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= Updated Lease 2015 =  
= Updated Lease 2015 =  
In July 2015 we renewed our lease for 3 years at a new rate of $4,356/month. [[Media : Lease-2015-final.pdf]]
In July 2015 we renewed our lease for 3 years at a new rate of $4,356/month. [[Media : Lease-2015-final.pdf]]
= Updated Lease 2017 =
The lease signed in 2015 expires August 31, 2018.  The rent has been $4,356 per month. The matter was discussed at a [[New_space_meeting_2017_12_09|meeting on December 9, 2017]].
= Overview =
= Overview =
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= Build =
= Build =
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See [[Build]] for historical information.
See [[Build]] for historical information.

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How to get there[edit]

See Getting Here.

Lease signed[edit]

Scan of the lease : Media : 2169_Mission_signed_lease-cleaned.pdf .

Text is as the proposed lease linked below, with a couple of very minor changes to the filled-in blanks and an addendum detailing our roof access rights. Lease term starts September 1. We are allowed use of the space for buildout as of now.

Updated Lease 2015[edit]

In July 2015 we renewed our lease for 3 years at a new rate of $4,356/month. Media : Lease-2015-final.pdf

Updated Lease 2017[edit]

The lease signed in 2015 expires August 31, 2018. The rent has been $4,356 per month. The matter was discussed at a meeting on December 9, 2017.


Mailing Address[edit]

(Your name)
c/o Noisebridge
2169 Mission St
3rd floor
San Francisco, CA


See Buildout


  • Initial visit: 2009-07-10
  • Group visit & inspection: 2009-07-14

Moving Checklist[edit]

If we do move into 2169, these things should be done.

before September 1st[edit]

  • notify Ahuva Jolish (83C landlord) that we will be vacating as of the end of September and not going month-to-month on our 83C lease.


  • Contact insurance agents. Ask for quotes of $1MM general liability insurance (or whatever lease terms want). Current insurance is MIF Insurance, agent Pauline Nagata.
  • Set up utilities for new space: trash, water, electricity, internet


  • Set up cancellation date for Internets at 83c.


We have the keys! Moving day!

  • Move all objects from 83c to 2169.
  • Readdress the machines at 2169 Mission from to


  • Update the wiki's front page to remove references to 83c and add pointers to the new space.
  • Double-check that no items are left at 83c.
  • Clean up 83C to bring it back to "normal wear & tear" so we get our deposit back.
  • Change the lock on 83c.


  • 12ft ceilings (approx)
  • 5600sf quoted
  • 3500lb freight elevator available from lobby
  • $3600/mo 3yr lease quoted
  • available now, would like us to move in 2009-08-01 or 2009-08-15; negotiable, but there's another tenant who is willing to start 2009-10-01 so if we don't preempt we lose the space.
  • family owned, we talked to the son (seems like a nice guy with his shit together), they live in SF
  • three stairwells plus front fire escape
  • third floor of 3, 8 skylights (currently painted over), full floor
  • access stairway shared with 2nd floor (which houses a garment manufacturing operation), with security gates on each floor.
  • landlords OK with our membership structure and access philosophy
  • no PGE gas lines in bldg
  • concrete pillars with apparently wood frame floors (floor finished in mix of wood, linoleum, and tile)
  • former sewing factory, tons of electrical distribution & comes with several Jukis!
  • windows on Mission and on rear
  • two tiny bathrooms
  • many 8ft walls separating space are easily removed as we desire
  • a few small full-height rooms, we would want to build out to our spec
  • roof appears to be in reasonable shape
  • roof access is through the space, available for antennas / repairs but not for general access (no roof deck or hottub)
  • no HVAC
  • has installed sprinklers, the landlord is going to have them serviced and certified before move-in
  • utilities, garbage, etc are responsibility of tenant
  • we are welcome to take out the existing dividing walls and build to suit


A search on SF's crime map of the area on Mission St between 16th St and 18th St (but largely not including 16th BART) has 51 incidents over the past 30 days:

6 assaults, 33 narcotics/drugs, 2 larceny/theft, 5 robberies, 3 vandalisms, and 2 vehicle thefts.

(I searched within 500 feet of the intersection of Mission St & 17th St which gave a near-perfect radius encompassing the walk from BART to this address, estimating the additional crime exposure we would have between this place and 83c)


  • are property taxes responsibility of owner or of tenant? (is the lease NNN?)
    • A copy of the proposed lease is in 83C in one of the membership binders in the kitchen cabinet. From my (Rachel's) reading of it, it's not triple Net; property taxes are not mentioned. We would be required to carry insurance but not, IIRC, against building issues. But we should doublecheck these things.
  • is there a water heater?
  • is there Comcast in the building?
    • Comcast service is available for the building. Matt Petersen mentions no wiring in the MPOE but this can be fixed.
  • what kind of ventilation is there for a kitchen, a shop, a photolab, and any other project that would require it?
    • the front and rear window walls are easy to ventilate through. There are not vents in the roof and installing them would require a contractor -- not impossible, but a bit expensive. Adi 23:05, 10 July 2009 (PDT)
  • how easy will it be to bring bikes in and out?
    • Up two flights of stairs to the space, through a doorway. Easy to install bike racks as we choose. Adi 23:05, 10 July 2009 (PDT)
  • what are the electric and water bills of the last tenant for a few months? we'll have less electricity use most likely but possibly more water.
  • is the space wheelchair accessible?
    • There is a freight elevator that goes from the street level to the space. It may or may not be ADA compliant, but as a practical matter it will enable wheelchair users to get upstairs. Adi 20:57, 12 July 2009 (PDT)
  • is the elevator locked? Is it the sort of setup where a person who needs the elevator would have to call someone to bring the elevator down and up again from some alleyway? (as is the case at the Jon Sims Center) --Lizzard 16:16, 4 August 2009 (PDT)
  • who pays for elevator maintenance?
    • The landlords pay for elevator maintenance.
  • how high can the lights be moved? (e.g. probably some code restriction from the sprinklers)

Detailed notes[edit]

  • Floor (Sai Emrys)
    • deep gouge next to bathroom; possible water damage / rot
    • rat hole in wall next to rear staircase
    • large hole and water damage along base of exterior wall next to roof ladder
    • many broken kitchen tiles
    • wood floors throughout are sagging and uneven; possibly indicates damage to between-beams floor support structure
    • water damage on wood floor next to DJ booth
    • paper-mache covering base of one of large vertical pipes near roof ladder; possibly covering damage? doesn't seem like a good fix
  • roof
  • Windows (Christie)


Dirty Shop[edit]

This is the western-most built out room, with a size of 24'4" x 16'3".

West Classroom[edit]

This is the middle built out room. Dimensions 14'1" x 16'3".

East Classroom[edit]

This is the eastern-most built out room. It has no eastern wall, and instead leaves open a passage way (see map). From the west wall to the linoleum is about 15'. It is also 16'3" from its north-south walls.




See Zoning.

Proposed Enhancements[edit]



See Build for historical information.