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Noisebridge TIME TRAVEL Ball[edit]

We are having a TIME TRAVEL Ball Saturday Night September 9th starting at 21:00. Local Performers and Artists will be performing at Noisebridge and showing their work. I you would like to bring a performance, artwork, or activity to the Ball please add it to this list, and we'll be in contact asap.

  • Performance by Moldover
    • Event Type Performance
    • Moldover will perform on his guitar and his own home-made controllers that he invented
    • (how long should it be? -- Moldover will accomodate -- though must be on 9-Sept)
    • moldover AT gmail DOT com
    • Moldover
    • Way cool music!
  • Performance by Suyash Joshi aka TechIllusionist
    • Event Type Performance
    • 20 min High Energy Digital Storytelling Magic Magic Show on the Theme of Time Travel
    • suyash AT suyashcjoshi DOT com
    • Twitter
  • Performance by Doctor Striker
    • Event Type Performance
    • Doctor Striker will perform on his guitar, possibly more band members
    • contact mcscope on slack about this

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