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This is our procedure for removing someone's membership. It is a process that takes 2 meetings, and is very similar to our normal consensus process.

It is currently our proposed process, and has not been ratified my consensus yet.

1. Someone makes an agenda item for meeting 1, stating "Let's kick out Member X, and here's why."

2. Secretary (or proxy) notifies Member X via the contact information Member X has provided to the secretary, no later than 1 day after meeting 1, that a removal action has been proposed

3. At meeting 1, discuss. Member X is encouraged to reply, if present.

4. At meeting 2, take the consensus on removing Member X. Member X may not block consensus on this item only. Membership removal is effective immediately.

5. If Member X is removed by consensus, secretary (or proxy) removes them from the official membership list, then notifies them that such action has been taken according to the contact information that Member X has provided.