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These are the notes from the The 635th Meeting of Noisebridge.

  • Live notes

  • Date: July 6 2021

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  • Note-taker: Lizzard
  • Moderators: TJ

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

   == Meeting Summary ==
   TLDR what happened at the meeting:
* Fundraising Update (ASK TYLER and put later)
   * Announcements: Meeting at 7pm next week!
   * Finances:
   Cash: 312,076.53
   Crypto: 109,153.59
   Total: 421,230.12
         * New members:
       * New philanthropists:
        * Consensus Items: 
        * Discussion Items:

        = Introductions =

   * TJ - he/they - does robotics and hoping to build a robot for the space!
   * Dave, he/him, electronics and programming and embedded type stuff, worked on the front door today! 
   * Sophia - sewing I guess and what else, she/her, 
   * Lizzard writer and hacker and i scrubbed the fucking gross toilet today!  It's still gross! Also just doing tons of project managing for the buildout for the space organizing stuff so it will scale and we can open faster!
   * loren / mcint here for serendipity! also part of other spaces like sudo room! Cool project might like to work on with people here - listen to wikipedia l2w.hatnote !  
   * harrison loren's friend! here to see what noisebridge is all about!
   * Robot - (in robot voice) I like robots and I teach other people to like robots every saturday eventually! first saturday of the month will be robot education at 10am! please come! have a good day.  I ahsall confirm first saturday Sircuit Seance!
   * Carl - long time noisebridger working on flaschentaschen - work for internet archive sometimes work on mobile apps and web browser extensions and things
   * James - work blue collar - doing mixer and fun audio stuff while listening to meeting
   * evil dan -   he/him, muted - into neuroscience ai programming & art 
   * pyconaut- He him - remote from ramen shop at the Moment. 
   * Tyler - What's up y'all. hack on lots of stuff. has been doing lots of finance stuff for noisebridge - has printed a TINY THING. 
   * Mana - arrived late - 
   * Mark - arrived a bit late
   * Gwen (on chat/jitsi)
   * Frank (on chat/jitsi)

   = Short announcements and events =
   60-second description per item in bulletpoint.
   * Meeting next Tuesday starts at 7pm! Possibly! We can discuss it!
   * Meetings happen in the space now in person and will continue on Jitsi as well
   * Neurotech SF and Gamebridge SF (Pyconaut will add this info later)
   * Next open days, Tuesdays 3-8, Thurs 3-8, Fri evening 6-11, buildout Sat. noon-5 
   * * (Tues: liz + sophia, Thurs: ????  TJ (5)  Fri: Sophia   Sat: 
   * Theoretically there may be a Free Code Camp in the driveway on Tues at 3pm (Paul H.) Not certain he knew he was OK to do that so let's tell him it's fine!!!)
   * First Sat ever month, Circuit hacking "Mondays" but it's the Saturday Soldering Seance. Starting in August!
   * Next Thurs July 15 will be 5MoF - mixer at 6, presentations at 8
   * Sewing area is doing good and looking great! 
   * we have ALMOST a fully functioning front door!
   * Our twitter account is back up and running so if you want NB to retweet you, venmo 5 bucks to Sophia! No questions about where that 5 bucks goes!
   * loren will work on the front living room organizing!
   * loren will bring krug and cups 

   = Excellence =
    Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

   (What does that mean?  How does the Anti-Harassment Policy fit into this?  Are we SURE we know what being Excellent is?  This is an important and fundamental conversation at Noisebridge, so let's give it like 120 seconds.)
   * be nice y'all
   * give people room to fail, give them space, don't try to control everything
   * keep in mind lots of us are a bit neuro a typical and just be cool with that

   = Participation =

Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

    (What does that mean?  How do you get a door key? Access to Slack, Discuss, etc?)
   * Dave: no one works here, you gotta do it yourself! do-ocracy! (do-oh-crazy!) clean up a bit more than your own mess, don't expect anyone else to clean up your mess, nothing happens here unless we do it.  
   * Team work makes the dream work!
   * there is no "I" in noisebridge!
   * More wisdom!

   = Philanthropists=
   A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the community to open and close the space.

   (What does that mean? What do we expect from Philanthropists? How do you become one? etc)

   Liz - I'm looking at every past meeting, back through June 2019 so far and still going further back. I'm seeing who is philanthropized and membered, difficult because there are common names occasionally. We will try to contact people / see if people show up asking for philanthropy / membership proof. Don't have good access now, so it would be for later.

   We don't have to worry about giving a huge explanation of place to person, if we know they're already philanthropists/members etc. Making lists is contentious, so nyms are fine. I'll hand over to membership coordinator, and let them handle the work.

   we don't know where the membership binder(s) are , but we do have one binder, it doesn't contain much (it has new applications)

   TJ is applying to be a philanthropist:  Liz sponsors them!  Clearly they already understand what NB is about. The form is filled out in the binder!  Pyconaut says TJ meets the qualifications .  If you could build anything at Noisebridge what would it be? TJ: I'm working on a robot called Mary's Lamb which will travel around the space and it will look really cute and it will walk up to people, wag its tail, maybe people will throw a couple of bucks at it!
   Does anyone block?  A RINGING SILENCE    Hurrah you are a philanthropist congrats!

   Lizzard is Not a Patient Person

   Carl: Is TJ also applying for membership  TJ No not right now .   Carl: sometimes we want a quorum of members but we don't have enough.  Difference is just you can block Consensus. 

   Both are custodians of space, have 24/7 access IN THEORY (once we have door fixed) 

   (dan via chat) also can sponsor/vouch for philanthropists & moar members
  also members vote for board
  so are necessary for proper beaurocratic functionality

Loren - interested in philanthropist then member later Likes level of effort/commitment He will fill out the form and print it and bring it next time.

Carl? adds philanthropist level so that people could start donating and get 30 day access faster than in a month.

Dave - fineline has a nuanced view of this, being a member is more restrictive, you want to give space for people

TJ - some sort of kerfluffle happened in 2017 over someone's membership not even sure what happened but it meant

Dane has entered the chat!

TBH everyone here doing buildout is doing a lot of work

Liz adds the point of voting on new members is the current members have to agree to give voting/blocking powers to someone and if they seem like contentious or obstructionist you might not want them to

Officers are different from Board

Officers currently are LadyRed (Pres) Tyler (Treasurer) X (Secretary) Board (it is on the 2019 990 form and we can add it later)

= Membership Binder  =
   Membership in Noisebridge entails community Trust in Consensus.

   (What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become a Member? etc)

    = Financial Report =
    Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

        * Funds in bank:
        * Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of
         * Any other details by those participating in handling our financials
        * The latest financial reports from the treasurer are available at

        == Fundraising Update ==
        How's it all going

   * not much update yet
   * next week let's shoot for report on income (donations, membership)
   * events
   * gallery idea (will be fun  Should not be counted on as an income thing)
   * Art night was awesome (robot says)
   * mono mentions last music show got lots of people in and donations
   * * fire safety - door - we are close but not quite there yet! So close! 
   * * noise? neighbors? amplified music? rules? (before 10pm should be ok)
   * Victor wants to get hack comedy back up!
   * we discuss events for a while.   what if someone wants to run an event and that basically shuts down the rest of the space ie you ask them not to grind metal or use the wood shop 
   * liz - but then we're a free event venue and not a hack space. it woudl be rude maybe to grind metal but people CAN
   * Robot - it's a balance but we can do it. 
   * TJ - advocates for balance
   * Loren - we have the upstairs so we can have small events in rooms etc. Or people can hack upstairs 
   * Lizzard - I don't want to see us become a free event venue, we're for hacking learninaand teaching, i like events and we have some events but let's not become an event space
   * Sophia - we can bring it to meetings
   * Mark - historically not a big problem! people running events know they should be excellent
   * Lizzard - concerned we dont want to become event space / party space/ Event spaces don't actually make money on donations the make it on alcohol sales! A lot of work / we're not set up for it / illegal. Sorry I jumped the stack. 
   * Dave - events can help bring money in
   * Robot - Best to have events connected to specific hackery / makery things!
   * Mono - don't see the problem we haven't had a big problem in recent times, we actually had too few events
   * lizzard - thank you that's super reassuring!

       = Consensus =
        Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge works.

       (How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a "block"?)

        ==  Proposals from last week  ==
     (Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a principle objection for to the Consensus Items History page.)

       ==  Proposals for next week  ==
        (Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

    = Discussion =

        == Discussion Item 1 ==
       * Meeting time - change to 7 for future needs to be updated
   * Dave would like to officiall change our start time to 7! It works better!
   * Maybe it was 8? It has been 7 or 8 at various times 

   *Pyconaut - it's been 8 since around 2015 because people were tired after arriving
   * small c consensus to 8 so now we're small c consensus back to 7
   *Any objections? Going once, twice, thrice... Its official (sort of)!

    == Discussion Item 2 ==
   * Omni Commons is raising money 
   * * They have raised 11,700 of 20K goal so far. Can we help them?
   * Sudo room has a separate fundraiser 
   * * Note on potential Sudo Room donation proposal from dane:  ❤️      I might not be able to be around for the whole meeting, but I like the idea of, if Noisebridge is interested in donating money,   ❤️     that it be contingent upon  Sudo Room self-organizing  an online fundraiser to illustrate that Sudo Room folks want the project to survive and be sustainable.
   * * sudo room may be a bit behind on their rent to omni
   * * they are very interconnected but they are different non profit entities
   * Dave - we are likely on board to help them fundraise / donate to sudo room's fundraiser
   * What about offering to match a particular amount
   * we are waiting to see Sudo room's actual fundraiser 
   * James - we're waiting to hear back from sudo
   * Liz - What money do they need to get them out of the hole/ ongoing costs?
   * James - they are in debt 18k currently
   * Dane - sudo is not bringing in enough to pay their rent (just like NB is not) $2k / month rent 
   * Liz - It's just that we have a cash reserve (largely from a big donation to NB)
   * (dan via chat) nb might do well to do matching funds for sudoroom fundraiser
   and maximize publicity for all involved
   maybe match upto 10k
   encourage other matching funders as well
   * Robot - do some due dillegence. Find out why the drop occured before or after covid?
   * Carl - notes from last omni finance committee, no mention of noisebridge donating
   * Loren - it was discussed last week on their wednesday meeting (Sudo's meeting)

    == Discussion Item 3 ==
   * "Limited Open" status.  
   Limited open means what we kinda have Now.  We have some open hours, we have a small group of people who can open and close the space. 
   * Caveat is that the front door (one of our two emergency exits) sticks a little! In process of fixing

   Dave - Immeninently close to fixing the front door issues and we should be back on the RFID system very very soon. We may be able to have a more traditional style "open" status when this is done.

   * Full open status
   We have a way to give RFID and/or key access to people
   * * 

   * Pyconaut: group of mysterious people who are threatening to sue  us for "ADA " being a public space

   * Lizzard: bring it assholes, sue us then. who is this ? As an actual wheelchair user. FFS

   *Dave - We are a private thing
   *Noisebridge is a public institution, which means we must follow ADA requirements.

   * Loren - we have a plan to improve access and are constantly working towards it
   * Mark - Who are these people
   * Pyconaut: there's a group of people you don't know because we've been inaccessible for years

   * Sophia - just to nail down whats happening. there are people threatening noisebridge now? Or in the past?

   * Pyconaut - in the past, though I worry they will be back with more. 
   i just want to ensure noisebridge is doing its utmost to get this stuff done as fast as possible

   * Sophia - what i heard is that we don't have to worry about the ADA stuff because something something less than $5million.

   *Pyconaut - not true

   * Dave - 1. if someone is threatening to sue us, point them to our lawyers We have lawyers, we don't know the law as well as them. 2. We are doing ADA work at max speed. No additional pressure will make it faster. 3. If the problem is that we are an "open space", then maybe we should change that so we are (legally?) a closed space, but we keep things open.

   (dan via chat) we are an "open space" by our own definition, but not a "public space" (legally, as I understand it - not a lawyer, this is not legal advice)

   * James - we are doing all we can for now and the community buildout transition into Capp is strongly committed to ADA. We are on the same team.

   * Lizzard - i have dealt with this stuff a lot. people have a lot of weird concepts about whats involved with suing someone over something like ADA compliance. its quite difficult and there are nuisance lawyers who deal with these people, among other things.  This is one of the more accessible places and communities which try to acommodate me at least as a disabled person! I want to keep working on improving our accessiilibity and host more events for "disabled in tech" events and wheelchair hacking!  

   * TJ - we want more concrete and specific info here, Ryan. Proposals and action items are great here and a better way to approach this topic in our discussion here.

   * Lizzard - this doesn't block our full opening!

   * Pyconaut - did lots of 2020 work on accessiblity stuff and want it to be used

   * Lizzard - totally using it, used the wiki page list of things to order the door opening button!

   * Pyconaut - we wnat to tweet out "noisebridge is open!" 

   * TJ - let' keep to the specifics and what our actual plans are 

   * Dave - Other possible blockers! (physical key system or RFID, it's right around the corner)

   * Mark - there are enough keys floating around we dont need to hand out more unnecessarily. just make sure the people who are around and doing the work have keys

   * Lizzard - mostly i want Dave to have a key b/c he is working on the door! 

   * Sophia needs a key (also lost all her house keys)

   * Lizzard - I will make Dave and sophia keys tomorrow and bring them on Thursday 

    == Discussion Item 4 ==
   Officially having meetings in person
   * having meetings in person now as a general rule 
   * and will continue the jitsi coverage
   * We will also ask on slack to see if someone has an objection to this for some reason we can't imagine
   * mono - checking on who will open for the meeting and what if no one opens and someone shows up?  
   * lizzard + sophia committed to open tuesday around 3 for next couple of weeks, Dave will be backup a bit later (ie after work) 

Discussion Item 5[edit]

   pyconaut - ADA 
   (I think we had this discussion?)

    = End of Meeting =