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There has been much discussion on the mailing list about various issues faced with moving to 2169 Mission. Please list the various issues you think that Noisebridge should address.

  • Lack of published budget showing we can afford this space with our existing run rate AND afford the required/desired upgrades?
  • is 2169 accessible to wheelchair users?
   "There is a freight elevator which goes from the street-level "lobby" to
    the third floor.  I don't know if it will comply with the letter of the
    law on ADA issues, but I do believe it will be practically useable to
    enable weelchair users to access the third floor." -from discuss list

I examined this myself. I'm not sure the call button on the ground floor is working properly, although I verified it to work on the 3rd floor. Regardless, there was a current inspection in the elevator as a passenger conveyance so it should technically comply.

  • is the vermin problem (due to the greengrocery downstairs) large or small?
  • Can the wood floor support future heavy equipment?

Move in cost

Build-out cost

  • Numbers ranging 10-$50k have been voiced.

Long term cost

"It's a good deal in terms of $/sqft, so in that sense it's cheap. My question is simply whether we presently have the funds to commit to that extra 1.5k/mo for 3 years. It seems to me that the numbers since Dec 08 say 'no'; we'd be short ~$600/mo, esp. considering we'll have some outlay costs in renovation." -from discuss list

"it's very hard to predict whether expanding our space would lead to expanding membership as well. At current rates, the rent increase alone would require ~18 new members to be paid off." -from discuss list

  "We've been adding net 6 members per month for the last 3 months.
   Obviously past results are not a guarantee of future performance, but
   the signs are good.  We have an excellent member pipeline and dozens of
   prospects."-from discuss list