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(Space Report)
(Space Report)
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* 2017 Mission (at 16th).
* 2017 Mission (at 16th).
Nana, [[User:Elgreengeeto Skory]], [[User:Ryanc Ryan]] and [[User:Miloh]] viewed the space on 06.10.09
Nana, [[User:Elgreengeeto|Skory]], [[User:Ryanc|Ryan]] and [[User:Miloh|Miloh]] viewed the space on 06.10.09

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Space Report

  • 2017 Mission (at 16th).

Nana, Skory, Ryan and Miloh viewed the space on 06.10.09

SPACE: 2017 Mission, east half of 3rd floor.


   * Asking Price:   $5500 /month + utilities + property tax portioning
   * Terms:       5 year lease requested, negotiable
   * Size: 4700 Sq. Ft.
   * Floor Style:   Gorgeous hardwood finished floors
   * Ceiling Height:  12-16' with skylights, roof access by inside & outside fire escape (accessible only for installation)
   * Private Entrance: No, lobby entrance to building and hallway entrance to floor
   * 24/7 Access: Yes
   * Privacy / Sound Isolation: 6
   * Safety of Neighborhood: 9
   * Shower: No
   * Bathroom: Yes, ADA  && Shared between 2 spaces on 11k sq. foot floor
   * Kitchen: Gas outlet (we think) available in what was a kitchen area --
   * In San Francisco: Yes
   * Transit Availability: 10++ (Building is on the SE corner of 16th and Mission)
   * Power: 9 good (checked breaker panel)
   * Connectivity:  Server Closet, Rack, wired patch panels, CAT5 spaghetti throughout due to previous tenents
   * Accessibility:  ADA + Freight elevator through neighboring building

Link Me to photos: [1]

Other notes:

Double pane windows, no central air or heat -- good view of downtown.. the space would require much less bring-up than others, with the exception of removing some partitioned areas to open it up a bit.

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