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You are standing in the music room at Noisebridge.

You see a GNAR Noisebridge Audio Station, guitars, microphones, and other music making equipment.

EXITS: Upstairs, Back Stairs, Stairs

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Music Guild maintains audio area and does music classes and random jam sessions!
"Enjoy the Silence"

—Depeche Mode

If you like to jam, record, produce, build instruments or just learn about music... you've come to the right place.

Also, need ongoing volunteers to help maintain the accessibility & cleanliness of the space !

Music, what?

Always be considerate to others at the space. See Audio if you are looking for more information on various sound systems around Noisebridge so you can just listen to music.
We, the Music Guild, are a loosely organized group of individuals enjoying music creation at Noisebridge.

Status of Music Classes at Noisebridge

Classes can be organized through Zoom on Meetup. Everything is in a state of fairly intense disarray. We could use your help! It is time for us to re-organize and get ourselves together. Happily accepting your input over on Discuss. Here is the photo from Audio Church:

Do you enjoy rocking out? Building Instruments! Producing on your laptop or an old walkman?! Please join us! 🕺💃

Audio_Church is the Sunday Show and Tell series that has run on and off at Noisebridge for a couple of years now.
GNAR is a fairly comprehensive list of our instruments and other things you can strum or press.
Naw is a collection of software licenses and donations used to run Ableton class.