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Infrastructure discussion meetup at noisebridge, since June 2023.

We're helping people learn linux skills, self-host their own website and applications, and possibly contributing to noisebridge's infrastructure!

Bring a laptop!

What is infrastructure

Here we discuss, not how to make software, but how to make it useful to ourselves and people we want to support. Come if you like or want to learn more about Linux, self-hosting,

Not at this meetup: bridges, roads; but maybe: cell phones, radio links, community building through forums.

Join us

In-person, or online!

Place & time

Monday nights, 7pm to 8:30pm. Often upstairs at the front tables.

We keep live notes at, and save notes linked at the bottom of this page.


Find us in Noisebridge's Discord, in the #meetup-infra channel, and on meetup, "All things infrastructure", this meetup event and similarly named events to follow.

Meeting Format

See Meetups/Infra/Template or, as an overview:

  • Introductions. Name, background, goals or interests for the meeting.
  • Lesson or demo
  • Questions & discussion
  • Readings & exercises for future meetings

Past sessions