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  • 12ft ceilings
  • 5600sf quoted
  • 3500lb freight elevator
  • three stairwells plus front fire escape
  • third floor of 3, 8 skylights (currently painted over), full floor
  • no PGE gas lines in bldg
  • concrete pillars with apparently wood frame floors (floor finished in mix of wood, linoleum, and tile)
  • former sweatshop, tons of electrical distribution
  • $3600/mo 3yr lease quoted
  • available now, would like us to move in 2009-08-01 or 2009-08-15
  • family owned, we talked to the son (seems like a nice guy with his shit together), they live in SF
  • windows on Mission and on rear
  • two tiny bathrooms
  • many 8ft walls separating space are easily removed as we desire
  • a few small full-height rooms, we would want to build out to our spec
  • roof appears to be in reasonable shape
  • roof access is through the space, available for antennas / repairs but not for general access (no roof deck or hottub)