Milk and Cookies

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David Molnar would like to host a "Milk and Cookies" event in the space. The idea is pretty simple: everyone brings something to read out loud for 5 to 7 minutes. Bring whatever you want - an essay, a short story, a novel excerpt, a technical paper, the quotes book, a circuit schematic, a beautiful theorem and its proof, just bring something that speaks to you. Then tell it to us.

We drink milk, eat cookies, and learn a bit more about each other by listening to our reading choices. I've been part of a group in the past that does this, it is a lot of fun. Maybe we could add beer, too.

Refreshments - at least two ideas here:

  1. Everyone chips in $5 or so for buying the refreshments. Organizer buys ahead of time.
  2. We do a potluck, no money changes hands.

Add your name below if you are interested. We will work out the time for the event after the build out is finished.

  • David Molnar
  • Jacob Appelbaum
  • Mitch Altman
  • jim stockford
  • Meredith L. Patterson
  • Audrey Penven