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   These are the notes from the The 590th Meeting of Noisebridge.

   Dial in option: +16699006833,,972291454#

   help take notes at -

   video meeting on zoom at -

   * Date: August 11, 2020
   * Note-taker: Ryan, Sasha
   * Moderators: Tyler

   = Meeting Summary =
   One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.
   TLDR what happened at the meeting:
   * Announcements:
   * Finances:
   * New philanthropists:
   * New members:
   * Consensus Items: 
   * Discussion Items:

   = Main Meeting=

   == Introductions ==
   Pyconaut- He him, doing 3D modeling, VR, discord, ADA, and many other things.
   Tyler -general pourpse hacker, doing moving things, and is our money guy (treasure)
   Relay - Kind of random hacker, enjoys noisebridge and helping people installing linux, works on library. Frequently off topic.
   Sasha - I'm new. I've been to the Noisebridge twice before. An admirer / observer of the space. Interested in learning about security
   Robot: I hhave electronics stuff, i do Cuircit hacking monday
   Dan- does noisebridge neurohacking meetups on wednesday
   Rikke- be on and off involved with noisebridg, crrently doing accessability for the now space, does robots for a livving
   LXPK- I am Alex and I do things related to VR, and working on Accessability guild
   Juke Boot - frail understanding of what noisebridge is. Aware of NB through it's conenctions with electric frontier
   X- space hacker, website defaser

   A large section of notes are missing to the robot overloard ai notetakking monster

   == Short announcements and events ==
   60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

   Pyconaut- Our website front page actually works well!

   Tyler- We now have keys to 272 capp street. only took 27k and a year of work. We need help moving!

   Pyconaut- Last friday was the second ADA planning meeting in discord, we discussed what we need to do in the new space to make it ADA accessable before we start moving in

   Pyconaut- From 6 to 730 today I spent time 3D modeling 272 capp street.

   Pyconaut- Marco and some people from HOPE 2020 are working on a Redesign if people want to help out

   Pyconaut- Jin a vr dev put a our matterport 3D scan of noisebridge into VR chat, so we now have even more VR chat noisebridge worlds

   LXPK - accessibility #2 was productive. Immediate needs to make the space accessibile. 
   - Touchless door openers 600 dollars each

   == Noisebridge ==

   What is it...

   Pyconaut: Noisebridge is a hacker spaceship in San Francisco, but has digital reaches anywhere on planet Earth. We're a non-profit community space whose goal is to allow anyone in our community to learn, share, build, create whatever they want using the tools we have available, as well as classes & events (free to attend!). We're usually open in a physical location, but due to Covid-19, we're working virtually. We run on do-ocracy and consensus - if you want to do something, just do it. If you think it'll conflict with our One Rule (to be excellent to each other), you can go through small-c consensus to make sure others are okay with it. If that doesn't work, you can bring it up to big-C Consensus. Generally, have fun!

   Relay: Most things can be done with little-c consensus (asking everyone in the room if something is okay). Big-C Consensus usually are for bigger items, like moving the space or financial decisions. Big-C Consensus requires capital-M Members to be present (or through a proxy), and they can block the decisions in the meetings.  Encourage people to do things through doocracy and small c concensus.

   Tyler: Noisebridge is like Wikipedia - anyone can edit anything. But making big changes requires talking to others.

   Everyone who walks throught the door is a small m menber and they can participate and ddo anything they want in the space as long as they follow the one rule.  if you want even more acess and you are trusted you can apply to become a philanthropist, which gives you 24/7 access during non end times.

   If you want to be a masochistic member of noisebridge become a big m mebmer so that oyu can take care of the buercratic side of noisebridge, and it take 4 weeks to apply and needs two other Big M Members to sponsor you

   the only benifit for a big m member is that you can block big C concencus items, and the community hopes 

   if you get enough trust you can get a recuring access token (above small m member, below philanthropist)

   if you want to help out more then just a regular philiantropist you can be a philantropist ++ 

   if you want to be liable for noisebridge you can become a noisebridge board member, you are responsible for keeping us safe while doing nothing (you dont need to be a big m member to be a board member, but you are beholden to the whims of the membership of noisebridge)

   We need to make this section easier discussion 
   lets fix the manule on the wiki for helping with this.

   ==  New Philanthropists==


   Discussion about pets as members and philanthopist 

   ==  New Members ==


   == Financial Report ==
   Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

   * Funds in bank:
   Crypto: 70,013.40
   Cash: 213,877.27

   Cash amount went down because of security deposit & first month of rent for the new space.

   Our 10 years - it starts when we are legally allowed to occupy the building. Construction is allowed before then.  Any work on improving the space is allowed right now.

   * Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of
   * Any other details by those participating in handling our financials
   * The latest financial reports from the treasurer are available at 

   Noisetor will start up again soon

   == Fundraising Update ==
   How's it all going

   Pyconaut: Fundraising meetings we could do an hour before our ADA meetings, so 5-6pm on Fridays?

   LXPK: That could be a bit too early for people who have work.

   Pyconaut: We could do it the hour after ADA meeting.

   Robert: How long are those meetings?

   LXPK: 1 hour, capped.

   Robert: What if we did 30 min for buildout and fundraising each?

   LXPK: it can be hard to do a lot in 30 minutes

   Pyconaut: Fundraising meetings in the past were 1 hour long, and we barely got anything done.

   == GuildMaster's Report ==
   What is the current state of Guilds at Noisebridge?

   * What guilds are active? (Read the active guilds from Guilds wiki page)
   **(For each guild mentioned, ask if guild rep is present for a brief status update)
   * Would you like to join or start a guild?  Checkout our guidelines or contact MetaGuild for help.

   == Consensus ==

   ===  Proposals from last week  ===
   (Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

   ===  Proposals for next week  ===
   (Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

   == Discussion ==

   === Discussion Item ADA ===
   ADA proposal for buildout and move in

   foot door foot pull (we can make these for free with the steel we already have)

   door panic bar, push door opener

   electronic Button open door kits:
   2 x $625 = $1250 for 2 touchless door openers 

   For bathroom we need a new toilet and a ada bar next to toilet. As well as get a touchless faucet.
   * $262 touchless faucet


   grab bar

$1250 for 2 doors + touchless faucet $262 + grab bar $33 + 1 panic bar for bathroom $129 = approximately $1800

   ADA touchless dual flow toilet
   Still needs research

   Rikke: Should we add a panic bar to the fire escape door?

   LXPK: We'll investigate that for next week.

   Tyler: We might want to remove the second door in the front. Would help when moving as well.

   Pyconaut: We should get a touchless faucet for the bathroom. We already have a touchless soap dispenser. I'm researching touchless dual flow toilets.

   Tyler: I'm dubious about the front door, and how that might interface with our locking system. Need to check if we need to change the front door to one that swings outward.

   LXPK: I have a portable bathroom bar that's two-sided, and that could be something we start with.

   Tyler: We could take the ones from 2169.

   LXPK: Are we planning to contract someone within the next week or two?

   Tyler: Yes, plumbing and electrical will need to be done first.

   Pyconaut: For electrical, we need a layout where we know where everything is going to go, or a larger layout ... For things like the 240V stuff, we'll want each of those items on their own breaker, so you don't trip the breaker when people are welding and laser cutting at the same time. 

   Tyler: I think we'll need to hire an electrician twice.

   Pyconaut: We could do a preliminary electrical buildout and make sure they run enough wires out to where we want to build stuff.

   Tyler: There are some things we need to do straight up, like the light switches upstairs are not near the doors. Also, the upstairs bathroom is terrible.

   Pyconaut: I think we need to just rip that bathroom out. I don't know if a wheelchair can go around the current little section outside that door.

   LXPK: We can discuss some of these things at the next ADA meeting. Don't want to bog down this meeting.

   Rikke: Back to the proposal. So we're going to take the bars from the last space, we need panic bars, electronic openers for downstairs bathroom and front doors. Are we in agreement on this?

   LXPK: Are the old grab bars single-sided? Maybe we should get the two-sided ones?

   Pyconaut: It depends on what kind of wheelchair the person is using.

   LXPK: Ok, it's more complicated than we thought, so we'll do some more research.

   Tyler: We can get the wall mounted one from the old space and get another freestanding one.

   Tyler: How do touchless faucets work? Do they require electricity?

   Pyconaut: Some use batteries (need to be recharged), some are plugged in. The infrared sensors break constantly, and it's terrible trying to fix them. If they break in a certain way, they'll just constantly run water. 
   Budget $1250 for door stuff, $2000-3000 for plumbing.

   Come to friday ADA meeting at 6pm on noisebridge discord

   Should we get a casp inspection right now, and what can we do immediatly to fix issues

   === Discussion Item Moving ===
   Move everything to capp and give notice on 2169

   Tyler: Recently it's been Robert and me working on packing up. The faster we can move stuff, the more we can save money-wise (almost 8k for every month we dont need to pay for 2169).

   Rikke: I thought we would build out the space and then move in. Are we not doing that?

   Tyler: we should empty the old space while building out the new space

   the timing changed and we now are not yet on build out but we 

   Rikke: Since that's not how things panned out, let's take a moment to reassess.

   LXPK: I think the plan was to put everything upstairs and buildout on the first floor.

   Rikke: We do need to have CASp inspection on a relatively clear floor, and have contractors come in...

   Pyconaut: I think we could move 90% of NB into a single room on the second floor.

   X: How many days of people moving things would that take?

   Pyconaut: 1 day. Not talking about the big tools, though the electronics area, library, sewing area, audio area, just the stuff that fits in boxes.  (ok 1 week for easy stuff as covid will limit how much energy we can expend per person per day)

   Tyler: I think 1 full month. We don't want to end up paying double rent.

   Robert: We can continue this on Discuss.

   TODO Timings:
   *Giving 30 Day notice on 2169 (Planned date?)
   *Completion of packing of 2169
   *Casp inspection
   *Timing for actual moving/storing to 272
   *Electrical updates at 272
   *Plumbing updates at 272

   === Discussion Item Safety ===
   COVID Safety for Construction & Moving

   stairwell is a deathtrap as aanything that need to be moved through that area will have static air.

   === Discussion Item Buildout  ===
   The rest of the buildout proposal

   X: As built drawings of space, timing for access, possible co-ordination for Thursday, about a week to do initial evaluation.

   = End of Meeting =