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Cyborg Meeting Minutes, July 12, 2009


David Allen - vertical northpaw, website for northpaw

Mikolaj - compass belt, soon a new project

Mike - with Rachel on the eyes in the back of the back, hasn't done much recently though

Eric - northpaw,

Jorgen - new here, saw article on compass belt

Jsk - programming on the go, code too text based

Chung-Hay - pulse choker

Rachel - eyes in the back of the back


Working MyVu Personal Media Viewer, with input from David's iPod

Some people tried on the North Paw

People played with the pulse watch

Discussion on Echo Location Kit

Long discussion about North Paw kits.

Mikolaj brought some electrodes - 3M Red Dotmonitoring electrode with foam tape and sticky gel. They are pretty cheap - you can get 100 on eBay for $19. We hooked them up to freqency generator (max 10V), but that wasn't feelable. Then we used DC power supply (up to 50V), and it's shocking at about 30V, totally feelable at 20V once you've created the circuit through your skin once. Current flow was between 1mA and 10mA. We hacked up a transformer which steps up the voltage to peak 30V (therefore about a 3x step up). It's feel-able with less voltage (down to maybe 12V for sensitive people, other people needed 20V or more), and the current flow is under a mA, therefore the power usage is <15mW, which is pretty awesome.

Some Links

North Paw Notes from Quinn

Audio Compass output

Cheap TENS unit drivers