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''Added 2007-2017 in Roman Numerals, shifted outter text, still needs font clean up pass''
''Added 2007-2017 in Roman Numerals, shifted outter text, still needs font clean up pass''
=== etc ===
Just a tweak of the reboot logo.

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Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball - Logo Design

    • Description: We made a event logo for the Reboot in 2014 . This logo was used for stickers, shirts, and various other materials since then. It would be nice to have a logo for this event as well. The deadline for selection should be before the Tuesday meeting on (UPDATED) July 11, during which we will select the logo, so that we will use as the logo for our promotional items quickly after. While the artwork is of course up to the artist here are some considerations, before you start:
      • The Noisebridge "circuit" Logo should probably be somewhat identifiable, so that people will know that it refers to Noisebridge.
      • While stickers and other print materials can use multiple colors, the central concept of the artwork should be reducible two one or two colors, for printing on tshirts.
      • The logo should be understandable at multiple scales, from webpages to stickers to shirts to posters.
      • Ideally, the artwork will need to be uploaded to the wiki and also provided in a vector format for use by others. However hand drawn artwork can still be scanned and submitted, and if selected, we can work out turning it into vector artwork after.
      • The artwork selected will need to use the same licensing as any content uploaded to our wiki https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
      • While we will select one logo as the primary for the majority of the Exhibition and Ball promotional materials, there is no reason that anyone else can't do-ocratically use whatever logos are submitted.
      • Please leave some contact information along with your submission.
      • There are several sites on the internet that give tips on logo design.
        • (JH: Finally, If you are looking for feedback on your design before it is finished, I recommend showing it to people who's design sense you trust but avoid showing 'in progress' work to large groups of people.)

For an example here is our standard logo.

Nb 2169 sticker.png


For other samples see: Identity

Please upload and place a .jpg and a link to an .svg or .pdf vector file in the section below. Please also let everyone know how to contact you.

Please add your logo submissions down here

Along with your submission, please leave a means to contact you.

Sub X


"10" year vector


Sliced N0153 Cake Stickers (4 die cut pieces)

Ⅹ/Logo User:Ⅹ


Playing off Sub X's idea above:

Noisebridge NB10 Logo01.jpg

Vector PDF: File:Noisebridge NB10 Logo01.pdf

Sub X2


Take of a take of Jarrods (https://noisebridge.net/images/e/ed/NB10-X.svg)


Two color version with nb red for schematic


Reverse two color version, and rotated outter text, noisebridge.net could get flipped


Added 2007-2017 in Roman Numerals, shifted outter text, still needs font clean up pass


NB10 d1.png

Just a tweak of the reboot logo.