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This is a page for capturing ideas associated with the preparation and painting of 2169 Mission #300.


Service Requirements

  • City waste dumpster and permits
  • Sales tax free account at local big box hardware/contractor store (yay 501(c)(3))

Pre Move Stuff from 2009-08-07

  • landlord point of contact - andy
    • remove drying racks or junk?
    • industrial sewing machines
      • $200 a piece to us
    • landlord dealing w/ sliding doors to fire escape
      • no idea what this is but it kept getting mentioned
  • moving day - reuben
  • walls - shannon
    • wall plan
      • recycle as much material as possible for bath/walls/etc
      • new floor plan
    • area of rescue assitance
      • in shop?
      • near side exit ok?
    • lighting
      • rear area should be raised at leats 2'
      • projectionable spaces
  • interwebs - matt petersen
  • kitchen/bath - miloh/christie
    • kitchen
      • standalone counter/sink
      • electric stove (no gas hookup)
      • test existing fridge?
      • placement?
        • rearward but along which axis?
      • drain stub work contemporary w/ bathroom work
      • dishwasher? disposal?
      • kitchen wants/needs - stove + 2 circuits
    • bathrooms
      • scott - 510-904-7448
      • expand front into ada
        • bigger (5' turning radius minimum)
        • rotate existing toilet
        • wall mount sink (maybe not longer one)
        • walls to ceiling
        • door placement?
      • tie into existing drain venting
    • existing hot water downstairs
  • hvac - ben
    • central line? (back/front orientation)
    • active venting/cooling/heating?
  • access/interior control - dr jesus
    • currently, lots of keys
    • inner glass door
      • locks from inside/outside
    • upstairs 'entrance'
      • elevator/stairwell separable?
      • full wall?
      • remove current gates for now (one less key)
  • elec - rachel/jim
    • front electrical enable/joint account
    • one electrical panel poorly wired
      • eg, 50A breaker to 8 rated wires
      • 'self' upgrade to code-ish is easy/cheap
    • ceiling rails
      • has ground lines but wired well?
      • boxes are 'custom' so need to be checked as well
  • floors - ?
    • rear patching
    • refinish
  • add utilities to nb titled accounts
    • water
    • sewage
    • garbage service
    • interwebs
    • mail box?
      • weirdly shared downstairs
      • po box?
    • insurance
      • no water damage coverage?
    • dumpster rental for demo?
      • need 'permit' or something to park out front

Build Meeting 2009-08-14

Lights - Shannon

  • Bringing lights in rear up to level of lights in front, or somewhat higher to put in walls
  • Could possible raise them higher, working with Neil Sunday


  • Budget: TBD
  • Going to do with volunteer muralists
  • We will not hold off on moving
  • Basecoat Only, Something Close to White
  • Needs a person to handle paint - co-headed by Steve C and Rachel McC


Spaces at 83c

83c has subspaces consisting of:

  • The Main / Meeting Room

Spaces Planned for the Sweatshop

Concept: Usage Zones

Academic / Classroom

consisting of conference / classrooms, areas suitable for learning, planning, and colaboration. Room ideas are:

  • Dungeons and Dragons room: a rectangular room with a board-room style table in it, walls covered in bookshelves and whiteboards.
  • Math Room: Krutcher suggests that rather than a "conference room" style classroom, maybe we want a "math room" -- essentially a room with a couple of small tables, some chairs or couches, lots of pacing space, and a bunch of whiteboards; the idea is to facilitate active, creative discussion.
  • Study Rooms: Small rooms just big enough for four people to crowd into or one person to spread out in.
  • The chill space / lounge conceptually could belong to this Zone.
  • Library -- bookshelves, chairs/cushions/lighting for individual reading, some tables for quiet study
  • Possible to have a graphics/drafting area? Light table and drafting tables w/maylines, ETC.

Make / Build

Consisting of shop and lab space. Ideas include:

  • Dirty Shop -- the machine room / fab space for actually sawing, hammering, lathing and milling.
  • Clean Shop -- electronics lab filled with benches for soldering &c.
  • Craft Space -- suitable for textile work &c
  • Darkroom -- For developing pictures; double doors to allow entry when dark; red lighting
  • Chem lab -- space suitable for chemistry / bio work
  • A/V studio -- soundproof room.
    • big enough for a small band and mics
    • greenscreen & camera recording
    • Ham shack -- Amaetur radio operating room. Needs good way to get feed lines to the roof.

Common needs:

  • positive airflow ventilation to outside
  • pressurized hoses to operate tools, blow / suck debris
  • possible water & drainage hookup
  • strong power lines
  • security / fencing-off for party times
  • sound barrier to other zones


  • Painting -- Responsible for prepping and painting the vertical surfaces of the space beneath the ceiling and over the floor. Contact Steve AKA Mooch , Rachel
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