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These are the notes from the The 676nd Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2022_05_03

Previous Meeting

Next Meeting

Note-takers: Wolf

Moderators: TJ

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary

TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Fundraising Update
  • Announcements:
    • Regularly scheduled things.
    • Laser cutter working again!
    • May 10: Electronic music!
    • May 14: Hack Comedy
  • Finances: We should find a treasurer.
  • New associate members: Les
  • Consensus Items: None
  • Discussion Items:
    • Board elections
    • COVID vaccination policy, and a group that has complications
    • Excellence and Asking to Leave
    • 3D resin printer and Othermill are being repaired
    • Front door is being improved.


  • Alex, meta, event support, gamebridge, he/him
  • JLB, hardware projects, build projects, motor fell off skateboard today
  • Les, pronoun agnostic, she/they, computers, participating somewhat in Wednesday AI meetup
  • Dane, he/him, accessibility, zine hacker, wears pants often
  • Jake, AI scientist, started fitness company. Came to NB in 2016/2017, then Seattle, now back
  • Wolf, he/him, dabbler
  • Mark, games, helping to clean up the space on Tuesdays
  • Matt, computer stuff, been here a few weeks
  • Matthew, ex Noisbridge, 3D Thursdays, looking to become a member again & use the Woodshop. Also HAM radio, electronics, networking, servers.


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

Alex: Don't just not be a dick, go the extra mile, create new kinds of awesome together. If anyone is making you uncomfortable of freaked out, or you just want to be more excellent, the website has pages on restorative communication, finding someone for advice, Ask to Disengage, Ask to Leave (it is excellent to comply if asked, and the work it out later rather than getting into a fight). Mediation can be requested if desired. Anti-harassment policy is there just in case. See Excellence.

Short announcements and events

Mon 7pm: Circuit Hacking Mondays Wed 6PM: AI meetup, next week will take a field trip (somewhere) Wed 7PM: Gamebridge Thur: book club/space hacking Fri: board game night Fri: Free Code Camp (we think?) Sun: Mind/body health & wellness book club.

Today's pizza is sponsored by Lambda Labs, created by Noisebridge member. They do interesting-sounding AI related stuff.

Laser cutter is functional again! Yay! (Ask around for training on how to use it before you start fiddling, please.)

May 10: monthly electronic musician show. Spots to sign up to perform, also volunteers needed. Organized by Frank.

May 14: Hack Comedy

New members/Associate Members

What are they? Is anyone trying to become a philanthropist Associate Member or Member? If not move on. No long discussions.

TODO: figure out how the access control system works wrt membership. (SHED needs updating.)

Also, associate members should remember to get training on Opening and Closing.

Associate Membership applications:

  • Matt: sponsored by Alex

Membership applications:

  • Les: is now a member!
  • Dane (sponsored by Lizzard/TJ/Alex): 1st week
  • Farley (sponsored by TJ/Relay absentee): 1st week
  • Wolf: 1st week (sponsored by TJ/Alex)
  • Hungry Bogart (sponsored by TJ/Naomi): 2nd week

Financial Report

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

Hasn't been updated?

Alex: Ahmad wants to be the new Treasurer (where is Ahmad !?)

Spending Needs

Ask for reimbursement in #finance-wg for small purchases. (General scheme seems to be to ask for small consensus on anything over a few hundred.)

Will be spending a few hundred to have junk hauled away on Thursday.

JLB: Self and Claus looked at front door, either entire assy needs to be replaced (current spring is too strong) or a stronger mechanism (~150W, rather than current 50W). General agreement to replace spring, a less stiff door would be nice. But this requires replacing door frame assembly. Moved to discussion item.

We also need a new camera

Fundraising Update

Alex: Another music show, and will try to do literature. Volunteers to staff outreach would be useful. (~4 people) Just stand there and have a great time. This Saturday.

Big C Consensus Items



Board election

2022 board election

TJ: Vote tally from past couple weeks, election was online. Zero "no" votes, have sorting by most "yes" votes. How do we go from this to a board? Top N?

Alex: Fixed number of seats?

TJ: 4, last time?

Alex: odd number? (Maybe NB wants a board that can deadlock?)

TJ: Yes, 4. Also we need officers, which are separate? Secretary, President, Treasurer, Chair. Lady Red was both board member and Pres, so there can be some overlap.

Alex: Only the Treasurer actually has do to things on a regular basis. Secretary deals with non-financial paperwork sometimes, like correspondence with authorities.

TJ: Top 4 vote getters: Pyconaut, Lizzard, TJ, Dashboard (Lizzard's cat). Also tied w/ Elan (sp?) & Tim.

Alex: Can Dashboard be the chair?

TJ: Ahmad as treasurer? Doesn't seem to be running opposed, and we'd be glad to have him.

TJ: Callout for potential officers (secretary & treasurer).

Alex: Wiki says something. See Board.

Alex: We don't have a chair, Dashboard can do that.


From Bylaws

8.7. Responsibilities of Officers

a. Chairman of the Board

If a chairman of the board of directors is elected, he or she shall preside at board meetings and shall exercise and perform such other powers and duties as the board may assign from time to time. If there is no president, the chairman of the board shall also be the chief executive officer and shall have the powers and duties of the president of the corporation set forth in these bylaws.

b. President

Subject to such supervisory powers as the board may give to the chairman of the board, if any, and subject to the control of the board, the president shall be the general manager of the corporation and shall supervise, direct, and control the corporation's activities, affairs, and officers. The president shall preside at all members' meetings and, in the absence of the chairman of the board, or if none, at all board meetings. The president shall have such other powers and duties as the board or the bylaws may require.

c. Vice Presidents

If the president is absent or disabled, the vice presidents, if any, in order of their rank as fixed by the board, or, if not ranked, a vice president designated by the board, shall perform all duties of the president. When so acting, a vice president shall have all powers of and be subject to all restrictions on the president. The vice presidents shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as the board or the bylaws may require.

d. Secretary

The secretary shall keep or cause to be kept, at the corporation's principal office or such other place as the board may direct, a book of minutes of all meetings, proceedings, and actions of the board, of committees of the board, and of members' meetings. The minutes of meetings shall include the time and place that the meeting was held; whether the meeting was annual, general, or special, and, if special, how authorized; the notice given; the names of persons present at board and committee meetings; and the number of members present or represented at members' meetings.

The secretary shall keep or cause to be kept, at the principal California office, a copy of the articles of incorporation and bylaws, as amended to date.

The secretary shall keep or cause to be kept, at the corporation's principal office or at a place determined by resolution of the board, a record of the corporation's members, showing each member's name, address, and class of membership.

The secretary shall give, or cause to be given, notice of all meetings of members, of the board, and of committees of the board that these bylaws require to be given. The secretary shall keep the corporate seal, if any, in safe custody and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as the board or the bylaws may require.

e. Chief Financial Officer

The chief financial officer shall keep and maintain, or cause to be kept and maintained, adequate and correct books and accounts of the corporation's properties and transactions. The chief financial officer shall send or cause to be given to the members and directors such financial statements and reports as are required to be given by law, by these bylaws, or by the board. The books of account shall be open to inspection by any director at all reasonable times.

The chief financial officer shall (i) deposit, or cause to be deposited, all money and other valuables in the name and to the credit of the corporation with such depositories as the board may designate; (ii) disburse the corporation's funds as the board may order; (iii) render to the president, chairman of the board, if any, and the board, when requested, an account of all transactions as chief financial officer and of the financial condition of the corporation; and (iv) have such other powers and perform such other duties as the board or the bylaws may require.

If required by the board, the chief financial officer shall give the corporation a bond in the amount and with the surety or sureties specified by the board for faithful performance of the duties of the office and for restoration to the corporation of all of its books, papers, vouchers, money, and other property of every kind in the possession or under the control of the chief financial officer on his or her death, resignation, retirement, or removal from office.

Vaccination & the Hacker meetup in late May

TJ: Meetup on 21st. Last week, someone approached us with an idea: artists/tech people/creators come on Saturday and work on stuff. In theory, right up NB's alley & good networking. Complication: original organizer is not vaccinated, and we have a requirement for that, especially for meetups.

Alex: Reason why not vaccinated?

TJ: Dunno, personal, we asked them and they said "no".

Alex: Already had COVID?

TJ: They're going to argue a bunch; clearly didn't think it was effective or whatever.

TJ: They have backed off, then another member (Jason) reached out: every other week, vaccinated members only? In meantime, stirred controversy in #space-guardians: how do we make sure that we enforce vaccination rule? Potential improvements to space, like signage or better filtration?

TJ: RE meetup itself, would like someone to get in contact with Jason; best of both worlds to have vaccinated members come over every other week. But I would like to step down from this conversation. Anyone else want to reach out and discuss/liase with Jason and group?

Les: Can have conversation. But concerned that if leader isn't vaccinated, and other members aren't, could be red flag.

TJ: Jason is vaccinated; could do trial run, don't anticipate vaccine req being hindrance to attendance; leader won't attend but understands.

Alex: Is Jason or anyone else a Noisebridger?

TJ: Don't think so.

Alex: Could he come to meeting?

TJ: Maybe? I want to step back, but would like to see it continue on.

JLB: What do you need? Just be here Sat and let them in?

TJ: That, but also controversy because original person was not vaccinated (& general NB reaction was "no"): so would like liason to keep NB in loop about planning discussions. They're on Discord, DM details from TJ. Also discuss with #space-guardians.

TJ: Also, signage? Require cards? Ventilation/filtration? Being more explicit?

Wolf: We had a policy of asking but not looking for card, but was temporary?

JLB: Was un-consensed?

TJ: Was big-C consensed at one point

JLB: We decided to put out a sign instead.

Mark: If it was temporary, how long?

TJ tracked down consensing. But wording is unclear.

General discussion concludes that we should re-up this policy and make termination clear.


  • Les will liase w/ Jason online, though can't meet them on Sat.
  • Alex will do wiki/signage stuff for above.
  • JLB can meet them on Saturdays.
  • TJ will propose updated consensus item for vaccination, with more explicit wording.

Ask to leave

TJ: Reminder: don't put food in the downstairs "refreshments" fridge. There's a separate food fridge nearby.

TJ: People living in the space causes drama.

Mark: Let's handle individuals as individuals.

Alex: Mediation available.

Conclusion to discuss w/ relevant people.

Mark: Alex explained conflict resolution at top of meeting; Ask to leave should be invoked by community at large, Ask to Disengage is a first step for individuals bothering each other. There was an incident recently where some people got into it with each other; they've been spending a lot of time at the space; IMO they did not follow excellent conflict resolution procedure & didn't have anyone to guide them through it. That said, some people are helping them through it.

TJ: Any objections to Ask to Leave being a community thing?

Note that ATL is "until conflict is resolved", not an 86 or banning or specific-time-limit.

Alex: Depends on severity

Mark: People abuse for petty intrapersonal conflicts, when they could just avoid each other.

Alex: That's why Ask to Disengage was added. We should remind people that it's a starting point.

Mark: But when people don't get the memo...

JLB: We should have more posters

Alex: Working on it!

Mark: Amend anti-harrassment policy?

Alex: Should be adjacent to other signage, working on an update to all.

Mark: When you give a tour, make sure to point it out!

Alex: Quick summary that I usually give, is in Excellence section above.


JLB, Alex, Zach discuss.

Zach: have the Othermill and working on repairing it. (See "Othermill Repair Log" thread on discuss.) Need someone to steward it and teach people to use it properly. JLB volunteers.

Conics 350 resin printer

TJ: needs measuring.

Zach: Will help fix, contact me on Discuss! See note on printer.

Front door

See "Spending needs" above

Mark: Elan's update:

Some updates for the meeting: I put together a pull request adding the projects to the donation database. Waiting to be deployed by SuperQ+Jof The door contractor people had to reschedule due to a truck issue - will let ppl know once I have a time. Going to try and spend some time to fix it myself this week

Mark: JLB/Claus are making efforts in parallel, and should get in touch with elan.

Do-ocratic Task Board

Participation also means doing stuff to contribute to the space. Propose new tasks or pick some tasks from Github, from what needs to be done around you, or whatever, and see if someone will sign up to work on that task. Anyone can sign up and it's a great way to show you are contributing! If not in contact with JD by next week, scales are out. Stuff in cabin also set to be removed

End of Meeting