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(Board Member Nominations)
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== Board Member Nominations ==
== Board Member Nominations ==
* John Waters
* John Waters
* Al Sweigart ([[User:Turkshead|Turkshead]])

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The Noisebridge Bylaws tell us to have a general member meeting every year. (We didn't have one in 2009. Oops. We did have a board election, though.)

At the December 14 regular meeting we decided to have the 2010 Member Meeting on January 18, 2011. This is open for discussion, and will be consensed on next week, at the December 21 meeting.

Member Meeting Agenda[edit]

  • Call the member meeting to order
  • Noisebridge identity, by slee
  • Elect a board
  • General Business
  • Close the member meeting

to be followed by

Board Meeting Agenda[edit]

  • Appoint new officers (or reappoint existing ones)
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer

Board Member Election Process[edit]

  • Just like Last year, we'll use ping's condorcet implementation.
  • Any member in good standing (pay your dues!) can nominate board members.
  • The nominee should be willing to be a board member.
  • Jof is running the election.

Board Member Nomination Process[edit]

  • Edit the list below, giving the name of the nominee.

Board Member Nominations[edit]