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2013 Noisebridge 5-Year Party & Benefit


The fundraiser has been a massive success! It cost $30 to pay back one of the cooks for ingredients on the day of the event. The amount raised is still pending, but it is over $5,000. This figure doesn't include new ongoing monthly contributions, which will continue to trickle in.

Big Thank You to all Performers and Demonstrations!

Clown Cabaret presents a Benefit for Judy Finelli [1], tomorrow, Monday 4/1/13. Just down the street at Stagewerx, 8pm, All Ages, $10 Presale, $15 Door. Judy provided the Juggling Classes everyone enjoyed during the Fundraiser and has a wonderful evening planned with tons of top notch artists, musicians, and more! James (me) is the light and sound technician for the Cabaret.

Judy is in the process of figuring out how to teach juggling classes at Noisebridge on Saturdays from 10:30am - Noon. "Noisebridge students did very well, and I think they could learn very quickly. -Judy"

Genie and Audrey's Dream Show[genieaudrey.weebly.com]
Touring through the San Diego Fringe, Santa Cruz Fringe, and San Francisco Fringe Festivals this summer!

Steve Seabrook "Better Than You"[www.kurtbodden.com]
Just extended until May 18th at The Marsh [2], which is just blocks from our space. Performances are at 8pm on Thursdays and 8:30pm on Saturdays

Bernard Vash [2] Clown, Fight Choreographer and Professional Voice Coach.

Bizarreraiser[3], a benefit for the creation of a film about the SF Circus Center. There is an upcoming performance, which will fuse Film, Circus, and Bass-heavy music on 4/13 from 6pm - 10pm. 21+, $15 Presale, $20 Door. They also have an Indiegogo compaign

Carl & Beatrice[4] - Cabaret Duo someone last night described as "Avante Vaudeville." Performing original music for your entertainment. Also willing to cut your hair.

Dubious Ranger[5], Afro-Beat Rock Band, is in the process of promoting their new album, Devil's Dating Service, which has received Best of San Francisco 2012 accolades from the Huffington Post. All of their music is freely available online.

Douglas, who provided the fabulous modular synthesizer rig he designed, Will be starting a monthly analog and modular synth workshop, teaching basic analog and subtractive synthesis skills, simple to complex patching, utilizing a wide array of synth modules, including the basics of Osc~filter~vca, envelopes and lfo's, and going deeper by using sequencers, slope generators, FM...ect...ect

Type A Machines makes cool 3D Printing for you!

Sudo Room in Oakland

DATE:        Saturday, 30-March-2013
TIME:         4pm to 11pm
WHERE:    Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, 3rd floor (1.5 blocks from 16th St. Mission BART) -- Map & How to Get here
WHO:         Geeks, dorks, nerds, hipsters, punks, hippies, weirdos -- Anyone and Everyone -- all genders -- all ages!
WHAT:       Live bands!     Art!     Demos!     Presentations!     Workshops!     Sticker & Patch Exchange!     Zines!      Silent Art Auction!     Raffle!
HOW:       Gently Suggested $10 - 20 Donation!

Schedule of Events!

12:00pm Food prep begins -- Think finger foods
12:00pm - 4:00pm We need you to help clean the space! (Click here to sign up.)
2:00pm - 4:00pm Noisejam rehearses in Church
3:00pm               We need you to help setup the space! (Click here to sign up.)
3:30pm               Setup fully underway
4:00pm               Demonstrations & Sticker and Patch Exchange begin and PA (audio system) is setup and sound checks occur. (Click here to register your own demo table for free!)
 Topics and Demonstrations currently include: Electronics Hacking with Mitch Altman, ZiP MegaZine #3 in print!, Max/MSP, DIY Juggling  Supplies, Share your Homemade Instrument table,      Art Auction. T-shirt Making. Make Your Own Stickers.
5:00pm               Raffle ticket sales begin! Short classes on Vinyl Cutting (Stickers), 3D Printers, Silk Screen Your own T-shirt, Learn Laser Cutting, Learn some Sewing, Learn Juggling! Livestream
5:30pm - 5:45pm Steve Seabrook, Motivational Speaker.
5:50pm - 6:20pm Carl & Beatrice, Music
6:00pm - 7:30pm Judy Finelli teaches a series of short Juggling Classes for 5 - 8 people in Church.
6:30pm - 6:50pm Noisejam Orchestra, Music
7:00pm - 7:20pm Genie and Audrey's Dream Show, Theatre
7:35pm - 7:55pm Justin Morrison, Christine Bonansea, Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi, Music/Dance - other players welcome
8:10pm - 8:40pm Dubious Ranger, Music
9:00pm - 9:20pm Silent Art Auctions ends and Raffle Drawing Commences. Click here to volunteer!
9:10pm - 9:40pm Thunderground Collective, Music
9:40pm - Late     SBVRSV, DJ
10:00pm We need you to help clean the space! (Click here to sign up.)


Admission, Food, and Booze

  • This is an All-Ages event, which anyone may attend.
  • Food is currently being helmed by Francisco, but your help is appreciated the morning of the event!
  • We will strive to provide Vegan, Gluten-Free options.
  • Alcohol will not be sold by Noisebridge, and you will take responsibility for anything alcoholic you bring into the space.

Sticker and Patch Exchange

Bring the random stickers and stitched patches you have laying around to trade!

Bring Your Own Instrument

The general public is encouraged to create and bring their own homemade instrument(s) for jamming along during the show. All we ask is that you be respectful of the musicians and follow their lead during the performances.

Being a part of NoiseJam Orchestra
Anyone who builds or codes a homemade instrument of plastic or metal or wood or hardware or software, is considered an automatic member of the Noisebridge Orchestra. The March 30th performance will be conducted by Johny Radio, but attending the 2pm - 4pm rehearsal in the Church classroom is mandatory.


$10 per Raffle Ticket
$25 for 3 Raffle Tickets
Free raffle ticket with $15 T-Shirt Purchase
        Day of the event only

Drawing takes place at 9:00pm.
3 People Needed for handling raffle ticket sales throughout the evening.
        Volunteer to help with the raffle here.

        All winners will be posted to Noisebridge-Announce E-mail List, and need not be present during the drawing.
        Winners can give their prize to someone else as a gift.

Prizes and Services you can WIN in the Raffle

       Please add to the prizes, if you feel you can!

Service offered Name of provider Email of provider Email of winner
2 hours of personal instruction for learning to solder -- free cool kit included. Mitch Altman maltman23 AT hotmail DOT com elizabethm@cds-sf.org
60 minute personal drum lesson, free drumsticks and soda (or tea) included James sundquistjames AT gmail DOT com esn AT fb DOT com
1 3d model design and print ( Up to 140mm cubed material and instruction) Justin H. linkreincarnate@gmail.com info@suck.em
A 30-minute music set performed at the location and time of your choosing. Carl & Beatrice info AT carlbeatrice.com
30 minute lesson on Accordian or Ukulele. Audrey Spinazola audrey.spinazola AT gmail.com forrest.guest AT gmail.com
4 hour lesson on circuit bending. Learn to modify a battery powered electronic instrument to create sonic abominations. Martin DeVido gmod4life1@hotmail.com geeta.dayal@gmail.com
Lesson in basic metal work and welding. Learn to make a WikiSeat Catalyst using angle iron. Maybe you'll build a seat, maybe some other stuff. BYO SCUBA gear. Alaric Moore and Nicolas Weidinger info AT wikiseat DOT org dharlette@gmail.com
1 hour guitar lesson with Scott! www.scottfeichter.com & www.continentalbreakfastclub.com Scott Feichter scottfeichter@yahoo.com (415-601-9891)
MOD [6] - leather bracelet designed for wearable tech components -a charm bracelet for hackers. Brandon Peele b@evr1.co
Modular Synth Madness, have a 2 hour one on one session on analog and modular synthesist techniques, on a massive analog modular synthesizer, from simple to complex patching skills, record your own composition into wave or aiff. Douglas greenshoos@gmail.com bauserman@gmail.com
Guided Tour of EFF -- I'll take you on a tour of the lawyers and activists in their native office habitat, either in the Mission office or our new Tenderloin location. Yes we have good taste in SF neighbourhoods. Danny O'Brien danny@spesh.com bprosnitz@gmail.com
4 Admit 2 passes to Dating for Nerds (nerdsatheart DOT com). Bathsheba Birman bayarea.info AT nerdsatheart DOT com
Bike Smut Prize Package -- Normally only available at screenings this collection of bikesexual media states proudly that you have taken control of your transportation and your sexuality. ie "I CAME ON MY BIKE TODAY" revphil bikesmut@gmail.com muppete@yahoo.com
Bicycle maintanence and security -- Keep you bike running safe and smooth Kevin Schiesser bfb at riseup dot net
Introduction to operational security -- I'll spend an hour and a half working with you to form a threat model and take steps to secure all your digital devices and private moments from prying eyes. No experience necessary, but if you're already familiar and want focused help on a specific topic, I'm happy to oblige. Tom Lowenthal me@tomlowenthal.com
Up to twenty (20) pages editing (resume, CV, software/app documentation, article, etc. - only requirement is that it is text) Reverend Mik prez.mik@lunatextpublications.com
Solder your very own EL Wire. -- Will provide wire, drivers and everything else you need to get lit. Darius darius at clikburn dot com me@robnero.com
Frameline Film Festival Membership -- See 20 Movies! unknown maltman AT
Sing Elise L. Scher elise.scher01@gmail.com
1 hour free audio production or DJ workshop (bring your own computer) Sabotage Beats http://www.calikingcrab.com calikingcrab@gmail.com lisahsu AT gmail DOT com
Adobe Lightroom 4 (MINT CONDITION IN BOX) A guy with a box of software gardner@invulnerable.org me@tomlowenthal.com
All-Day Mushroom Hunt Danny Newman and possibly Alan Rockefeller newmy51@gmail.com whomonkyoulous@gmail.com

Tables and Demonstrations at the Fundraiser

        Please add your own table demonstration, and invite your friends! Your table should be setup and ready to go at 4pm.

Table or Demonstration Reserved Name of provider Email of provider
Make your own Juggling Supplies Judith Finelli judyfinelli AT gmail.com
Vegan Hacker SF slide show on a monitor and flyers and maybe just maybe a (truly) little bit of something foodish Maggie veganhackersf at gmail dot com
Handmade T-shirts. Fabric, scissors, thread, needle, and cheap white Ts all provided for playing. Steve stevegeluso at gmail dot com
LED-Max/MSP installation. Music + LED blinkenlights Dana + Sam + Dan + Others dana at monkey brains dotnets
DIY workshop room, classes, and crafting competitions at BayCon, and maybe a little hot chocolate Mike Higashi mhigashi at gmail dot com
Christmas Candle Digital Logic BillyBuggy nye2 AT email.com
Online Cloaking Devices: Demos, information, and help installing privacy tools like TorBrowserBundle and VirtualBox. Starting 4 p.m. until there are no more questions. Snail snailtsunami at the googles
Neuroscience 101. About the brain and how it can be measured. Neurotech1 neurofog at g mail com
(nearly) Indestructible data capsule. Combine sacred data, a micro SD, self-adhesing silicone tape, metal adhesive and gorilla tape to make a data capsule that resists air, water, dust, EMR, 8000V, 950 PSI, 500F. Bring your own micro SD and leave with a dime-sized Fort Knox. Brandon Peele b@evr1.co
3D printing! Its amazing! Its the future! Nicolas dr.weidinger at gmail
LAZERZ(cutting)! Ken Haggerty kenmhaggerty@gmail.com
Modular Synthesis and the Analog Renaissance~Bleeps Bloops and farty sounds, with lots of blinky lights! Douglas greenshoos at gmail dotcom
Noisebridge Cultural Hoe-down And Donation Table -- will talk about Noisebridge and hacker history, also take money and subscriptions. Danny, Mitch, Cast of Thousands danny@spesh.com
Circuit Hacking Display / Demo
-- Lots of cool blinky lights, games, interactive art and other intriguing things you can make and show your friends!
Mitch mitch AT CornfieldElectronics DOT com
Vinyl Cutter -- will make some cool stickers and show how vinyl + robots = awesome Casey c1@caseyc.net
Performers Table and Instrument Expo Audrey audrey.spinazola AT gmail
Haircuts; I've been cutting for a solid year if anyone wants one! James (Audrey if you ask real nice) sundquistjames AT gmail

|- |Your Table or Demonstration |Your name |Your email |}

Volunteer Sign-up

Help with Morning (12pm) Cleaning, Setup and/or Teardown on Saturday, March 30. Please add your name to this list if you can commit to Ahelping, and indicate if you are committing to 12pm Cleanup, 3pm Setup, 10pm Teardown, or all for the complete day.

List of Volunteers         

Your Name Pre-Cleaning (12pm), Setup (3pm), or Teardown (10pm) E-mail
Morgan 3pm morganw8-nb at yahoo.com
Mitch 3pm and 10pm See user page
Tony All noizparty AT riseup
James All sundquistjames AT gmail
Dan F 3pm and 10pm unknown
Tyson 3pm and 10pm unknown
Steve 3pm and 10pm unknown
Jarrod 3pm and 10pm hicksu AT gmail
Steven Shafer 12pm stevenshafergigs@gmail.com
Ken M. Haggerty 12pm and 3pm kenmhaggerty@gmail.com
Danny all danny@spesh.com
Praveen "3pm dmhomee at gmail"
ykciV from Sudo Room ¿??¿¿¿?¿?¿¿? nwonknu
Your name What you're volunteering for Your email

Volunteer Raffle Sign-up

Help Sell Raffle Tickets between 6pm and 9pm on Saturday, March 30. You will simply help sell tickets and t-shirts. Please add your name and your e-mail to this list if you can commit to helping during Shift 1 (5:45pm-7:15pm -- FULL) or Shift 2 (7:15-9:00pm -- FULL).

Note: All Shifts are now FULL as of 3/28! Thank You! Note, there is still plenty of room for volunteers in regards the space!

List of Volunteers

  • Tyson - Shift 1
  • Morgan - Shift 1
  • Praveen - Shift 2
  • Charlotte - Shift 2

What Else Do We Need?

Help with the following

  • Help setup and run silent art auction table with Tony (and keep an eye on the art)
  • Someone to pick up Tofu entree from Dang in the East Bay by tomorrow if he cannot deliver (check discuss)
  • Someone to help Dara with Livestreaming (see discuss)
  • Someone to take amazing photographs of the event as it is happening. Know anyone????
  • Please help expand this (as of 3/28)
  • Help Danny with running the raffle and setting up donation jars around the space (see discuss)

General Things You Can Do

  • Add your own table (at no cost) to promote your interests throughout the event.
  • Volunteer for space security, general cleanup, setup and teardown.
  • Help us expand Bitcoin support!
  • Bring stickers and patches for the exchange!
  • Working printer for printing information for event tables on various topics.

To get involved, subscribe & post to Noisebridge-discuss