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DATE TBA—March or April 2013: Benefit / Art Auction for Noisebridge Noisebridge needs money. An idea is circulating to host a benefit/fundraiser event at Noisebridge in March or April (Ides of March or April Fool's Day soiree?). It could be a simple affair with art for sale donated by local artists, or a splendid gala event with performances, bands, alt fashion show, &c (someone suggested a hacker art auction). Potential really fab way to replenish the NB coffers, clear out old stuff & revitalize the space with new members. In order for it to happen, a bunch of people must come together to organize & commit. People already tentatively involved include Dan F., T. Longshanks, KimKim & Gay Asperberger's Josh (written with permission). To get involved subscribe & post to 1 or you can email ccomity@riseup.net.