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Mike, Katherine, Hatnan, Josh, Christie (can solder like a demon), Skory, Tim, Rachel, (Disembodied) Eric, Todd

Recap of last week's meeting[edit]

  • Name = sensebridge
  • Sensors += IR tempurature, ambient network data streams, time
  • Displays += Audio overlay
  • Armatures += Goggles
  • Parts ordering: "swarm uses zigbee"
  • Cognative Tests to get baseline

Show and Tell[edit]

  • Skory showed his tilt/motion-compass, explained why 2-axis chips really don't work for both the compass and the accelerometer. Possible alternatives suggested.
  • Rachel talked about her friend's god helmet.
  • Nathan doesn't want be a TMS beta-tester.
  • Todd brought wii-mote, displayed how to interface with it over bluetooth. It's sending acceleration over three axes. Has it talking to macbook's webcam to take a picture when there's a jolt (plus a delay this is good for taking pictures of user in mid-jump). For $30 wii-mote gives lots of stuff! Sparkfun has information on wii-mote internals. Research needed on connecting wii-mote directly to an arduino, but Todd already has the connector for nunchuck-> arduino. Wii-mote and nunchuck speack i2c.

Specific Projects[edit]

We want to break into definite groups in which we can build prototypes and set our own timeline by which to have real cool things to bring to Makerfaire at the end of May.

  • Wearable anklet compass: Skory and Eric
  • Vest vibrodisplay: Rachel, Mike, Christie (and Mikolaj?)
  • Electrode Retainer: Skory, Rachel (and Mikolaj?)
  • Haptic clock: Nathan and ???

New people's Ideas[edit]

  • Mike wants to:
    • Work on bringing eye tracking to cheap webcams and IR LEDs, doesn't see immediate way to make wearable.
    • Gun holster as platform for wearable computing.
  • Nathan is not very handy with the physical realm, but is very interested in vest vibrodisplay.
  • LCD Glasses:
    • One big LCD, modulate analog signals using variable darkness. Can the brain filter that out?
    • LCD pixels, display text.
  • Seriptitious time display:
    • Digital input vs. scalar (such as vibro-tactile progress bars up the arm or on the wrists.)
    • Nathan will take the lead on haptic clocks!

Moving email list from google group to noisebridge listserve[edit]

  • Every one OK, Rachel sent out email. Please sign up for the new list!


  • It's bought, cool. Right now it just redirects to our wiki page. Worry about what to do with later.

Internet whiteboard[edit]

  • Getting out to 83C Sunday morning is hard for many. We will start webcasting the meetings and will look into an online-whiteboard solution so everyone can participate.

Then we broke into groups.