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== Questions about Membership ==
== Questions about Membership ==

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Who is a member?

Questions about Membership

Do I have to be a member to use the space?

Noisebridge is open to Full Members, to Associate Members, and to properly vouchsafed guests thereof. New visitors are always welcome to participate in activities and use the space. We do require that you follow our only rule -- to be excellent.
Those who use the space extensively are encouraged to look into membership or otherwise make donations to support the continued operation of Noisebridge.
It is highly recommended that you read up on How to Enter Noisebridge.

How does one become a member? What is the cost of membership?

Please check out Membership for instructions on how to become a member. Membership dues are $80 per month; if $80 is a hardship, we have a special $40/month "starving hacker" rate. We're funded entirely by dues and donations, so we encourage everyone to be a full member if they can afford it. Of course you can always donate additional funds if you're so inclined!

What resources do members have access to?

  • Participation in consensus decision making about issues and matters dealing with the space during our weekly meetings.
  • The gratitude of everyone who walks through the door for helping make such a cool place happen.

Do I have to be a member to attend classes or workshops?

No, classes and workshops are open to everyone. Check out the events page to see upcoming events and classes.

Do I have to be a member to support Noisebridge?

Not at all! Lots of people don't want to become a full member, which can be a little long-winded, but still want to give something to Noisebridge and the community. You can set up a monthly donation for $10/mo $20/mo$40/mo$80/mo or any amount you like.

How can I pay my membership dues or donate?

You can pay your monthly membership dues in any number of ways, including PayPal (which allows paying from a bank account or credit card), writing a check to "Noisebridge", doing a direct wire transfer or giving cash.
Click here for more details.

Are membership dues tax deductible?

It's complicated: maybe, but donations (in excess of dues) are!
Click here for more details.

Questions about 2169

When is Noisebridge open?

Our space (2169 Mission) is open 24/7. Those who wish to visit the space and need access are advised to contact an existing member, call our Payphone or check on IRC if there's any doubt as to whether or not anyone will be at the space.

Can I keep active projects in the space?

Yes! If you have something that won't fit on your shelf, it's best to get the approval of the membership to bring it to the space. Common sense should apply here.

What happens if I bring my tools into the space?

Members can keep personal tools and items on their shelves, which are kept separate from donated tools and items. Tools given to the space (not kept on shelves) are considered to be a donation to the 501(c)3 nonprofit, accessible to any member at any time. Donations are not returnable or refundable.

How do (junk) donations work?

Junk donations are a problem in the space right now. If you want to bring something by the space, please check with members to get a general feel for whether or not it will be a good thing to hack. There are better resources for getting rid of your junk.

How can I donate to Noisebridge?

You can donate to Noisebridge in any number of ways, including PayPal (which allows paying from a bank account or credit card), writing a check to "Noisebridge", doing a direct wire transfer, or giving cash.
Click here for more details.

Are donations to Noisebridge tax deductible?

Noisebridge is an educational non-profit CA corporation for the public good, and we have 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Donations and dues may be tax deductible, talk with a tax expert to have them see if the rules apply to your particular situation.