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The first song played at 83c was by Welle:ErdBall from the album Die Wunderwelt der Technik and the song was "23... C=64.". The first song to play at 2169 was "Yippie" by Mouse on Mars.



Noisebridge-Greet is located near the entrance of the space.

We've got a nice stereo with 1/8" jack for audio devices, 5x RCA in, 1x SPDIF in, A/B speaker outs. Two Klipsch SB-5 speakers for now; a bit small for the space, but better than a PC laptop speaker.

We did a sound test and the amp can go to -11 (ha!) before you can even hear it outside when the windows are closed.

There is a sub. The sub will shut on/off automatically. To turn the sub up/down, on the receiver press the CH VOL button until SW is displayed on the screen, then press up/down to alter its state.


Zebra is located under one of the tall genious tables in front of the dark room.

The PA system is currently hooked up to this machine.



Pony holds all the music, Zebra and Noisebridge-Greet accesses the music and plays it on the speakers. The easiest way to control what music Noisebridge-Greet plays is to connect to its web interface at http://pony.noise/juke. Zebra can only be connected to through an locally run MPD client.

Playing Music

Noisebridge-Greet has a mount to Pony's music directory (pony.noise:/d2/music). MPD scans this directory and builds up a library based off of its contents. Noisebridge-Greet can then play back anything form that library through the speakers at 83c. In order to tell MPD on Noisebridge-Greet what to play, you'll need to interface to it with a client, which is available for many operating systems. Luckily for you a web interface has already been setup on Pony, but if you want more control please look into the clients.

The desktop web interface if relaXX and the mobile is NeoMPC.

If you'd like to play files directly from Noisebridge-Greet and bypass MPD altogether, shell access (user name and password) was posted above the machine except the small poster never made it to the new space and now Rubin110 has to print up a new one.

Getting Music into the Jukebox

Music content lives on Pony, not Noisebridge-Greet. You'll need an account on Pony, using your favorite method of putting files on a different machine please place your music in pony.noise:/d2/music. Once there, refresh the MPD library through your favorite client or the web interface.

Streaming to MPD


Open source is pretty damned awesome because if aliens ever attack us we know from Independence day that they will be using OS9 mac servers and we will be safe from their superior OS 9 hacks.


Check out an application called NiceCast. It's a very quick and simple way to stream the output of iTunes to a Shoutcast server. If you're wondering about the licensing, talk to Rubin110.

  • Play something from iTunes and start NiceCast up, turn on the stream
  • ssh into a machine that runs mpc (media player client)
  • $ export MPD_HOST=noisebridge-greet.local
  • $ mpc clear
  • $ mpc add http://localipaddress:8000/listen
  • $ mpc play


AirTunes is a way to stream audio over the network to speakers via an Apple Airport Express. Sadly the Airport Express hasn't been found since the move. Please read above on how to get MPD to stream a radio station from your local machine.

Using ESD

The easiest way to play music over the jukebox thing from a GNU system:

$ ESPEAKER=zebra.noise mplayer -ao esd $FILE


At, the computer controlling the mag-stripe card reader that would unlock the door would also play a file in /home/username/.door on the speakers in the room. Ta-da - entrance music!

This should probably be added to the feature requests to be added to our AccessSystem