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Meetings every Tuesday at 8 PM US/Pacific at 2169 Mission St., San Francisco This meeting is for members and non-members alike, everyone is welcome. Agenda items tend to typically include introductions, updates on projects happening in the space and upcoming events. Meetings normally end with general socializing and in depth discussion of any topics brought up earlier. We try to keep the formal part under 1 hour and socialize the rest of the evening. Use the Meeting Notes Template to create a new agenda for next week.

This page was created for practical purposes. Although you can theoretically access the notes from prior meetings based on Category:Meeting_Notes, such a method is inherently unreliable based on the requirement that the meeting notes have the category properly tagged. Also, such a system limits the ability to enhance the meeting archive list with a brief description of the meeting contents, items that were up for consensus, new member notation, or other matters.

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