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Buildout Plans for the Sweatshop (2169 Mission #300)

This is a page for capturing ideas associated with the buildout of 2169 Mission.

Build out Service Requirements

  • City waste dumpster and permits
  • Sales tax free account at local big box hardware/contractor store (yay 501(c)(3))


Spaces at 83c

83c has subspaces consisting of:

  • The Main / Meeting Room
  • The Dirty Shop (Machine Room)
  • The Clean Shop (Electronics Lab)
  • The Chill Space (Lounge)
  • The Kitchen
  • The Bathroom

Spaces Planned for the Sweatshop

Concept: Usage Zones

One conceptual idea last night was to break the space into three major use areas, and cluster the rooms associated with those uses in three areas. The areas mentioned last night were the Academic area, the Party area, and the Build area. The Party space seems a natural fit for the back of the space (it has a DJ Booth!); the front, with the light and space, seems like a good place for Classrooms, and the middle, dungeon-ish area seems like where shops should go.

Academic / Classroom

consisting of conference / classrooms, areas suitable for learning, planning, and colaboration. Room ideas are:

  • Dungeons and Dragons room: a rectangular room with a board-room style table in it, walls covered in bookshelves and whiteboards.
  • Math Room: Krutcher suggests that rather than a "conference room" style classroom, maybe we want a "math room" -- essentially a room with a couple of small tables, some chairs or couches, lots of pacing space, and a bunch of whiteboards; the idea is to facilitate active, creative discussion.
  • Study Rooms: Small rooms just big enough for four people to crowd into or one person to spread out in.
  • The chill space / lounge conceptually could belong to this Zone.

Make / Build

Consisting of shop and lab space. Ideas include:

  • Dirty Shop -- the machine room / fab space for actually sawing, hammering, lathing and milling.
  • Clean Shop -- electronics lab filled with benches for soldering &c.
  • Craft Space -- suitable for textile work &c
  • Darkroom -- For developing pictures
  • Chem lab -- space suitable for chemistry / bio work
  • Recording studio - soundproof area big enough for a small band and mics


This space is essentially given over to the "party" aspect of Noisebridge: This is the large social space where people not only dance and socialize but hack in large, overlapping groups, much like the vibe that's often present in the Big Room at 83c.

  • The Big Room -- Big open space suitable not only for dancing but for general meetings.
  • The Kitchen -- needs to be built.
  • DJ Booth -- What to do with the DJ Booth?