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You are standing in the music room at Noisebridge.

You see the electric drum set, guitars, keyboards, and other music making equipment.

EXITS: Upstairs, Back Stairs, Stairs

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Music Guild maintains audio area and does music classes and random jam sessions!

  • CHANNELS: We tend to discuss things in the #music channel in the "guilds" section of the NB discord.
  • EVENTS: There are currently no scheduled classes. We encourage you to organize some!
  • RESOURCES: Assorted digital, analog and acoustic music equipment and instruments.
  • VOLUNTEER: We would love to encourage you to run and host your own classes!
  • MAINTAINERS: Moof, Adriel (musicubes)
"Enjoy the Silence"

—Depeche Mode

If you like to jam, record, produce, build instruments or just learn about music... you've come to the right place.

Also, need ongoing volunteers to help maintain the space!

Music, what?[edit | edit source]

The music room is a work-in-progress, but you are always welcome to use its resources so long as you are always considerate to the equipment, the space, and others who are using it. We, the Music Guild, are a loosely organized group of individuals enjoying music creation at Noisebridge and maintaining the music room.

Status of Music Classes at Noisebridge[edit | edit source]

There are currently no music classes at Noisebridge. If you want to change that, we'd encourage you to set them up!

Do you enjoy rocking out? Building Instruments! Producing on your laptop or an old walkman?! Please join us!