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Noisebridge participants meet in person at 272 Capp AND online every Tuesday at 7:00 PM/19:00 US/Pacific due to Covid. Space at 272 Capp St., San Francisco and on Jitsi live-streaming using Pad note-taking. Noisebridge is beginning to reopen and welcoming vaccinated participants to help in setting up and beginning to use the space.

Almost every week, Noisebridge meets to discuss issues relevant to our community. The meeting is for members and non-members alike: everyone is welcome.

At Meetings you can introduce yourself, apply to join Noisebridge, bring up discussion topics, and debate consensus proposals.


Weekly Agenda Items

Agenda items tend to typically include:

  1. Preparation: Note-takers and Facilitators volunteer and copy the Meeting Notes Template into Pad.
  2. Introductions: We introduce ourselves and our interests.
  3. Announcements: updates on projects, upcoming events, recruiting maintainers, etc.
  4. Call For Topics: Discussion topics are proposed for later in the meeting.
  5. Do-ocracy: Doocratic task list items are discussed, proposed, claimed, and reported on.
  6. Joining: Participants find sponsors to apply to join via philanthropy and membership.
  7. Consensus: Major decisions and spending are proposed and modified, passed or blocked.
  8. Discussion Topics: Discussions that impact the Noisebridge space as well as its visitors.
  9. Note-takers Save & Share Notes: Note-takers save the note archives and share them to channels.
  10. Post-Meeting Socializing: Meetings normally end with socializing and continuation of earlier topics.

Next Week's Agenda

If you have a topic that you'd like to discuss at next week's meeting, you are entirely welcome to add it to the agenda.

Understanding Consensus

Meetings -- like all things -- at Noisebridge operate by consensus. If you've never witnessed consensus in action, you will probably find your first meeting much less perplexing by reviewing and getting an essential grasp of our consensus process beforehand.

  • Make sure to look at meeting instructions! These contain the agenda, and plenty of tips for making things run smoothly.
  • Please be aware that Regular Members may or may not decide to attend any particular meeting at their own discretion and/or as their schedules permit.


Meetings are held Tuesdays starting around 7pm offline at 272 Capp St. and online via live video stream on the Jitsi stream. (similar to Zoom, this is a live video chat where anyone can join: )

Meeting Notes

At every meeting, someone takes notes so that we have some idea what's happened. Secretaribot should do this automatically, but if there isn't a page for next week's meeting, Use the Meeting Notes Template to create a new agenda for next week.