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About Meetings

We meet every Tuesday at 8 PM US/Pacific at 2169 Mission St., San Francisco

Every week, Noisebridge meets to discuss issues relevant to our community. The meeting is for members and non-members alike: everyone is welcome.

Agenda items tend to typically include introductions, updates on projects happening in the space and upcoming events. Meetings normally end with general socializing and in depth discussion of any topics brought up earlier. If you have a topic that you'd like to discuss at next week's meeting, please add it to the agenda.

Meetings -- like all things -- at Noisebridge operate by consensus. If you've never seen consensus in action before, you may find your first meeting much less perplexing if you read about consensus first.

Meeting Notes

At every meeting, someone takes notes so that we have some idea what's happened. Secretaribot should do this automatically, but if there isn't a page for next week's meeting, Use the Meeting Notes Template to create a new agenda for next week.