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Modular? Synth? What?

How do I start? We'll cover whatever.

Insert cool schematic

What Do I Need?

Help with the following

  • Help setup and run silent art auction table with Tony (and keep an eye on the art)
  • Someone to pick up Tofu entree from Dang in the East Bay by tomorrow if he cannot deliver (check discuss)
  • Someone to help Dara with Livestreaming (see discuss)
  • Someone to take amazing photographs of the event as it is happening. Know anyone????
  • Please help expand this (as of 3/28)
  • Help Danny with running the raffle and setting up donation jars around the space (see discuss)

General Things You Can Do

  • Add your own table (at no cost) to promote your interests throughout the event.
  • Volunteer for space security, general cleanup, setup and teardown.
  • Help us expand Bitcoin support!
  • Bring stickers and patches for the exchange!
  • Working printer for printing information for event tables on various topics.

To get involved, subscribe & post to Noisebridge-discuss

If You Would Like to Join Us

Learn the basics on Saturday, May 4th from 12pm - 6pm. Please add your name to the list.

Reserve Your Spot


Your Name Attending or Maybe Whole Time or Just Part E-mail
Douglas Guaranteed Whole unknown
Your Name Attending or Maybe Whole Time or Just Part E-mail