Ministry of Contagion

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Proceedings of the Temporary Provisional Ministry of Contagion

(work in progress ...)


  • Bad news: elevated risk of contagion in and around 2169 Mission
  • Good news: hazards might possibly be mitigated via engineering and education



  • Unscheduled visitors not wearing masks and/or not maintaining distance
  • Stairway air
  • High-touch surfaces
  • Air inside NB
  • Grocery store on 1st floor (and similar elsewhere in neighborhood)
    • No room for distancing
    • People without masks.
  • For people emerging from long shelter-in-place isolation:
    • Be aware of urge to engage in conversation
    • Be aware of influence via apparently normalized complacency
    • Possibly less active immune system (?)


  • Raise awareness: Visiting 2169 Mission is a risky activity. (Pepper yourself!)
  • Initiate scheduled volunteers
    • Agreed-upon protocols
      • Buddy system
      • Limit frequency of visits, consider post-visit quarantine
      • Contact tracing / scheduled followup
  • Disallow unscheduled visitors
    • Avoid extended conversation when explaining
    • Refer them to written info (such as this wiki page, etc - a printout or card would be nice)
    • Be pleasant but do not risk health of self and others to accommodate
      • Any rare exceptions should be discussed first with buddy and others in the space
      • Contact tracing / scheduled folluwup
  • Stairway:
    • One person (or buddy pair?) at a time
    • Avoid conversation on the way up the stairs
  • High-touch surfaces:
    • Indicate in all possible ways (ie, visual, tactile, audible)
    • Doorknobs
    • Light switches
    • Bathroom
    • Microwave
    • Etc etc etc ...
    • Disinfect all touchable surfaces when arriving as well as before leaving
    • and/or wear gloves (?)
  • Air inside NB:
    • Limit amount of time breathing in the space
    • Schedule "free-breathing" breaks
    • Anticipate unmasking
      • ADA accommodation (?)
      • Designated area by window if (non-buddy) others in space
      • Buddy pairs (or "social bubbles" ?) maybe could be maskless by mutual consent (?)
        • recent SF order stipulates okay for "same household" working in area not accessible to public
        • also may be okay if sufficiently distanced
      • Ventilate thoroughly before leaving
    • Technology: vents / air filters / (ionizers? UV?)
  • Maintaining distance:
    • Technology: proximity alarm ... ("SIX FEET, ASSHOLE!")
  • Grocery store etc: be aware of risk, avoid unless properly (N95 etc) masked.
    • Bring lunch etc
    • NB could (should) provide supplies, snacks, beverages, coffee etc