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This is a page for capturing ideas associated with the buildout of 2169 Mission #300 (aka The Sweatshop). Google doc budget spreadsheet here

Service Requirements[edit]

  • City waste dumpster and permits
  • Sales tax free account at local big box hardware/contractor store (yay 501(c)(3))

Pre Move Stuff from 2009-08-07[edit]

  • landlord point of contact - andy
    • remove drying racks or junk?
    • industrial sewing machines
      • $200 a piece to us
    • landlord dealing w/ sliding doors to fire escape
      • no idea what this is but it kept getting mentioned
  • moving day - reuben
  • walls - shannon
    • wall plan
      • recycle as much material as possible for bath/walls/etc
      • new floor plan
    • area of rescue assitance
      • in shop?
      • near side exit ok?
    • lighting
      • rear area should be raised at leats 2'
      • projectionable spaces
  • interwebs - matt petersen
  • kitchen/bath - miloh/christie
    • kitchen
      • standalone counter/sink
      • electric stove (no gas hookup)
      • test existing fridge?
      • placement?
        • rearward but along which axis?
      • drain stub work contemporary w/ bathroom work
      • dishwasher? disposal?
      • kitchen wants/needs - stove + 2 circuits
    • bathrooms
      • expand front into ada
        • bigger (5' turning radius minimum)
        • rotate existing toilet
        • wall mount sink (maybe not longer one)
        • walls to ceiling
        • door placement?
      • tie into existing drain venting
    • existing hot water downstairs
  • hvac - ben
    • central line? (back/front orientation)
    • active venting/cooling/heating?
  • access/interior control - dr jesus
    • currently, lots of keys
    • inner glass door
      • locks from inside/outside
    • upstairs 'entrance'
      • elevator/stairwell separable?
      • full wall?
      • remove current gates for now (one less key)
  • elec - rachel/jim
    • front electrical enable/joint account
    • one electrical panel poorly wired
      • eg, 50A breaker to 8 rated wires
      • 'self' upgrade to code-ish is easy/cheap
    • ceiling rails
      • has ground lines but wired well?
      • boxes are 'custom' so need to be checked as well
  • floors - ?
    • rear patching
    • refinish
  • add utilities to nb titled accounts
    • water
    • sewage
    • garbage service
    • interwebs
    • mail box?
      • weirdly shared downstairs
      • po box?
    • insurance
      • no water damage coverage?
    • dumpster rental for demo?
      • need 'permit' or something to park out front

Build Meeting 2009-08-14[edit]

Notes: Mike Wright

Walls Team - Shannon

  • Budget: TBD, should be less than $400
  • Peter and others removing existing walls
  • Leaving Disco-Booth, Small Office, and Wall near Bathrrom
  • Removing all other dividing walls
  • Mike W making Sketchup components of immovable objects
  • Shannon Making Sketchup of new walls
  • Theoretical idea (blue tape marked on floor):
  • Disco Space near kitchen and bathrooms
  • Classroom Space near Mission End of building

Lights - Shannon

  • Bringing lights in rear up to level of lights in front, or somewhat higher to put in walls
  • Could possible raise them higher, working with Neil Sunday


  • Budget: TBD
  • Going to do with volunteer muralists
  • We will not hold off on moving
  • Basecoat Only, Something Close to White
  • Needs a person to handle paint - co-headed by Steve C and Rachel McC

Floors - Separate from Build Team

  • Budget $6000

Electrical - Jim,Rachel

  • Neil Interested in helping
  • Budget: unknown until spaces and needs determined
  • People building spaces should let Rachel and Jim know what they want to power


  • Budget: $250

Access Control - Dr. Jesus

  • Locks, Etc
  • Budget $1000

Kitchen - Milo and Christie

  • Will share wall with bathrooms
  • Budget: $2000

Moving - Rubin

  • Budget: none needed
  • Scheduled to start on

Initial Move-In Space

  • Build out a Space to use while finishing rest of space
  • Kitchen and social space on east side of Building
  • Starting Line for Shop Spae is 3rd colum counting from back wall
  • Initlal Move-In to social space which will be done by move in date

Bathroom - Contractor

  • Some discussion around pricing
  • general thought is we're too far along to change
  • Budget: $6000 Covered by Landlord

Ventilation - Ben, not present

  • Budget: Unknown
  • Not waiting for ventilation for Move-In
  • We can put big fans at one end to ventilate over the top of 8' divider walls


Spaces at 83c[edit]

83c has subspaces consisting of:

  • The Main / Meeting Room
  • The Dirty Shop (Machine Room)
  • The Clean Shop (Electronics Lab)
  • The Chill Space (Lounge)
  • The Kitchen
  • The Bathroom

Spaces Planned for the Sweatshop[edit]

Concept: Usage Zones[edit]

One conceptual idea last night was to break the space into three major use areas, and cluster the rooms associated with those uses in three areas. The areas mentioned last night were the Academic area, the Party area, and the Build area. The Party space seems a natural fit for the back of the space (it has a DJ Booth!); the front, with the light and space, seems like a good place for Classrooms, and the middle, dungeon-ish area seems like where shops should go.

Academic / Classroom[edit]

consisting of conference / classrooms, areas suitable for learning, planning, and colaboration. Room ideas are:

  • Dungeons and Dragons room: a rectangular room with a board-room style table in it, walls covered in bookshelves and whiteboards.
  • Math Room: Krutcher suggests that rather than a "conference room" style classroom, maybe we want a "math room" -- essentially a room with a couple of small tables, some chairs or couches, lots of pacing space, and a bunch of whiteboards; the idea is to facilitate active, creative discussion.
  • Study Rooms: Small rooms just big enough for four people to crowd into or one person to spread out in.
  • The chill space / lounge conceptually could belong to this Zone.
  • Library -- bookshelves, chairs/cushions/lighting for individual reading, some tables for quiet study
  • Possible to have a graphics/drafting area? Light table and drafting tables w/maylines, ETC.

Make / Build[edit]

Consisting of shop and lab space. Ideas include:

  • Dirty Shop -- the machine room / fab space for actually sawing, hammering, lathing and milling.
  • Clean Shop -- electronics lab filled with benches for soldering &c.
  • Craft Space -- suitable for textile work &c
  • Darkroom -- For developing pictures; double doors to allow entry when dark; red lighting
  • Chem lab -- space suitable for chemistry / bio work
  • A/V studio -- soundproof room.
    • big enough for a small band and mics
    • greenscreen & camera recording
    • Ham shack -- Amaetur radio operating room. Needs good way to get feed lines to the roof.

Common needs:

  • positive airflow ventilation to outside
  • pressurized hoses to operate tools, blow / suck debris
  • possible water & drainage hookup
  • strong power lines
  • security / fencing-off for party times
  • sound barrier to other zones


This space is essentially given over to the "party" aspect of Noisebridge: This is the large social space where people not only dance and socialize but hack in large, overlapping groups, much like the vibe that's often present in the Big Room at 83c.

  • The Big Room -- Big open space suitable not only for dancing but for general meetings.
  • DJ Booth -- What to do with the DJ Booth?
  • ==> Now that the DJ booth has been sealed off, I suggest putting a trap door in the bottom of it, with a rope ladder that falls down when one opens the trapdoor. That way when we take down most of the walls, put up banisters, and leave it like a treehouse-lofty-kinda-thing, it'll feel like you have to climb up into a treehouse to get to it. The trapdoor could fit easily in the underside where the staircase is.
  • Side-note: Open Hardware Rock Guitar -
  • The Disco will not be complete until we have the following:
  • ==> A disco ball, of course! And obviously THIS, you fools! (MIT gave us an entire how-to guide with open software and documentation. I'm interested in adding touch sensors and writing an app like THIS.) Call or text (786) OMG-THOM if you're interested in collaborating, I really want to get a group together meeting and working on the Disco Dance Floor.


  • Kitchen -- needs to be built -- KitchenBuildout
  • Bathrooms -- one is built, other may need buildout. (shower?)
  • Server room -- Enough room and cooling for a rack of machines. Max 5kw worth of equipment and cooling.
  • Nap space -- quiet area to relax, sleep, etc. Perhaps simply hammocks on the roof?
  • Storage room -- locked/semi-secure room with lots of vertical shelving, ladder for short people
  • Bike rack -- hooks in wall near main entrance to store bikes
  • Clothes rack -- hooks for hats, jackets, etc; racks for shoes?
  • Emergency supplies rack -- chemical (MSDS / cleanup binder, neutralizers, gloves, goggles, sponges, eyedroppers, etc); medical (first aid kit, basic drugs, scissors, sugar tablets, blood clotter); general (sawdust / cat litter, phone numbers list, flashlights, bottled water, ABC extinguisher, etc)


  • Bathroom -- Responsible for bringing the bathrooms up to snuff.
  • Kitchen -- Responsible for building out a kitchen. Contact Crutcher.
  • Electrical -- Responsible for evaluating and upgrading the electrical layout. Contact Jim or Rachel.
  • HVAC -- Responsible for putting ventilation where things need to be ventilated. Contact Ben.
  • Walls -- Responsible for building partitions to enclose individual rooms and spaces. Contact Shannon.
  • SCADA -- Responsible for controls for HVAC and electrical, and HMI deployment. Contact Dr. Jesus.
  • Painting -- Responsible for prepping and painting the vertical surfaces of the space beneath the ceiling and over the floor. Contact Steve AKA Mooch , Rachel

DXF and SKP Cad Files[edit]

Find DXF files here

Converted to SKP for Google Sketchup

Existing Walls

rev01.dxf Converted to Sketchup


New room Laout: 2169 mission floorplan.jpg

Noisebridge map.png

Overview w invisible wall RR.jpg

Original: Floorplan2169MissionSmall.jpg