cool if we actually had a 42u server rack for server machines, UPS, stuff like that. No idea where that would be.

Bfb: Those things are loud, though. Sounds good. We should figure out network drops.

Ryan: I've been doing research on what we could use, but will talk with #rack on whether the things I found are good for use. If possible, 100 Gb from front to back of space, + 10 GB drop-downs internal to space. I don't think MonkeyBrains will give 100 Gb upload / download.

Bfb: I know X has planned some server closet stuff, would appreciate your input. Wher would be the server rack located?

Tyler: Under the stairs. It would prevent sleepers too.

Ryan: We should run things along the ceiling, unless should we run things along the floor until we need hoverboards to access space? We will be leaving what look like bulletholes into 2169. It's amazing, actually.

Ryan: Does anyone currently know how well fabircation shop is?

Tyler: I was actively packing up recently. What is it called

Naomi: I'd call it the Bridge

Tyler: All valuable items packed up. Moslty just heavy tools. I have boxed mos t that. Woodshop, everything is organized and will be boxed soon. Split out items that would be useful for move itself. Would like to leave some of woodshop functional, as we'll want to have things people want to use for moving (ex. circular saw for building ramps, etc.)

Ryan: Does anyone know how well library is packed up.

Relay: It was pretty well packed, about 60% last I checked. Put in some more books. It's getting there, we improved it over time. Haven't packed up yet. What types of boxes could handle the density of books?

Tyler: There's the extra strong Lowe's small boxes. New stuff, with handles, thicker cardboard.

Ryan: If anyone here is going to Lowe's or home depot. Get the small 12" by 12" by 12" boxes, most bookes will fit in there. Good way to keep boxes under 30 pounds. No hernia-inducing weights. Remember, you'll be wearing mask and gloves the entire itme. You will have problems moving and breathing, so don't want to lift heavy things too often, take consistent breaks, all that.

 How is sewing area doing?
 Tyler: I think Rikke said she wanted to come pack that up. It's largely unpacked.
 Ryan: Video game area: Mark, could you go work on packing the next couple of weeks, as main expert?
 Tyler: MArk said he was going to come in Thusrday.
 Ryan: Have we packed 3d printers?
 Tyler: All but 2

Ryan: What about all of our extra computers / monitors/ hack shelves.

Tyler: X was on that, doing salvaging. Some things, like mac monitor, were of dubious value, because it runs 1995 computer, which was super slow. The monitored ones.

Ryan: Take screens out, those are worth more.

LXPK: Anything else needed to discuss? It's getting late.

Ryan: What's up with Mac monitors?

Tyler: they suck. X said screens are difficult to hack

Ryan: All you need is proper control board, for $12 to any HDMI.

Tyler: Nevermind, in which case they have value as display monitors.

Ryan: My friends hacked a lot of mac monitors.

Naomi: We shouldn't hash this out now.

Discussion Item 2 (accessibility ideas)

will be online on slack annd discuss and the wiki


End of Meeting