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We've got a nice stereo with 1/8" jack for audio devices, 5x RCA in, 1x SPDIF in, A/B speaker outs. Two Klipsch SB-5 speakers for now; a bit small for the space, but better than a PC laptop speaker.

We did a sound test and the amp can go to -11 (ha!) before you can even hear it outside when the windows are closed.

The first song played in the space was by Welle:ErdBall from the album Die Wunderwelt der Technik and the song was "23... C=64."

Ideas for music

  • Streaming audio for talks or classes
  • Streaming music from a central server for different rooms

Jukebox server

There is a Jukebox Server controling music in the space.


AirTunes is a way to stream audio over the network to speakers. This is done with an Apple Airport Express. All internet routing/firewall functionality of the Airport Express have been turned off. The Airport is connected to the network via wifi to the noisebridge SSID.

The Airport is connected to the Jukebox machine via linein. There is no need to change inputs on the receiver/amp! Please keep in mind that audio from both the Jukebox and AirTunes can play at the same time.

To use AirTunes simply select "Nosebridge" from the speakers list at the bottom right of iTunes. If you use something other then iTunes, let's say WinAMP, there are a number of other applications out there to stream music to an AirTunes server. Google can find them for you.


At, the computer controlling the mag-stripe card reader that would unlock the door would also play a file in /home/username/.door on the speakers in the room. Ta-da - entrance music!

This should probably be added to the feature requests to be added to our AccessSystem