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Who is a member?

(Please do not edit this page without a consensus decision, it's the official process that has been agreed on by consensus. To change it, bring up your desired changes at a meeting.)

How to become a member of Noisebridge

  • Fill out top third of the form that can either be downloaded below or can be found in the membership binder at the space.
  • Put the form in the binder.
  • Each meeting, there is a standing agenda item to read the applicants out of the binder.
  • A month passes, during which the applicant gets 2 sponsors to sign their form.
  • After this month, the applicant is approved by the general membership. at that point they fill out the bottom third of the form. It is perfectly acceptable to postpone the approval until the next meeting (or the next, etc).
  • The new member gives the Treasurer their dues, and the Secretary the form.

During the month, anyone can look in the binder at the names. If an existing member has a problem with one of the applicants, they should take time during that month to try and resolve the problem. They may ask another member to be a proxy for them to either help resolve the problem (preferred) or to voice their objection at the approval meeting.

The membership form may be downloaded here. There are also copies at the space. The binder is located on the desk at the entrance, next to the donation bin. Note that these items might be relocated through the space over time.

How to leave Noisebridge

  • To go 'on hiatus' you merely have to notify the treasurer and secretary. You then don't pay dues, and are not able to block a consensus item. When you want to come back again (i.e. you got the job or returned to the country) you simply start paying dues again.
  • To stop being a member you notify the treasurer and secretary. This is different from going on hiatus in that if you want to come back you have to go through the joining process again.
  • If you have not paid dues for three months or more, and have not responded to at least three months of contact attempts by the treasurer or other board member or officer, your membership can be revoked by Noisebridge. If you later want to rejoin, you must go through the joining process again.