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#REDIRECT [[Noisebridge_10_Year_Anniversary_Exhibition_and_Ball]]
==Noisebridge 10 year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball==
<pre style="color: red; font-size:xx-large;">2017 SEPTEMBER 9-10 - EXHIBITION/BALL
'''Noisebridge has existed as a community of hackers for 10 years and has been providing cyber infrastructure for 9 years!'''
Noisebridge has had an impact on countless hackers and has served as an inspiration, and sometimes warning, to other hackerspaces. It is a good time to see what we’ve accomplished during this time and analyze what we’ve learned from, this experiment.
<span style="color: red; font-size:xx-large;">There's much more info here:<br/><br/><u>[[Noisebridge_10_Year_Anniversary_Exhibition_and_Ball]]</u></span>
To set the mood, here are a few wiki pages that may be useful to recall:
* [[Noisebridge Vision]]
* [[Manual|The Noisebridge Manual]]
'''To those affiliated with Noisebridge, now and in the past, from new regulars to old members, this call goes out to you.'''
If you have hacked and learned something at Noisebridge or any local hackerspace in the last 10 years, please take this opportunity to come share it with others. We’ll be setting up space to display projects, making time for panels and presentations, sharing our stories, hosting classes, and having a party. Together, we can create an exhibition that shows all those who attend, and remind ourselves, of the value of this hackerspace and how excellent it is to be able to share so much with so many others.
==Exhibition Schedule==
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The schedule of events is only as packed as we volunteer to make it. However, after 10 years, we probably have a few things we could talk about. As a starting off point here is a rough schedule for the weekend which we will modify as we develop and finalize events.
The Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition is expected to take place over a weekend in either August, September, or October.
* '''Saturday'''
** 10:00 Setup
** 12:00 Opening Statement(s) and Project Show and tell
** 14:00 Discussion Panels, Workshops and Classes
** 18:00 Hackitorium Event
* '''Sunday'''
** 10:00 Ball Cleanup and Setup
** 12:00 Project Show and tell
** 14:00 Discussion Panels, Workshops and Classes
** 17:00 Hackitorium Event(s)
** 19:00 Noisebridge Oral Histories
** 21:00 Closing statement(s)
==Event descriptions and Presenter Biographies==
"Noisebridge is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning."
'''Do you have knowledge and skills that you, and others, would like to share''' and which you think other hackers will find interesting? Why not host a discussion panel or workshop during the exhibition weekend?
Please propose it here and let people know. If you are looking for people to help host or join your panel please note that as well. We will finalize the event schedule as the Exhibition draws near.
Please use the following format:
*Event Name
**Event Type (for example: Discussion Panel, Workshop/Class, Performance, Game, etc)
**Description of Topic and Scope (please be specific)
**Expected duration
**Who is the point of contact and how to contact?
**Who all is presenting (Please include Bios and/or links for further reference)
**What you expect the audience to learn?
==== Event Proposals ====
==Projects being shown==
Will we have tables setup for people to display projects they have worked on in the space over the last 9 years. If you would like to let people know in advance what you are bringing and presenting, please add it below. Please also link to any other documentation for your project.
==Event Volunteers==
Would you like to help with the event? Do you need help with a portion of the event? Please add yourself below if you like and let others know what you need or can help with.
==Event Donors==
Would you like to support the event with a donation? We will need food, drinks, and other supplies. If we have a silent auction for fundraising, is there something you would like to offer?

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There's much more info here:



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