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Mitch normally gives these two different workshops while traveling:

1)   Variety of Cool Kits

-- all ages, all skill levels, about 3 hours, kit prices range from £10 to $20 (see below for kits and prices). More info:

2)   Arduino For Total Newbies

-- all skill levels, about 4 hours, £35 (plus optional $20 programming/communications cable). More info:


Kits and other items that Mitch will have available on his Workshop Tour
(Mitch will bring these, or ship them ahead to you.):

price name description
£15 TV-B-Gone keychain turn off TVs in public places!
£15 TV-B-Gone kit turn off TVs in public places at 50 meters away!
£20 TV-B-Gone Pro turn off TVs in public places at 100 meters away!
£15 Brain Machine kit Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!
£10 TripGlasses Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!
£20 Mignonette Game kit make your own handheld game console!
£10 for one
£15 for two
Trippy RGB Waves kit interactive blinky lights!
£15 LEDcube kit animated 3D cube!
£15 MiniPOV kit write messages in the air!
£15 MintyBoost kit charge your USB enabled gadgets!
£15 BoArduino kit make your own fully functional Arduino -- for solderless breadboards!
£15 Diavolino kit make your own shield-compatible Arduino!
£15 programming and communications cable (FTDI Friend) program your Arduino clone with Windows, MacOS, or Linux!
£15 Open Heart kit animate fun patterns in the shape of a heart!
£20 LoL Shield kit Lots of LEDs! for your Arduino!
£15 Drawdio kit make noise by drawing lines with this pencil!
£15 microcontroller programmer kit (USBtinyISP) program all your AVR family chips!
£35 Arduino For Total Newbies workshop kit Learn Arduino by making TV-B-Gone as an example!

More info on many of these projects:

Requirements of the hosting spaces for Mitch's workshops

Mitch will have all of the kits with him. There is no need for anyone to purchase kits from Mitch in advance.

Each space will need to provide the following to have a successful workshop:

  • For each participant:
    • 1 soldering iron, 15W to 40W
    • 1 soldering iron stand
    • 1 cellulose (not plastic) sponge (for cleaning the soldering iron tip)
    • 1 small wire cutter (similar to 10cm wire cutters)
    • 1 or 2 AC outlets (with extension cords and/or AC power strips to make things work)
    • 1 chair
    • table space
    • enough lighting so that people can see small things while soldering

  • Each space will also need to have:
    • 1 roll of good, thin, 60/40 (Sn/Pb), rosin core solder (similar to 0.81mm diameter solder with lead)
            [If you can only get lead-free solder, we can deal with it, but solder with lead is so much nicer.]
    • 1 hot glue gun
    • hot glue sticks that fit in the hot glue gun
    • 1 small needle nose pliers (similar to 10cm needle nose pliers)
    • tip tinner (similar to this)
    • 1 wire strippers (similar to adjustable wire stipper)
    • 1 solder sucker (similar to this)
    • 1 roll solder wick (similar to 2mm wide)
    • 1 paper scissors
    • a pile of alkaline AA batteries

All of the above are good to have at your space so that you can continue to have soldering workshops long into the future.

  • For the Arduino For Total Newbies workshop, I also need:
    • Projector
    • Microphone and amplifier will be helpful
    • Internet (wireless or wired) is helpful


Please publicize your workshop! This is an opportunity for people in the community to learn some cool stuff. It is also an opportunity to draw more cool geeks to your hackerspace.

My instruction is always free. I only ask that I get reimbursed for cost of the kits.

But feel free to use this as a fund-raiser for you space. And in any case, be sure to have a donation box available during the workshops.

Here is a link to more info on the Arduino For Total Newbies workshop:

Here are some links to publicity from past workshops -- feel free to copy from these:
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